MICA – Never Settle With the Next Best

Welcome to Mica India, we aim to provide the best information on every product available online in India. We feel that there is a lack of information when it comes to various products. An uninformed purchased only equals to wastage of money. The number of products are increasing every day, while this is great for consumers, it also leads to confusion when it comes to choosing the best product.

Which is why we have crafted in-depth buyer guides on various products. These buyer guides will have all the product related information and also have a list of the top products. The process we follow is simple and Transparent

  • Research: Depending on the product, we research various shopping sites. We check for customer reviews, brand reputation and overall sentiment regarding the products.
  • Filter: Based on the research, we make a list of Top ‘X’ products for every article.
  • Additional Info: We also add useful information to each of our buyer guides, this will help you understand the nuances of the product helping you make an informed choice.

Topics Covered on MICA India