Best Wireless Mouse In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Logitech M590 2. Logitech M331 3. AmazonBasics
Logitech M590 Best Wireless Mouse In India

Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse


Anyone who spends a huge portion of their time working on laptops or PCs must be aware of how different wired and wireless mouses are, in terms of functionality and performance. Wireless mouses are a blessing for many gamers and software devotees, adding a huge positive margin in your productivity. .

There are plenty of accessories available, and you can choose any mouse depending upon your needs and preferences. To make your purchase beneficial and fulfilling, there are a number of things that you should be aware of beforehand, so as to avoid any disappointments.


As every buyer has a different requirement, you must look for that one model that ticks all the checkboxes on your list. Ranging from comfort to functionality, there are a lot of factors that determine whether a mouse is best suited for you or not. Thus, if you are looking for the best wireless mouse in India, you are at the right place and at the right time.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Wireless Mouse In India

1. Range

To get connected to your device, a wireless mouse makes use of radio frequencies, infrared (IR), or Bluetooth. The more the range of your mouse, the further you can operate it from . The main reason a wireless mouse is to enable functionality, even if it’s at a distance. .

The range of the wireless mouse is an important feature to look for. You must always look for the range within which the mouse will work up to its full potential. Outside the range, your mouse will fail to function. This is why you must look for your particular needs and preferences before looking for this feature.

2. Design

Depending upon the model and brand, you can get a large number of options in terms of design, build, and feel of the mouse. Make sure that it has a finger grip. It is very important while working on your system, because this feature will not only provide you with easy functionality, but will also allow you to comfortably hold the mouse for long hours without any discomfort or fatigue.

Your mouse should have a perfect arched shaped body that will allow you to rest your palm easily over it. The ergonomics will affect the performance, and is an important feature to look out for.

3. Battery

Most mice come with AA or AAA batteries. Your mouse’s battery usage is a performance determining feature, as this measures how long your mouse will function even after working regularly. Changing the batteries can become quite a troublesome job. In the absence of a battery, your mouse can’t function, and thus you should always have extra batteries as a backup.

4. Compatibility

Compatibility is, again, an important feature when it comes to getting a power-packed and lag-less performance on a consistent basis. If you are buying a mouse that is not compatible with your existing or system’s operating system, then there is no use of buying that mouse, as it will fail to function.

So always check for compatibility with the device’s operating system, as it is not possible to function perfectly with every system. To get a productive deal, make sure that your mouse works well with major and widespread operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, etc.

5. Comfort

Last but not the least, comfort plays a very crucial role in deciding whether or not the purchase will benefit you in the long term. A comfortable mouse is an optimum choice for people, who spend most of their time in front of the screen. If you are a gamer or a hardcore software lover, then you must look for a mouse that comes with a proper build that provides effortless use for a prolonged period of time. .

Top 5 Best Wireless Mouse In India 2020

1. Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse

Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse Best Wireless Mouse In India

Undoubtedly one of the most trusted brands, Logitech products are truly loved and recommended by customers for their amazing quality. The trust in Logitech’s brand name alone is enough to assure the customer about the quality of the product. Maintaining consistent performance, Logitech has not not disappointed customers with the M590 silent wireless mouse.

  • Scroll

Designed to give the user an extremely convenient scrolling experience, this mouse has been installed with a micro precision scroll that detects even the lightest scroll, allowing the user to easily scroll through long pages without having to violently rotate the wheel, making scrolling through large documents extremely easy.

  • Thumb Buttons

Although this mouse is not a gaming mouse, it has two special thumb buttons on the left side that have been programmed to move between different web pages, which comes a lot in handy. Moreover, these buttons do not have to do this pre-programmed task; they can be reprogrammed to do whatever you want them to, taking user-friendliness to a whole new level.

  • Performance

Being a silent mouse, Logitech has managed to reduce the clicking sound by over 90 percent, compared to a standard mouse. This makes work a lot more peaceful for you and others around and ensures a silent experience.

  • Additional Features

Installed with the Logitech Flow technology, this mouse has a specially designed button that allows the user to use the same mouse on multiple devices, and easily switch between them by just the press of a button. This feature also allows you to copy the data between multiple devices easily, making the whole experience a lot more optimized.

  • Battery Life

The huge one-year battery life makes sure that the user does not have to worry about the battery of the mouse dying, making it a perfect companion for all busy people on the move.

  • Design

With an ergonomic design, this mouse has a curved, dome shape that supports the palm of the user and eliminates problems that users suffer from after using it for a long time. The design makes the mouse look stylish, simple, and elegant, making it a classy addition to your workspace.

  • Warranty

Offering a complete one year warranty, the manufacturer makes sure that any damages done to the device during this period will be taken care of by them, free of charge. Companies only offer warranties for this long if they are sure about their product’s quality, and a one year warranty is surely a good sign about the build and durability of this product.

  • Customer Reviews

Being a Logitech product, customers have really enjoyed the quality of this mouse and how efficient it felt to use. With little to no complaints regarding this product, users highly suggest this mouse, making it one of the best mice in the country.


2. Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Another amazing product on this list, is again by Logitech. Known for its high-quality products and models, Logitech has a lot to offer to its customers. With brilliant services and trustworthy products, the company has made it very difficult for other competitors to flourish in the market.

  • Scroll

With a smooth and flowing scroll, you can get an amazingly silent operation. Having a smooth scroll allows for easy functionality without any problems and lags. The product comes with a 1000 dpi (dots per inch) scroll wheel – a specification few other competitors can match .

  • Button Control

With a perfectly lined design, this mouse can provide a place for your palm to rest and gain proper control over the buttons. In addition to this, its button can be easily clicked and is easy to operate and use.

Its 3 standard buttons are a great asset for people who are looking for a top-notch mouse for their systems. In addition to this, the mouse click is a special button that comes with the mouse.

  • Performance

It’s simple, reliable, and strong performance can deliver impactful and efficient functionality without any issues or faults. Its advanced features, such as optical tracking for ultra-precise moves on almost any surface, make it a flexible and versatile choice for many.

It can automatically put itself to sleep when not in use. So, you don’t have to worry about turning it off after usage. You won’t face any issues or any hassles.

  • Additional Features

This amazing mouse has a lot of features that contribute to its overall design and functionality. With 105. 4mm x 67.9 mm x 38.4 mm as dimensions, it is fit for any palm size. It can easily function with a number of operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chrome. .

Built to suit a vast audience, this mouse comes with a 10-meter range. Its 2D mechanical sensors allow ease of use over any surface, whether glossy or matte.

In addition to all of its fancy features, you get to experience the seamless 2.4GHz wireless connection wireless range. The plastic material body makes it lightweight and easy to handle the 91 grams of movement regularly.

  • Battery Life

Equipped with a pre-installed battery, the package contains the mouse nano receiver and 1 AA battery. You can easily use it for a long period of time without any problems. Thus, avoiding the need to constantly replace the battery.

  • Warranty

This product comes with a notable and trustworthy warranty of a year on the product. It is a one-year limited hardware battery and thus, any fault or damage to the product within this warranty period can be entertained by the company free of cost.

  • Customer Reviews

While a lot of customers complain about the mouse being small for people with large hands, a few others have faced mild difficulties with the price. Specially designed for right-handed customers, the mouse fails to serve the purpose for left-handed people.

Looking onto the brighter side, this product has fast connectivity, amazing texture, strong build, comfortable body, brilliant aesthetics, and low battery -making it a package worth its price and cost. You get an alert when the light turns red, indicating that the batteries need to be replaced.

Apart from this, there is no light that comes from the bottom of the mouse and that is of great convenience for a lot of people. Even after months of consistent usage, customers don’t report major problems in their performance. It has a very silent operation and smoothly operates without any problems.

So, if you are looking for a worthy purchase that comes with top-notch features and aspects, then this mouse by Logitech can be your ideal pick!


3. AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse 

AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

Quickly becoming a trusted brand, AmazonBasics has taken over the market with its affordable and quality products that deliver exceptional performance. This wireless mouse has a smooth performance and features that make the work experience a lot more efficient.

  • Scroll

An extremely smooth, yet not too sensitive scroll, proves to be perfect for smooth working. This not only increases the efficiency of the work that you do but also makes it more precise.

  • Buttons

With the mouse system having three buttons, this device is extremely convenient and comfortable to use and does not need a lot of time to get used to. These buttons do not produce a lot of clicking noise and make sure you only click what you intended to.

  • Performance

Installed with a nano receiver, this mouse provides a strong wireless connection that works with any laptop, desktop, and notebook. Also, the receiver can easily be stored inside the mouse to make sure that it does not get lost when not in use.

Compatible with Windows and MacOS, connectivity will never be a problem.

  • Additional Features

Apart from being wireless, it also comes with a USB 2.0 high-speed extension cable that extends the signal of the mouse, to make it easy to use with printers and other such devices.

It is extremely easy to install and with the powerful 2.4 GHz connection, it is extremely reliable and functions smoothly without any interference.

  • Design

The mouse is constructed using corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors to make sure that there is optimum signal clarity and no interference in the connection.

Weighing only 90.7 grams, it is lightweight but does not feel too light. This increases the portability and usability of the device on any plane, which allows the user to have a more convenient experience.

With dimensions of 10 x 5.8 x 4 cm, it fits comfortably in the palm of the user, which results in smooth and comfortable transitions and avoids hand cramps.

  • Warranty

It comes with a one-year limited warranty provided by Amazon Basics, which ensures the user about the quality and durability of the product. Most damages done to the device during this warranty period will be taken care of by the manufacturer.

  • Customer-Reviews

With exceptionally high customer satisfaction rates, =users have almost no complaints with this device and absolutely love the quality and affordable price. With thousands of positive reviews, this mouse is a must consider if you are looking for the best wireless mouse in India.


4. HP 200 Wireless Mouse

HP 200 Wireless Mouse

One of the most trusted computer brands in the country, HP has always been admired by customers for their quality at affordable prices. Not just for computers, but also for their accessories, HP products never fail to satisfy customers with their products.

  • Scroll

With a smooth rubber scroll, this device is extremely easy to control and can swiftly scroll through multiple pages with ease. This comes a lot in handy when you are dealing with lengthy documents or long web pages. It also proves to be a major plus point while playing games that need quick reflexes.

  • Buttons

Armed with the basic 3 button setup, this mouse is perfect for day to day and work use. Although you might face some problems while playing games that require additional thumb buttons, it is a perfect all around mouse for general gaming and work.

  • Performance

Extremely precise and sensitive, it increases the efficiency of your work with its ability to precisely sense the movement of the user, allowing them to click perfectly without any errors.

It is also extremely durable, and the buttons function perfectly for a long period of time after purchase, which gives it a lot of value for money.

  • Additional Features

Compatible with USB 3.0, it supports most of the major laptops, notebooks and desktop computers out there, making sure that the user does not face any connectivity issues when using it.

It also comes with a slot to put the USB receiver when not in use. This slot is near the battery slot of the mouse and makes sure that the user does not misplace the receiver by mistake.

  • Design

The sleek and stylish design makes it a classy edition to your workspace, but the 4 inch size can be a little small for some users. However, this compact design helps to easily fit the palm of most users and makes it comfortable to use.

  • Warranty

HP offers a full one year warranty, and makes sure that any issues with the device during this period will be taken care of by the manufacturer free of cost.

  • Battery Life

Boasting an extremely long battery life, you will hardly have to replace the batteries of this device twice a year, and this proves to be extremely helpful with people who have to use a mouse daily, and are tired of having to change batteries.

  • Customer Reviews

The small size can be a problem for some users, and apart from some technical issues, customers really liked the performance of this product, finding it to have great value for money. Hence, this is a mouse you must consider if you are looking for the best mice in this price range.


5. Dell WM126 Wireless Optical Mouse 

Dell WM126 Wireless Optical Mouse 

If you are looking for a high-quality mouse, you can not go wrong by choosing Dell. A well-known brand for its computers and other computer-based accessories, Dell products always meet the customer’s needs and are some of the most sought after products out there.

  • Scroll

The scroll wheel of this device is extremely smooth and efficient, allowing the user to quickly and smoothly scroll through long documents without any hassle. This comes a lot in handy when you want to quickly browse through a lot of information.

  • Buttons

Installed with a basic mouse system that involves three buttons, this device does not need a lot of getting used to. The clicks do not make a lot of noise and are extremely precise and sensitive, to make sure that none of your clicks gets missed.

  • Performance

The USB 2.0 interface allows it to easily connect to almost all laptops, notebooks, and PCs, making it perfect for day to day use at the office or home. Being wireless, this mouse does not cause a lot of wire clutter in your workspace, helping to keep it neat and tidy.

Having a 1000 dpi movement resolution, it is perfect for performing day to day tasks, while at the same time sufficient enough to deliver a smooth gaming experience, proving to be a total all-rounder.

  • Additional Features

It has a fast set up and is extremely easy to install, making sure that the user does not face even the slightest of issues when trying to use this product. Also, it is compatible with most of the leading operating systems out there, which just adds to the user-friendliness of this mouse.

  • Design

Designed to be extremely comfortable to use, this mouse easily fits the palm of the user, to make sure that the user does not have to face any discomfort even after using the device for a long time.

The sleek, curved design looks extremely stylish and feels perfect on the hand, while the light weight of the device adds to its mobility and portability.

  • Warranty

Offering a one year warranty from the date of purchase, the manufacturer makes sure that any issues that the mouse faces during this period will be taken care of free of cost. This warranty period is enough to ensure the user about the quality and durability of this mouse.

  • Battery Life

Claiming to have a long battery life, this mouse is perfect for daily work and uses AA batteries which are easy to find, and can be easily replaced when the mouse runs out of battery.

However, some users claimed that the battery drains faster than usual and can be a problem, as having to change batteries reasonably quickly can be inconvenient.

  • Customer Reviews

Being a Dell product, this device had set really high expectations and met almost all of them. Apart from the battery life, users have almost no complaints with this device, and suggest it to others for being a value for money product. With so many happy customers, this product is definitely one of the best mice in the country.


Do You Really Need A Wireless Mouse?

If you are confused about whether to buy a wired or a wireless mouse for your PCor laptop, then the following advantages and disadvantages of using a wireless mouse can help you in deciding what type of purchase is best going to suit your needs and requirements.


1. Going wireless with a mouse means that you don’t have to bear the hassles that come alongside wired mouses. This means that with a cordless mouse, you won’t experience any huss and fuss happening because of those long cords. Wires get tangled and can hinder the easy flow of the mouse, something you will not have to face with wireless mice.

2. Wireless mice can help you in working in a considerably longer work range than you wish to use it with. In contrast, a wired mouse can limit your hand movement and thus, provide inconvenience during its function. You can comfortably sit anywhere and operate your laptop from a significantly longer range area.

3. Leading to extreme frustration and difficulty while untangling the wire, a wired mouse can become a problem when it comes to being a travel friendly gadget. On the other hand, a wireless mouse is free from such problems, and is extremely travel friendly. It can be packed in whatever manner and still won’t hinder the smooth functioning on the computer screen.

4. They provide precise and comfortable gaming for hardcore gamers or software maniacs by improving their work efficiency and deliver an all-rounder performance with ease of handling.

5. If you are concerned about the costs of this intelligent alternative to the wired mouse, then don’t be! These are affordable and enhance your overall performance through tremendous estimates.

6. Another benefit of using a wireless mouse is its higher life expectancy. You will just have to replace its batteries and you are good to go!


1. Dead batteries, being a nightmare for many, can make a lot of problems if you weren’t prepared with some backup batteries. In this case, your mouse will be of no use until you set up new batteries. On the other hand, wired mouses will keep going if they are plugged into your computer. They do not require any battery.

2. Occasional bad signals can become a cause of irritation and frustration because, in the absence of proper signal, the mouse will tend to lag and might freeze in some cases. This is not a common phenomenon, but might occur very rarely.

FAQs on Wireless Mouse

1. Can I Leave My Wireless Mouse On?

The first and the most valuable tip for wireless mouse users is to keep it off when not in use. If you do so, you will be able to improve its battery life and use the mouse for a longer period of time, without having the need to get its batteries replaced.

A wireless mouse comes with a manual button that can help you to manually turn it off. If you leave your mouse on, the battery will keep draining. As a result of this, you will have to get new batteries sooner.

2. How Long Does A Wireless Mouse Last?

Generally, mouse batteries last for up to 6 months if you opt for the branded ones. If you buy cheaper batteries for your wireless mouse, then you will observe an uptick in your mouse battery replacement and will have to get it done more often.

3. Do Wireless Mouse Delay?

No matter how advanced the technology gets, it should be recalled that the latency of wired keyboards and mouses is still unbeatable. Almost every wireless mouse, no matter how branded, will show some sort of input lag or delay. Though the frequency of such delays will be quite less in better and advanced models, cheaper models can actually cause a lot of frustration.

Final Word

Buying the best wireless mouse in India is quite a hectic task. You have to look for a number of factors and you can’t miss out on any. Due to this, we have prepped up this complete buying guide that will explain the ABCs of a wireless mouse and help you get the right product for you and your loved ones.

A mouse is not a very demanding accessory with hefty price tags, but if you opt for models with high-end specifications, then you might need to expand your pocket a little more. In addition to this, it is important to note that many fake buyers are present in the market and you should always opt for trustworthy and branded products.

As a mouse is one of those performance determining products, you must never compromise on its functionality, build, or other aspects to save a few bucks. Getting the best and highly compatible mouse for your PCor laptop is a blessing, and will enhance your performance by huge margins.

Therefore, you must, apart from this long text, do your research and read a lot of reviews. In this way, you can get the best purchase and one that is worth the money.

With such a detailed guide, we have come to an end. We hope all your doubts are cleared and you are all set to experience the dazzling performance of your wireless mouse soon! So, all of you gamers and software maniacs, prep up yourself and we wish you all the best for your next purchase!

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