Best Laptops Under ₹70,000 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. HP Pavilion 2. Acer Swift 3 3. HP 14 Ultra
HP Pavilion Gaming DK0268TX Best Laptop Under ₹70000

Acer Swift 3 

HP 14 Ultra Thin And Light Laptop


A personal computer is arguably one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment that one can have in modern times. Not only does it allow you to perform a wide range of different functions related to work as well as leisure, but a good quality laptop will also ensure that you reap the maximum number of benefits that accrue as a result of wireless operations.

A laptop is a perfect utility device for professionals who are required to travel on a regular basis due to their work commitments. Also, a laptops can be a great budget alternative for individuals who are looking for a PC, but can’t afford a high end desktop.

A laptop is a device that has a lot of constituent elements associated with it, and it is important to have an understanding of these concepts and how they impact the general performance of your laptop overall. This can be quite a daunting task for many people who are not well versed in the realms of electronics and technology, but are looking to get a decent laptop for themselves at the earliest opportunity.

In current items especially, with the knowledge that a debilitating circumstances might be just around the corner, it is even more crucial that we always have a good laptop at hand, so that we can work from home, or during travels as and when required without facing any hindrance whatsoever.


Today in this article, we will try and figure out which are some of the best laptops under 70000 that you can buy for yourself at this point in time. We will start by looking at some of the important factors which make a laptop worth buying, and whether the price you will be paying for them can give you the performance and features that you expect and deserve.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Laptop under INR 70,000

Under this section, we will discuss some of the most important factors that you should be cognizant of while choosing a laptop for yourself. If you manage to get a good grasp of some of the factors, then we are sure that you will be able to make a much more nuanced choice when it comes to understanding your own specific requirements and thus get the best bangd for your buck.

We will discuss a total of 6 broad aspects which will consist of categories such as performance, storage, battery life, display, operating system and additional features. Now without further ado wasting any more time or space, let’s dive into these matters straight away.

1. Performance

The performance of your laptop is dependent on quite a few factors such as the Random Access Memory or RAM, the processor that your laptop uses and also accessory devices, such as in-built graphics cards or GPU. You should make sure that the laptop you are looking to buy is able to match your daily computing requirements to the best possible extent.

First, let us talk about the type of processors which is ideal for different functions that you might have to undertake using your laptop. Without getting too technical hcincia, we have found that Intel i3 processors or AMD A8/A9 processors will be ideal for people whose functions are limited to using office applications, browsing the internet and other regular tasks such as streaming videos or music.

However, if you plan to undertake more advanced functions on your laptop such as coding or playing high- end games, then the scenario is slightly different. If you are thinking about getting a laptop which can allow you to do things such as image and video editing, then it is advisable for you to go with an i5 processor or higher.

It will be more expensive obviously, but you will be able to comfortably perform advanced functions without much hindrance. Ideally, if you want to run high spec games and do complex editing activities such as 3-dimensional graphics and video editing, an i7 processor is the most well suited for your purposes.

There are also quite a few decent options for you if you are looking to buy a simple PC that is able to perform only the basic functions and also give you the best budget option too. These include processors such as Intel Celeron, Intel Premium Dualdual Core and the AMD A6 processor.

Another important thing to note in the case of processors as well as other aspects we will discuss below, is that it is always better to grab a laptop which has the most recent or latest generation of processors. These latest gen processors give you better performance as a general rule of thumb, while also saving a higher amount of power and giving you the prospect of better advanced battery life.

Then we move to the question of how much RAM should your laptop ideally have to give you the best possible performance, and this issue is also largely dependent on the type of functions you wish or plan to undertake on your laptop.

RAM is important for the overall smoothness of operations of your PC, and also determines how lag-free your overall PC experience will be on a day to day basis. Also keep in mind that if you are someone who enjoys the ability of being able to multitask effectively or run different applications or programmes at the same time, then a higher amount of RAM is a must for you. ? Now how much is high enough?

Laptops come with a varied degree of RAM configurations, and depending upon the type of activity you are expected to undertake on your laptop, 4 GBs worth of RAM is usually best for people who want to perform daily regular activities like surfing the web, using office applications and also playing recreational media on their device.

In case you are looking for a laptop that allows you to perform a few specific advanced activities such as video editing or coding, or playing recreational medium spec games etc, then we would recommend around 8GBgbs worth of RAM for best results in the longer term.

Finally, if you are engaged in things such as high resolution video editing and playing intense high end games which require the most advanced specs, then a 16 GBgb RAM would be best for you. Also for tasks such as 3D rendering and 4K video editing, a 16 GBgb RAM is a must and should not be compromised with whatsoever.

Not only does this allow you to seamlessly perform all of the tasks mentioned above, but it is also able to give you a significant amount of headroom when it comes to smooth operations and reduced loading times. If your wish is to conduct your favorite activities without any stutters or lags, then a 16 GBgb RAMram is your best bet.

If you are specifically interested in playing high end advanced spec games, then it is important that you acquire a laptop with a very good GPU or graphics card that is powerful enough to run them high end games that you wish to play. Gaming laptops are a lot more costly as compared to other types, but you still have a chance of getting a good solid gaming laptop under the marked price of 70000.

Entry level gaming laptops have GPUs such as the Nvidia Geforce MXmx 150, Geforce 950 or 960 or even an AMD Radeon r7 M445. These laptops will give you average to decent gaming performance for a lot of the arcade games which do not require a great deal of high specifications.

However, you will not be able to play the more sophisticated high end games on this category of GPUgpu powered laptops. They will offer you a frame rate of around 30 fps on medium or lower settings.

Then we have some of the mid dle range GPU laptops which can be classed into the premium category. These are generally powered by GPUs such as Nvidia Geforce 1050 and 1050 TiI. This class of laptops will be able to give you decent fluid performance at around 30 fpsFPS for most medium and high end games at decent settings.

2. Storage

Storage aspects are often overlooked in many cases while people are looking for their most suitable laptops, but this is a poor mistake to make. There are generally two different types of storage options available to you in case of laptops, in the form of SSDs and HDDs. HDDs are a lot cheaper when compared to their SSD counterparts, and are therefore a lot more popular in the market.

Although most, if not all SSDd laptops offer much less storage capacity as compared to their HDD counterparts. , the The difference in terms of speed and user experience for SSD is quite significant when compared to HDD laptops, and that is why SSD laptops are somewhat costlier – while offering lower space capacity.

If you regularly work with larger files or you require a laptop that takes a lot less time to boot up as compared to msot nes, then you should ideally go for an SSD laptop. However, if space is your main criteria, then you can consider HDD laptops as well.

3. Form Factor

You either have the option of getting a lightweight laptop or one that comes fully locked, and loaded and ready to go. This depends on your requirements, essentially and most mainstream laptops offer a good balance between performance and range of features. Alsop , these types are more easily upgradable, so they are worth the investment and offer good value for money. Then there are some of the thin and light models as well, which offer a different set of advantages.

They generally offer higher battery life, as well as better build quality and a great visual appeal as well, thanks to their slim body designs. They are also lighter, which aids in the portability aspect. Then we have a few hybrid types, which include features such as touch screen, and gaming laptops which are usually heavier and are loaded with powerful graphics processors.

4. Display

This factor is usually considered to be one of the most important, and gets a lot of attention. Under this category, the display size and resolution constitute the most important elements, which are generally considered in any argument. For laptops which give you a higher resolution, it basically allows you to fit more content on the screen, while also making the content appear a lot more clear and sharper to the eye.

Most entry-Msot henry level laptops have a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Then we have the mid range laptops which offer a full HD displayola of 1920 x 1080 pixels – which is ideal for entertainment purposes such as gaming or watching movies etc. FInally you have 4K resolution laptops, which represent the best and also the most costly when it comes to price.

And as far as the question of screen size goes, there is a trade off that you need to be cognizant of. This is nothing but the simple fact that laptops with higher screen sizes are usually less portable because of their additional size and weight. A 14 inch display is standard and should be good enough for most people, whereas for gamers and video professionals, a 15.6 inch screen display is probably ideal.

5. Operating System

There are different options in terms of operating systems which you can go for in a laptop. Of Course theThe three major ones are WindowsIndows, Mac and Chrome OS. Macs represent the most high priced options, and there are also quite a few good Chrome OS laptops – which are also called Chromebooks.

However, WindowsIndows OS is the most common operating system used in most laptops, and this one is usually preferred by most students and professionals who are looking for good budget devices that are able to perform all essential tasks, while also being available at a good price. Windows systems are compatible with most hardware and software accessories, and they also have easy to use interface setups, along with better multitasking potential as well.

Top 6 Best Laptops Under ₹70,000 2020

1. HP Pavilion Gaming DK0268TX 

HP Pavilion Gaming DK0268TX Best Laptops Under ₹70000

We start off our list with a highly celebrated and widely popular gaming laptop from HP, which is the HP Pavilion Gaming DK0268TX 15.6-inch Laptop. This fantastic, well- designed laptop is extremely sleek and has a very stylish look.

It is exceptionally slim compared to most other laptops in the market, and it has been perfectly suited to your high end gaming needs, while also allowing you to do multitasking with a great amount of ease.
The HP Pavilion laptop Gaming DK0268TX 15.6-inch Laptop is powered by a 9th generation Intel i5-9300H processor and is perfectly suited to handling heavy loads that is a result of long extended periods of gaming, thanks to the 4 cores and Intel turbo boost technology.

Make sure to refer to our earlier section to get a better idea of what type of processors are best suited for different kinds of activities. Along with this powerful processor, this laptop also gives you 8 GB DDRgb ddr4 ram, which is ideal for playing games and also doing a host of other activities, such as editing, multitasking etc.

Now, Nwo we come to the question of storage, and here you will get a 512GBgb SSD to store all of your favourite games and other applications. Now we turn our attention to the issues regarding display, and this is a crucial element to consider for any laptop, but it is a lot more pertinent in the case of gaming laptops – as every game swears by the notion of display quality.

A 15.6 Inch FHD IPS display will elevate your gaming and media viewing experiences to the next level, thanks to features such as anti glare, as well as a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. This laptop also comes with a pre-loaded Windows 10 installed that has a lifetime validity.

Next we examine the GPU that comes as an internal graphics processor with this laptop. The Nvidia GeforceGTX 1650 Graphics card is one of the best in the market at this price range, and is one of the major reasons as to why this highly rated laptop has been so successful in the market.

This GPU is highly powerful and is considered to be one of the best in this price range. Around 4 GB gb of dedicated DDRddr4 graphics memory is also hugely successful in giving you the unmatched performance drive that you may come to expect.

In terms of connectivity ports, the HP Pavilion Gaming DK0268TX sports 1 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A port along with 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A for data transfer. Additionally, you also have an HDMI slot as well as a slot for headphones or microphones.

This laptop will give you a warranty of 1 year that covers all manufacturing defects. All things considered, it is easy to see why this laptop has been so positively spoken of. Our experts have also been hugely impressed by its capacity for high class consistent performance, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed at the slightest if you choose to go for this one.


2. Acer Swift 3 

Acer Swift 3 

This is the second product that we have on our list. Acer is one of the major heavyweights in the industry, when it comes to making the best and most sophisticated appliances using the most well regarded and cutting edge technologies that the current market standards hasve to offer. The Acer Swift 3 10th Gen Core i5 14-inch Ultra Thin and Light Laptop comes with a huge reputation, that has seen its sales go up by multiple times over a very small time window.

When it comes to the best laptops, there is a very recognizable pattern in the sense that almost all of the best ones have managed to strike a perfect balance between style and functionality. The Teh Acer Swift 3 10th Gen Core i5 14-inch Ultra Thin and Light Laptop manages to do exactly that.

Weighing in at an overall 1.19 kg or thereabout, the Acer Swift 3 is a perfect example of a light and portable laptop which has been specifically designed, while keeping portability the transportability aspect in mind. The body is constructed using aluminum and magnesium-aluminum metal chassis, that not only makes it very durable and resistant to damage, but also does not attribute greater weight to the device and helps to make it light.

It also has a thickness of a maeagre 15.95 mm, which makes it ultra stylish and gives it that superb, elegant, classy look. The Acer Swift 3 has a screen of around 14 inches, which is equipped with full HD. The narrow bezels on both sides of the screen, along with the impressive mpressive screen-to-body ratio, gives you the most complete video experience, and is sure to fill your heart with great joy and enthusiasm. Furthermore, there is also the Acer Color Intelligence and Exacolor features, which enhance your overall experience, and is considered to be the main driver of the superior colour contrast scheme that this laptop brings to the table.

Now we move the discussion on to some of the specifications of this laptop, and the first thing to mention in this regard is that it is powered with the help of a 8GB DDR4 RAM, along with an Intel Core i5-1035G1 10th Gen processor.

The 10th generation processor in itself is a great asset to have at this price range, as it keeps you secured in terms of processors for quite a few years to come in terms of relevance. This makes it possible for you to perform all essential tasks with minimum lags and loading time,s and also have access to a few additional benefits, such as the capacity to multitask.

In terms of battery life too, the Acer Swift 3 is way ahead of many of its counterparts in this curve, as it manages to give you a solid 13 hours of activity, when it is in a fully charged state. Other impressive aspects which are worthy of mention include the Acer ComfyViewTM LED-backlit TFT LCD screen that is smooth to the eye.

It does not burden your eyes in any way whatsoever, which allows you to work on the device for longer time periods. All of this can, together be summed as the perfect option when it comes to a budget device that has that movies you decent features and consistency of performance on a regular basis.

This is why we feel that this laptop is definitely one of the best laptops under 70000 currently found in the market at this point in time.


3. HP 14 Ultra Thin And Light Laptop

HP 14 Ultra Thin And Light Laptop

The HP 14 Ultra Thin and Light Laptop is our third choice for this list. HP has grown as one of the most sought after global brands, andthat has managed to build up a transcontinental support base for its highly rated electronics devices and accessories.

There is no doubt about the fact that HP is currently one of the leading producers of the best laptops and personal computers that are currently in operation on such a large, and essentially worldwide scale. The HP 14 is one of the best examples of a perfectly sound laptop multipurpose portable personal computer that will come in handy in a wide variety of everyday tasks, apart from your usual office or school work.

The Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor makes sure that this device is always on its toes and ready to give you the most comfortable using experience, while also enhancing the joy of your workload by makingmaiong it a lot more pleasant, thanks to its ease of operations.

Like a few other HP laptops, this one also comes with Intel Turbo Boost technology, which is mainly responsible for running this laptop like a charm. Along with a great processor, the device also gives you good memory as well with 8 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM that further enhances your usage experience and streamlines it for ultimate performance.

This laptop comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 operating system which is very easy to usesue as well as flexible in terms of the functions you can perform with relative simplicity. The 14 inch diagonal full HD display is another one this laptop’s major assets, and has audiences drooling all over the world due to a host of sophisticated elements such as the IPS BrightView and micro-edge WLED-backlit.

The HP 14 is also widely popular due to its ultra sleek stylish display. It has a width of around 32 millimeters, and boasts of an exceptionally slim and elegant body design, that is incredibly pleasing to the eye, and is therefore a real treat to use on a daily basis.

It is equipped with numerous ports, which makes connectivity an easy breeze and that covers type c as well as type a port, along with your usual headphone or microphone jack.

Like all other HP laptops, this one too comes with a one year warranty that covers manufacturing damages, and hence keeps your investment secured in case there’s any anomaly. We have studied the ins and outs of this laptop, and it seems to have a unanimous verdict among its users as the ideal investment for anyone looking to get a moderately priced laptop that can cover all of their essential needs and requirements.

This is true for students as well ass professionals, along with people who wish to make recreational usage of this device. This is why we have no hesitation in classifying it as one of the best laptops under 70000 that you can get your hands on right now today.


4. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i 

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i 

This list of the best laptops under 70000 is coming near its conclusion, and we have already listed witnessed quite exceptional models that have come to dominate the market due to their sheer class and quality. The next one in the list does well to keep up with its predecessors, as it has managed to light the market on fire, thanks to its high demand and consistently good sales numbers.

The Lenovo Ideapad Slim is the a perfect portable companion for anyone looking to get their hands on an efficient laptop multipurpose personal computer that has the capacity to go full throttle and aid you in all of your endeavours.

Powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor, this laptop is the perfect example of a next gen device that will still be relevant and cutting edge 10 years from now on and will not require you to update for a long time to come. With 3.6 Ghz max speed, it has 4 separate cores along with a 6 mb smart cycle.

Along with this, you will also get 8 GB gb worth of RAM, which is quite standard in terms of current laptop specifications at this price range. You will have enough memory to run all basic functions and a few advanced ones depending on other factors.

In terms of portability, this laptop is arguably one of the best in this price range, and it is known for being as light, as a feather and therefore extremely easy and convenient to carry. Not only that, but it also gives you a battery life of upto or more than 5 hours depending upon your usage when it is in a fully charged state.

Also, a full HD hd screen with a maximum resolution of 1920X1080, is also a great thing to have, as it means to have ample screen space and high image and video quality. The icing on the cake as far as this laptop is concerned is probably the pre-installed MS Office 2019, which allows you to undertake all types of different office and school functions.

As IAs far as storage is concerned, the Lenovo Ideapad SlLim comes with a 512 GB SSD, that makes everything super easy and efficient in terms of all your daily storage requirements and accessibility of stored files. A 1 year on site domestic warranty is also a great thing to have, as it keeps you insured in case of unwarranted manufacturing defects.

All in all, this laptop is presents itself as a great budget investment opportunity for students as well as professionals alike. That is why we firmly believe that this can be one considered as one of the best laptops under 70000 – if not the best.


5. Mi Notebook 14 Intel Core i5-10210U 

Mi Notebook 14 Intel Core i5-10210U 

Coming in at number 5 on our list of the best and most impressive laptops under 70000, we have the Mi Notebook 14, that has managed to cause some stir in the market as a relative newcomer, when compared to some of the big names it has been in competition with.

The brand Mi is hugely popular mostly for its smartphones and other mobile accessories, but it has really stumbled on to something big with its recent venture into the world of laptops. The Mi Notebook 14 is a very well designed, durable and efficient laptop, which can perform a variety of tasks with a great deal of professional sincerity, and is considered to be one of the best options for consumers in this price range, according to our experts as well as many users too.

The processor which powers these laptops is none but the 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10210U processor, which is characterized by a 4.2 GHz max speed, 4 cores and 8 different threads. There is no doubt as to the capability of this laptop, because along with a powerful processor it also features 8GB DDR4-2666MHz RAM.

This which works in perfect tandem with all of the other elements to give you the most complete and blissful experience that you can hope to have encountered. The body is made of solid metal and has a very robust and sturdy look about it. This however does not diminish the aesthetic qualities of this laptop even one bit.

Like many other modern laptops and a few on this list, it has a very slim and stylish body that is comfortable to hold and can be carried with relative ease. The screen presents some other talking points as well, thanks to the 178 Degrees Wide-viewing Angle coupled with the 14 inch full HD screen resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

As for the GPU, you will have the Intel HD Graphics 620, which is more than enough to perform most daily functions with a great deal of authority. However, Of Course you will not be able to play the most high end games on this, pc as it is not built for that purpose, but it can surely run a few decent games at good frame rates and give you an enjoyable experience while playing.

For storage requirements, you have the 512GB SATA 3 SSD with 600MB/s speed – which is quite impressive by any standards.The last element worth mentioning for this forthid laptop that has managed to woo its users to a great extent is the webcam. The incredible thing about the webcam, is that it slides over the surface of the notebook that allows you to get the maximum from all of your video calls.

With upto 10 hours of battery life, it is easy to see why this device is considered to be one of the best portable options – thanks to the 46wh battery and a 65 watt charger. Furthermore, the device is equipped with stereo speakers with DTS Audio Processing.

The Mi MI Notebook 14 has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to questions of connectivity. Features such as the Mi Blaze Unlockblaze unlock and the Mi Smart Sharesmart share options are perfect examples of how Mi has managed to integrate its devices across platforms, to bring to you the smoothest connectivity options.

Not only does this allow you to unlock the laptop using an Mi band, but sharing files and media is also made incredibly easy thanks to the smart share option. Finally, the cooling technology of this device has also managed to get a lot of attention, as that is one of the major reasons why this laptop performs so well on a consistent basis.

The large diameter fan, coupled with the wider air intake area of 2530mm² makes for really effective cooling. This makes a huge difference when you are running the laptop continuously for longer periods of time.
All of these features are collectively what has propelled this laptop to some of the best ratings and reviews that you can find online.

It has managed to create a great following, thanks to the way it has integrated itself with other Mi accessory products. This, along with some of its most desirable features, makes this laptop a must have for anyone looking for a balanced device.

This is why we have enough reason to believe that the Mi Nnotebook 14 is definitely one of the best laptops under 70000 that you should invest in right now today.


6. Acer Aspire 5S 

Acer Aspire 5S 

Next on our list we have the Acer Aspire 5S, which has emerged as a huge crowd favourite in recent years – thanks to the flexibility and adaptability that this device has shown when used in a variety of different ways and for different purposes. When it comes to the dual virtues of style and substance, the Acer Aspire 5 gets it just right – thanks to a combination of an ultra slim lightweight body design and a sandblasted aluminum top cover.

This fruitful combination is responsible for not only making the laptop look classy and elegant, but is also responsible for its sturdy and durable exterior, that is able to withstand the regular wear and tear that comes as a result of daily usage.

With an overall thickness of around 17.95 mm accompanied by a smooth tactile finish, the Acer Aspire 5 really does manage to strike the perfect balance between visual aesthetics and functional efficiency. Capable of running for an extended period of up to 14 hours, the device is well oriented to run at optimum capacity for an extended length of time, thanks to a powerful battery.

Now coming to the question of specifications, the device is powered with the help of a Intel Core i5-10210U processor that manages to do the business for you – irrespective of the type and range of activities you undertake on this laptop.

In terms of memory, you have upto 4 GBgb of memory on board, with another additional 4 GB RAM b and a total ra, capacity that can be extended upto a mammoth 20GB gb. This is in many ways unprecedented, and the mere fact that you can add additional RAM to the device later on makes it a great next generation device as well.

As for the question of display, here also the Acer Aspire 5 does not leave anything to be desired. The 15.6 inch full HD display oozes elegance and superior display quality, thanks to the resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the overall Acer ComfyView LED-backlit TFT LCD display.

It makes viewing the fieldviewing field and folders just as enjoyable and relaxing as watching a video online on youtube or netflix. Other than this, the Acer Aspire 5 has also been favoured by many because of its in-built WIndows 10 with lifetime validity, as well as the pre-installedpre installed MS Office for home and student version as well.

The storage department of this laptop is well covered, thanks to the 512 GBgb SSD where you can store all of your important files and folders, while also having the opportunity to access them at the drop of a hat thanks to the superior loading speeds of SSDs in general.

Apart from this, you will also have access to higher sound quality – thanks to the Acer TrueHarmony feature. This is responsible for the superior clarity and depth in the bass, and also the ability to hit higher volume levels which are traditionally beyond the scope of many laptops. This is due thanks to the innovative design methods used in constructing speakers.

After all of these detailed discussions, it should be clear as to why this highly rated laptop has been such a success wherever it has been on the market. Our experts excerpts have studied all of its various aspects meticulously till every last minute detail, and they are totally convinced of this laptop’s’ capability to deliver or even exceed user expectations.

Due to Because of all these reasons, we are ready to put this in the category of one of the best laptops under 70000 currently available in the market.



In this article today, our main goal was to try and find some of the best laptops under 70000 that are currently available for purchase. We started off with a short introduction on how the laptop or the personal computer has emerged as one of the most essential items or gadgets that we require as a matter of necessity.

Then we proceeded to have a discussion on some of the important elements which merit your attention when it comes to choosing the best laptop for your own specific needs and requirements. In this section, we tried wetreid to keep things as simple as possible, so that the common individual is able to grasp graos all the essential elements which he or she should have an understanding of.

After this, we moved to a list where we sought to bring together some of the best options you have currentlycurrent in the market. We tried to balance quite a few factors against each other to come up with a list of the 6 seven best laptops under 70000.

This is according to the opinion of our experts, exports who also managed to consult a lot of the user ratings and reviews regarding these devices – both in person as well as online. We tried to have different types of laptops in this list, to represent a wider diversity of prospective users.

Finally, we hope this article gives you some valuable information which will help you in making the final choice regarding which laptop to buy. Furthermore, we hope that you undertake further research, if you feel that you need to in order to have a more in-depth understanding of some of the vital elements which go into making a laptop worth buying. Make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of each option carefully before coming to a final decision, and we wish you the best of luck in these endeavours.

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