Best Laptops In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Apple Macbook Air 2. Microsoft Surface 2  3. Lenovo Legion Y540
Apple Macbook Air Best Laptops In India

Microsoft Surface 2

Lenovo Legion Y540


In the times that we are living in, it is impossible to visualise a world without the computer and the internet. With a massive improvement in technology, and mass production of computing devices since the 90s, computers started becoming more and more portable and accessible to the people. Today, we can hardly imagine an office without a computer.

Best laptops in India are, probably, one of the most portable electronics devices after smartphones and tablets. These handy devices come in different sizes, styles, and features, catering to the differential needs of different categories of people – students, educationists, engineers, architects, gamers, designers, and so forth.


Over the years, laptops have become faster and more efficient than before. The prices of these devices have also come down considerably, allowing for greater accessibility.

Since laptops cater to different groups of consumers who have their unique needs, the market is filled with a wide range of these devices. Without proper knowledge about laptops, you might end up buying the wrong product, and perhaps, spending more than your requirement.

Therefore, we have come up with a buyers’ guide that will inform you about the different kinds of laptops and the factors to look for while buying a laptop. We have also compared some of the best laptops in India. Go through this article, and find out what is best for you.

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Laptop In India

1. Operating System / Platform

The operating system is one of the key aspects that you would like to consider before buying a laptop. Most laptops today come pre-installed with an operating system. In case you do not want to use a free of cost, Linux-based operating system, it is always desirable to look for a laptop that comes with an operating system, as it will save you from spending extra money on buying a license for an operating system.

Most of the laptops come with the two major operating systems – Windows and Mac OS. Mac OS, however, only comes along with Macbooks, manufactured by Apple, and is not sold separately for non-Mac laptops.

Both Windows and Mac have been there in the market for more than two decades, and both of them are equally reliable. The software support on both these platforms is equally good. There are a few laptops, known as Chromebooks, which come with an operating system which is being offered by Google – Chrome OS.

Most consumers, however, would prefer either Windows or Mac. Windows is the most popular operating system, and has a market share of more than 80 percent globally. And as already noted, unlike Mac OS, which only comes with Macbooks and thus, sets a limit on the number of devices that you can choose from, there are an endless number of devices which come installed with Windows. You can install Windows on both basic and high-end laptops.

Mac OS, coupled with its Macbook hardware, on the other hand, is known for its fast performance, user-friendly interface and for providing an unmatchable ecosystem. The Apple ecosystem is very useful when you own other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and so forth. Further, you do not need to pay for upgrades, unlike Windows, when a new version of Mac OS is released.

2. Processor

There are two companies which make processors for laptops – Intel and AMD. Most laptops come with Intel processors, and they have a significant edge over those made by AMD. Intel processors are best for multimedia and multitasking.

The choice of processor depends on both your requirements and the money that you are willing to spend on buying a laptop. The cheapest of all the laptops usually come fitted with Intel Pentium processors. However, a lot of these cheaper laptops now come with AMD processors as well.

These low end laptops are desirable only if you are tight on budget and you do not want to use a laptop to do anything more than everyday tasks like typing assignments, making excel spreadsheets, watching movies, and surfing the internet. If you are a gamer, these laptops are, for certain, of no use to you.

With a slightly higher budget, you can avail the faster i-series processors of Intel. There are three major variants of i-series processors – i3, i5, and i7. Each of these, again, have their corresponding variants and generations, which will tell you about their respective performance qualities.

As a general rule, the i7 processors are faster than the i5 processors, and the latter are faster than the i3 processors. If you are looking for a decent laptop at reasonable prices, i3 laptops are one of the best choices.

In 2017, Intel launched its i9 processor, which is the fastest amongst all its processors. The massive capabilities offered by the i9 processors, however, cannot be utilised by most softwares, and the laptops with these processors cost more than 2 lakh rupees in India.

Along with the series, you also need to take a look at the generation of the processor you are using. As noted, each of these processors come with its own corresponding generations. The latest i-series processors belong to the 10th generation.

A shift in generation can make a significant difference in terms of speed and performance. The higher the generation, the better the performance. In addition, look at the number of cores, as higher cores mean faster data processing and faster command execution. Higher clock speeds are better, as well.

In recent times, AMD has come up with some new offerings. However, in the laptop market, it is Intel that rules, and their processors have a greater trust-value. Reviews, too, offer a great deal of advantage of Intel processors over the AMD ones, although the latter are cheaper than the former.

3. Screen Size

Laptop screen sizes usually range from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. The best laptops in India manufactured by brands like Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc. come in three display sizes – 13.3 inch, 15.6 inch, and 17.3 inches. However, there are vendors which sell laptops of other sizes (11.6 inches, 12.5 inches, 14 inches).

As a general rule, there is a corresponding increase in the weight of the laptop with an increase in screen size. The smaller screen laptops are usually thinner and lighter than the larger ones.

So, if portability is your requirement, it is better to go for a smaller sized Windows laptop, or a Macbook Air, which has a screen size of 13.3 inches. A lot of people prefer laptops with a smaller screen size.

The cheapest laptops in the Indian market, however, have a slightly larger screen size of 15.6 inches. If you are looking for the best portability, go for a laptop that is either 12.5 inches or 13.3 inches in size and weighs between 1 kg and 1.5 kg.

The smaller screen devices, however, do not support the high-end Intel i7 CPUs or discrete graphic cards which usually come with the 15.6 inches laptops. If you are a gamer, you are likely to prefer a screen size of 15.6 inches.

The smaller laptops also cut down on the number of ports. If you are planning to have a laptop with higher graphics power, it is always better to go for the ones with larger screen sizes.

4. GPU

GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit. The GPU can be either integrated to the processor itself, or it might be attached separately to the motherboard of the laptop. The latter is known as discrete graphics and is also referred to as graphics card.

If you are looking for a laptop for gaming, it is obvious for you to look for one which comes with a graphics card. Integrated graphics are getting powerful these days, capable of producing solid results with many games. There was a time when graphics cards for desktops were much more powerful than those for the laptops.

With technological innovations over a period of time, this gap has been significantly reduced. The laptop graphics cards’ can produce results similar to their counterparts in the desktops.

The two leading graphics card manufacturers are NVIDIA and AMD. Among the NVIDIA GPUs, the NVIDIA GTX 1080 is top-notch for gaming laptops. AMD is not as competitive as its rival. However, the company offers a range of discrete graphics for different laptops.

The Radeon RX 580 is the top-of-the-line graphics card being offered by the company. However, its performance can be compared to only that of NVIDIA GTX 1060, and is less powerful than the NVIDIA GTX 1080.

5. RAM

More RAM on the laptop means that you can run more applications at the same time. Also, it means that more data can be made quickly accessible by the system at a time. This allows for multitasking without requiring for you to make a compromise on performance.

Until a few years ago, you just needed 4GB of RAM, or slightly more than that to get the best results. The cheaper laptops still come with 4 GB of RAM. However, for a decent performance, try to get a device which at least has 8 GB of RAM.

This is more so because laptops are devices that you do not upgrade as often as your smartphones. On a long run, a few extra GBs of RAM can keep your laptop’s performance intact as before. If you are a power user, you must go for at least 16 GB, and for gamers, RAM higher than this is desirable for the best experience.

6. Display

At times, you might spend hours sitting in front of the laptop and staring at the laptop screen. A screen that is comfortable to look at and use must be your priority.

In recent years, touchscreen laptops have become popular and a lot of people tend to prefer them, as they tend to make some tasks easier than others. However, touchscreen laptops have their own disadvantages that you need to factor in.

They add glossiness to the display, which in turn leads to reflections. These are definitely a negative if you are gaming, watching a movie, or editing videos and images. The glossiness on the touchscreen laptops, thus, make them undesirable. Given these reasons, you might want to consider a laptop that does not have a touchscreen.

The next factor, pertaining to the display, which should receive importance is the screen resolution. The best laptops come with a full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) resolution, as it offers plentiful space to line windows up and keep things in view, while allowing for watching content in full HD.

A few laptops today also come with 4K resolutions. A 4K resolution is definitely superior, but you need to note the fact that these display panels are very expensive and add-on to an already expensive product.

You should go for a 4K resolution only if you are a content creation professional. Otherwise, settle for a full HD display. In addition, laptops that have better colour accuracy and support wider colour gamut and HDR standards are desirable for photographers and videographers for the purposes of content creation and editing.

The screen refresh rate is another important factor which is worth considering, especially if you are a gamer. A faster refresh rate offers an advantage over your competitors during online gaming, as it provides for a smoother and more responsive gaming experience and fewer lags.

The last thing to note are the viewing angles of the screen. Laptop screens that come with IPS (in-plane switching) technology offer the widest viewing angle and the best user experience.

If it is feasible, then go to the store while buying a laptop and check the viewing angles for yourself. Otherwise, go thoroughly through the product description and read multiple reviews to understand whether the laptop screen is going to offer you an optimum experience.

7. Budget

Taking the budget into consideration is very important, as your choice of a laptop will very much depend on the amount of money you are willing to pay for it. It is extremely important to note that for most people, laptops are not something on which you spend regularly.

If you are an average consumer buying a laptop, you are at least going to use it for 4 years. Hence, try to get a product which is durable and which won’t require you to make a compromise with performance in the long run.

Apart from this, your laptop budget will depend on your requirement. For instance, if you want to use your laptop primarily for gaming, you would require a gaming laptop which is obviously going to cost you more.

8. Storage

Until a few years ago, most laptops used to come with hard drives for storage. But these days, laptops are coming with SSDs (solid state drives). This is because hard drives are slow, bulky, and at times, produce heat and noise.

SSDs are particularly found on the thin and light laptops, because unlike hard drives, they can be installed in a form factor such that they do not add too much weight to the laptop.

Further, they offer a lot more speed than a hard drive and run silently. Due to these benefits, laptop manufacturers prefer to put SSDs on their products instead of hard drives.

However, SSDs are much more expensive than hard drives. Hence, you need to pay more money for a laptop with an SSD than for a laptop that comes with a hard drive offering the same storage capacity. A 128GB SSD laptop will definitely cost you more than a laptop with a 1TB hard drive, with other specs remaining the same.

9. Battery Life

The battery life on your laptop is going to depend on a lot of factors such as screen brightness, the screen resolution, the number of applications that are running at a given time, whether or not you are connected to a WiFi network or Bluetooth devices, and so forth.

For example, if you are playing a high graphic game on your laptop, your battery is going to drain at a much faster rate than when you are working on MS Office. The battery life quoted by the manufacturer hardly translates into practice in everyday usage.

One of the ways in which you can understand the battery life of a device, is by looking at the battery rating in terms of watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh). For instance, a battery with a rating of 44 Wh to 50 Wh, is desirable for a laptop which has a screen size of 13.3 inches.

10. Other Factors – Keyboard, Touch Pad, Ports and Drives

While buying a laptop, some of the other factors which are worth considering include keyboard, touch pad, ports and drives, fingerprint scanner, and so forth. In the case of the keyboard, ensure that the device has a comfortable and sturdy keyboard.

Also, you might prefer backlit keyboards, as they serve the dual purpose of making typing on your laptop easier in dark, and make your device look aesthetically pleasing.

The touchpad should be sensitive and responsive enough, so that you are not perturbed while performing your tasks. Some laptops also come with smart gestures on the touchpad through which you can perform a number of tasks like scrolling, changing between applications and windows, etc. without requiring you to click.

Also, look for what kinds of ports are available on the laptop. These days, the slimmer and thinner laptops are coming with fewer ports because of their design. Similarly, certain drives like CD drives are falling out of favour, and they no longer come with most laptops.

The USB port has emerged as the alternative to all other ports and drives, and the latest version is USB 3.2. Higher USB versions are faster than their predecessors. In addition to these, more and more laptops today are also coming with fingerprint sensors for added security.

Types Of Laptops

There are several types of laptops in the market, manufactured for different kinds of consumers. Keep in mind that the type of laptop you are going to use will depend on your needs.

1. Entry Level Laptops

These laptops are made for consumers who need laptops for doing basic tasks like working on MS Office, watching movies, listening to music, reading PDFs, and surfing the internet.

They usually come with the most basic configurations like a Pentium or a low-end AMD, 4 GB of RAM, 500GB of HDD, and so forth. At the lowest end of these entry level laptops, you might not even receive a full Windows license.

The low prices of these laptops are what makes them attractive to consumers, as they come in the price bracket of 20,000 to 26,000 rupees. This segment is very popular in India, and these laptops are especially popular among the first time users who need laptops for academic purposes.

2. Mainstream Laptops

These laptops start from around 30,000 rupees and can go up to 50,000 rupees. They have better specs than the entry level laptops. Also, you get a lot of options to choose from. For instance, you can either go for slimmer laptops with SSDs, or you can go for the heavier ones with hard drive storage, but which offer a better processor, more RAM, etc.

Laptops in this segment are usually powered by the i-series processors of Intel – i3 and i5. In addition, there are more screen size options available than the entry level laptops. A few gaming laptops are also available in this segment. Some of the best laptops in India are available in this segment.

3. Premium Laptops

These are devices which usually start from a price point of 60,000 rupees and can go up to 2 lakh rupees. Like the mainstream segment, you can choose between a lot of options. You can expect more powerful processors, such as Intel i7, and more RAM in this segment.

The Macbooks come in this segment, and they are available in various sizes, and with different specs. Specialised laptops required for purposes like architectural designing, and laptops to be used in extreme environments, etc. also come in this segment.

4. 2-In-1 Convertibles

Convertible laptops allow you to enjoy the experience of both a tab and laptop on a single device. There are two distinct kinds of these devices available. The first kind is the one where the laptop screen (which serves as a tablet) is not detachable, and you can use the device as a tab by folding the keyboard on the opposite side.

The second kind include those laptops which come with detachable keyboards, and you can simply remove the screen from the keyboard and use it as a tablet. While the convertibles might look fancy, they come with certain disadvantages.

First, you might not like the glossy finish on the screen, which makes viewing angles worse. Second, you pay more for low end specs (for the same specs, normal laptops would come at much cheaper prices).

Before buying such a laptop, do give a thought on whether you actually require such a laptop. The Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the leading convertible laptops and comes with amazing specs.

5. Ultrabooks

The term Ultrabook was coined by Intel to specifically designate those laptops which were lightweight, had fast Intel processors and a good battery life, and came with SSDs, instead of hard drives. They became very popular over time because of these features. Today, any laptop that has an SSD and is lightweight is referred to as an Ultrabook, although the description is not quite accurate.

6. Notebooks

Notebooks are a common term which is in use by laptop manufacturers these days to refer to their slimmer, light-weight laptops. As noted above, the term ultrabook is also in use for the same category. To be precise, any notebook that is less than 1.5cm thick, has an SSD, and features any of the three i-series processors of Intel is an Ultrabook.

7. Business Laptops

These are not much different from other mainstream or premium laptops, although the companies which make them sell them with the tag of business laptops. As a general rule, these devices have a good battery life and feature a larger screen.

If it is meant to be used by videographers and photographers, they tend to have a better colour accuracy. On the software front, they might come with the Enterprise edition of Windows 10.

8. Gaming Laptops

As the name suggests, these laptops are specifically designed for gamers. They tend to be bulkier because of all the extra hardware that is fixed to them. They come with the most powerful processors, high end graphics cards and enough RAM to run all the modern games.

The screens also tend to be bigger. Also, do not expect these devices to have a long battery life because the game related specs drain a lot of battery.

Best Laptop Brands In India

The following are some of the best laptop brands in India.

1. Apple

Unlike other brands, Apple does not make too many laptops, but it builds some of the best laptops. The company is known for its Macbook laptops, which provide the best performance.

They come with all the latest hardware, and the Mac OS on them gives it a clear edge in terms of performance over other laptops. The Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro are the two main offerings by Apple, and each of these is available in different sub-models with different prices and hardware.

2. Dell

Dell is one of the most popular laptop brands in India and is known for its quality products. There is a large number of Dell laptops available in the Indian market for different kinds of consumers. They are available in different price segments, starting from 26,000 rupees to 2 lakh rupees.

The after sales service provided by the company is equally good, and its service centres are available at many locations. Some of the popular series of Dell laptops are Vostro, Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware. XPS laptops are the premium offerings of the brand, whereas the Alienware laptops are specially designed for gaming.

3. HP

HP is known for its reliability and design, and is one of the most preferred brands of laptops amongst the professionals. Like Dell, HP too builds a large number of laptops for all kinds of consumers. It offers devices in entry level, mainstream and premium segments. Its service centres are located across India. The Pavilion series is the most popular offering of the company.

4. Asus

This Taiwanese giant made a late entry into the Indian market. But in recent years, it has emerged as one of the key contenders, offering a wide range of products for all purposes. Its products are durable and the number of service locations are also increasing in India with time.

5. Lenovo

Lenovo is popular in the Indian market for its quality products. Like other brands, Lenovo, too, makes laptops that cater to different kinds of consumers. Lenovo laptops have a starting price of around 20,000 rupees in the Indian market, which is cheaper as compared to brands like Dell. The expensive ones can cost up to 2 lakh rupees or more.

6. Acer

In comparison to the brands listed above, Acer is less popular. However, it makes quality products for all kinds of customers, including gaming laptops. In fact, the cheapest laptop that Acer makes is priced around 15,000 rupees, which is significantly lower than the cheaper laptops made by the brands listed above.

Top 10 Best Laptops In India 2020

1. Apple Macbook Air

Apple Macbook Air Best Laptops In IndiaWhen it comes to Macbooks, the Apple Macbook Air is one of the most widely sold products of the company, all thanks to its superior design and build quality being offered at the lowest price among all other Macbooks. The product is available in three different colours – silver, space grey, and gold.

The 13.3 inch screen of this product comes with a Retina display. It features a superior resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, and can display up to 4 million pixels. Added to this, this display is capable of displaying 48 percent more colours than previous models. The True Tone technology adjusts the white points of the display to match the colour temperature of the environment.

The Macbook Air comes with a touch ID for security, and the Apple T2 security chip on this device makes it even more secure. The keyboard is specially designed for more speed and comfort while typing. It is backlit and comes with an ambient sensor so that you can easily type in low light environments.

The touch pad, on the other hand, is based on what Apple terms as the Force Touch technology. It is very accurate and precise, and no matter where on the touchpad you are pressing your fingers, it provides accurate feedback. Moreover, its large size means more room for your fingers on the touchpad.

Coming to the internals, the device features a dual core 8th generation Intel i5 processor. It is clocked at a speed of 1.6 GHz, and is capable of a turbo-boost up to 3.6 Ghz. It comes with a decent 128GB SSD storage capacity. The use of an SSD means a much faster performance as compared to a HDD.

It has a RAM of 8 GB, which provides a great performance when coupled with the powerful processor. In addition, the device comes with two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. The Thunderbolt 3 port is a universal port that integrates data transfer, charging, and video output in a single port, providing bandwidth speeds of up to 40 Gbps.

Apple claims that this device can provide a battery life of up to 12 hours. However, battery life will depend a lot on your usage. The Macbook Air also has powerful speakers with extra bass, and comes with a HD Facetime webcam for video calls and online conferences.

Moreover, the device is eco-friendly, as it is built with 100 percent recycled aluminium. The aluminium build makes it a strong, durable product as well.

Sporting all these features, and given the brand value of Apple, the Macbook Air is certainly one of the best laptops of 2020.


2. Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft Surface 2The Surface laptops by Microsoft have emerged as a strong competitor to Apple’s Macbooks, particularly the Macbook Air. What sets the Surface 2 apart from other equally efficient products in its category, is that it comes with a touchscreen display. It is priced similar to Macbook Air.

The device comes with a quad core, 8th generation, ultra-low power Intel i5 processor, that combines performance with power efficiency. There is no graphics card on this device and it features the Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics. The screen of this laptop measures 13.5 inches.

The display offers a high resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels. And as noted earlier, it is a touch panel, making your tasks easier. Microsoft also offers a stylus, which it terms as Surface Pen, along with this device. It allows for performing various sets of tasks by moving it across the screen.

The device sports a 8 GB DDR3 RAM, and has an SSD storage capacity of 128 GB. The storage capacity might seem a bit less, but you can always use an external hard disk and connect it to the Surface 2 via its USB port.

Also, there are higher storage options available on this product, but those models are going to cost you more. There is one USB 3.0 port and one audio output. The device, however, lacks a CD drive like the conventional laptops.

The battery of Microsoft Surface 2 has a 45.5WH capacity and the company claims that it can last up to 14.5 hours on a single charge. However, the battery life will vary in day to day usage.

The compact form factor of this device makes it score well in the front of portability, and it weighs only 1.25 kg. It has a 720p HD front facing camera that offers you with the best results during video calls. Along with these, like any other laptop, it comes with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

The Windows 10 Home with a lifetime license comes with this device and there is a one year warranty on the hardware. The Omisonic speakers with Dolby Audio provides for a superior sound quality.

Although the price of this device around 80,000 rupees might be a disappointment, you need to keep in mind that it is an offering from Microsoft and there is no compromise on the quality of this laptop. With all these features, the Microsoft Surface 2 can be an excellent choice if you are looking for a long lasting device which is also compact and feels premium.


3. Lenovo Legion Y540

Lenovo Legion Y540The Lenovo Legion Y540 is a gaming laptop which has a solid build quality and offers incredible specs and performance. It is reasonably priced for its different variant rupees and is perfect for heavy duty gaming.

The model of the laptop we are reviewing here is powered by the ninth generation Intel i7-9750H processor, which is made for smooth, efficient, and heavy duty usage. It has 6 cores and is clocked at a base speed of 2.6 Ghz, although it can offer speeds up to 4.5 Ghz.

There is a 12 Mb smart cache. Note that there are cheaper models of this device available in the market which come with i5 processors.

The device has 16GB DDR4 RAM and has an SSD storage with a whooping 1 TB of capacity. Also, just like the variation in processors amongst the different models, there are different RAM and storage capacities available in other models of the same product. The keyboard is backlit, so that you can have an uninterrupted gaming even when you are in a dark room.

Since it is a gaming laptop, the graphics card must be a selling point. And for the best performance, it comes with one of the most powerful graphics cards of NVIDIA – the NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB graphics. You can expect a solid performance while running most modern games on this laptop.

On the display front, the device features a large 15.6 inch screen. It is fitted with an IPS panel with a full HD resolution of 1290 x 1080. The 60 Hz refreshing rate is definitely a plus point, as you will be using this laptop mostly for gaming. Besides, expect great viewing angles with 250 Nits of brightness and anti-glare technology.

There are a lot of ports on this device – USB-C, mini display port, USB 3.1, HDMI, Ethernet, AC Adapter, headphone port, and a Kensington lock slot for security. There is no CD/DVD drive, however. The weight of the laptop is on the higher side, as it weighs 2.3 kg. Usually, gaming laptops tend to be heavier, given their internals and their larger screens.

The Lenovo Legion Y540 comes with a preinstalled Windows 10 Home OS with a lifetime license, and the company offers a one year warranty on the hardware. This is one of the best laptops in India if you are looking for a gaming laptop. However, if you are not going to use your device primarily for gaming, then you can certainly look forward to buying other laptops.


4. Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300The Acer Predator Helios 300 is also a gaming laptop with much superior specs to the last one we had reviewed. However, it is priced way more than Lenovo Legion Y540, and the variant we are reviewing is going to cost you close to 2 lakh rupees.

It comes with an all powerful 9th generation Intel i7 9750H processor, which has 6 cores. It is clocked to provide speeds up to 4.5 Ghz. The storage capacity is low and stands at 256 GB. However, the device comes with a PCIe NVMe SSD, which is many times faster than other SSDs and is capable of reaching write speeds of 3500Mbps.

Also, in case you want to upgrade your storage capacity, there is an extra SSD slot and a hard drive bay as well. The most important part of a gaming laptop is its GPU and the Asus Predator Helios 300 is fitted with the powerful NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, and it comes with 6 GB of dedicated VDDR6 RAM.

The device has a 16GB DDR4 RAM, which provides for optimum performance. However, it would have been better if Acer provided more RAM, given the high price that the consumer will be paying for this laptop.

Coming to the display, this laptop sports a big 15.6 inch screen. It features a full HD (1920 x 1080) display. It is an IPS LED panel and will thus provide you with excellent viewing angles. Also, since it is a gaming laptop, the screen provides a massive refresh rate of 144 Hz.

Other great things about the display of this device include its 3 ms Overdrive Response Time, 300 nit brightness, and a 72 percent NTSC. This laptop has a solid display for smooth gaming performance.

In addition to these internals, the laptop comes with a sturdy keyboard. It is backlit and will offer you a great experience while working/ gaming in the dark. The Acer Predator Helios 300 also comes with a pre-installed version of Windows 10 Home with a lifetime license.

The weight is on the heavier side, as most gaming laptops are, and the device weighs 2.3 kg. The battery capacity is decent, as it is fitted with a 56WH lithium battery. There is a one year warranty on this laptop.

The Asus Predator Helios, therefore, is a great gaming laptop. However, to its disadvantage, the storage capacity and the RAM could have been better, given the high price of the laptop.


5. Dell Inspiron 5370

Dell Inspiron 5370The Dell Inspiron 5370 is a slim and sleek premium laptop which comes with superior specs. It comes in a silver colour body and has black bezels around the screen.

The laptop is powered by the powerful, yet an energy efficient, ultra low power Intel processor – the eighth generation Intel i7 8550U. Thus, it blends performance with a longer battery life. The device has an 8GB DDR4 RAM, which will be great for multi-tasking.

In addition, on the GPU front, the Dell Inspiron 5370 has a dedicated graphics card installed on it. It comes with AMD Radeon 530 2GB graphics. Although it is not a gaming laptop, the presence of a dedicated graphics card means that you can run high graphics games on the device.

The screen size of this laptop is 13.3 inches, giving it a compact form factor. It comes with a full HD IPS panel, which ensures excellent colours and great viewing angles. There is an anti-glare finish on the display which ensures that you are comfortable watching outdoors or under bright light, without causing nuisance to your eyes.

The Smart Byte technology used on this device prioritizes streaming content over other applications, in order to ensure that what you are watching plays smoothly. The device also offers a good sound quality.

This device comes with a 256 GB of PCIe NVMe SSD, providing a faster boot speed and increasing the overall performance of the device. The keyboard of this laptop is sturdy and is also backlit, so that you can work under darkness.

Besides, the device features an USB-C 3.1 port as well, in addition to the regular USB ports. The USB C port can perform multiple functions, such as working as the ethernet port, serves as both audio and video output, and can also charge the laptop.

The Dell Inspiron 5370 is pre-loaded with Windows 10 Home operating system. It weighs 1.4 kg, and the company offers a year of warranty on the hardware. Overall, it is one of the best laptops in India for both work and entertainment, and occasional gaming.


6. Asus TUF Gaming FX505DT

Asus TUF Gaming FX505DTAs the name suggests, this is a gaming laptop. In recent years, Asus has come with a number of gaming laptops at affordable prices, and the Asus TUF FX505DT is certainly one of them. The laptop has a solid build quality and the company claims that the frame offers a ‘military grade toughness’.

Instead of an Intel processor, Asus has preferred to go with an AMD processor with this device. It comes with the top-notch AMD Ryzen 5-3550H processor. It is clocked at a base speed of 2.1 GHz and can go up to 3.7 GHz. It has a 6 MB cache.

The most important component that a gamer always looks for in a gaming laptop is its GPU. Interestingly, while Asus chose an AMD processor, it decided to go with an NVIDIA graphics card on the GPU front. It comes with the all-powerful GTX 1650 DDR5 4GB graphics card.

This means that you can run the high-performance games and enjoy seamless, lag-free, and uninterrupted gaming on this laptop.

There are two options available for storage with this laptop. The base model of this laptop comes with a 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD storage. If you pay some extra money, then you can go for the other variant of this laptop, which comes with an additional 1TB hard drive.

The choice is up to you, depending on how you want to use the laptop. The device comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM, but it is expandable to 32 GB, in case you require more RAM.

The screen is 15.6 inches in size and it comes with a full HD anti-glare IPS LED panel, which has impressive viewing angles. In addition, 120Hz refresh with 45 percent NTSC. The keyboard of this laptop is backlit, and is dust-proof.

For keeping the laptop cool while intensive gaming, the Asus TUF FX505DT possesses a Hypercool technology, consisting of the anti-dust cooling system and a strong fan. In addition to these features, this laptop comes with all the required ports, which includes audio, HDMI, and regular USB ports. However, there is no optical drive on this laptop.

The weight of this laptop is on the heavier side, as it weighs 2.4 kg. Moreover, it comes preloaded with Windows 10, and offers a lifetime membership. With all these cool features being offered at a price below 70,000, the Asus TUF Gaming FX505DT is definitely one of the best gaming laptops in India.


7. Asus Vivobook 15 X512FA

Asus Vivobook 15 X512FAThe Asus Vivobook series is selling well in the market, as these mainstream laptops come with great specs at reasonable prices. The Asus Vivobook 15 X512FA is a great laptop of this series and it, too, features great specs and a great build quality.

The laptop is powered by the 8th generation, dual core Intel i3-8145U processor, which combines a great performance with power efficiency, as it happens to be an ultra low power chipset. It is clocked at a speed of 2.1 GHz and can go up to 3.9 GHz. It has a 4 mb cache.

There is no discrete graphics on this laptop, and it comes with the Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics. The RAM on this device might be a disappointment, as it offers only 4 GB DDR4 RAM. However, you can upgrade it to 12 GB. The laptop comes with a 256 GB SSD, which offers a decent storage capacity for your files and applications.

The Asus Vivobook 15 X512FA features a large, 15.6 inch display. Asus has done a great job by reducing the bezels on the display, as the laptop offers a 88 percent screen-to-body ratio. It is an LED full HD display. The anti-glare technology with 45 percent NTSC means that the display will be comfortable for watching even under bright lighting conditions.

The keyboard is sturdy and backlit. There is a 1.44 mm key-travel distance for smooth and comfortable typing. Moreover, all the important ports are available on this device, except for an optical disk drive. The battery capacity is on the lower side, as for a laptop with 15.6 inches display, it only features a 37WH battery.

The other key features of this device are that it comes with a fingerprint reader and an HD webcam for video calling. It weighs 1.75 kg. Given that you can get this product under 40,000, the Asus Vivobook 15 X512FA is a decent mainstream laptop for everyday usage.


8. Lenovo Ideapad 530s

Lenovo Ideapad 530sThe Ideapad series of Lenovo is popular for its sleek and slim laptops, and the Lenovo Ideapad 530s is one of the best laptops in this series, with a 1.6 cm thickness.

It comes in three different variants, each with its unique colour. There is not much difference between the variants, except for the storage capacities. The one we are considering has an onyx black coloured body and 512 GB of SSD storage.

The laptop is powered by a quad core, 8th generation Intel i5-8250U processor. It is an ultra low power chipset, and hence, will provide a better battery life, while offering a great performance. It is clocked at a base speed of 1.6 GHz and can attain maximum speeds of 3.4 GHz. It has a 6mb smart cache.

The RAM on this device is decent, as it is fitted with 8GB DDR4 RAM. Although it is not a gaming laptop, Lenovo does offer a discrete GPU. It is fitted with a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card, which will be useful in gaming and watching video content.

The screen size of this laptop is 15.6 inches, and it features a full HD IPS display, which offers a wide-angle view. It can offer up to 250 nits of brightness, and the anti-glare technology will ensure that you enjoy a great display even under bright lighting conditions. The bezels are extremely narrow, and the company claims that the device can last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

The Ideapad 530s comes preloaded with Windows 10 Home and offers a 1 year free McAfee Live antivirus support. With all these interesting features, the Lenovo Ideapad 530s is certainly one of the best laptops in India.


9. Dell Inspiron 7560

Dell Inspiron 7560The Dell Inspiron 7560 is a great offering by Dell in the premium segment. The specs of this device are such that it can be used for both everyday tasks, as well as for heavy tasks like content editing and occasional gaming.

The device is powered by the seventh generation Intel i7-7500U processor. Its ultra low power technology combines performance with longer battery life. It is clocked at a speed of 2.70 Ghz, and can offer speeds up to 3.5 Ghz.

The RAM is decent, as it comes with an 8GB DDR4 RAM. Moreover, on the GPU front, it comes with discrete graphics, as it is fitted with a 4 GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card, which is great for high-performance gaming.

The screen size of this device is 15.6 inches, and it features a full HD IPS display that offers crisp and vivid colours. Dell has used what it calls a Truelife technology, which gives exceptional clarity and wide viewing angles.

It has all the important ports for easy connectivity, except for an optical disk drive. The back-lit keyboard on this laptop ensures that you can type easily and smoothly, even under darkness.

The Dell Inspiron 7560 also features a 720p HD webcam for video calls, and has powerful stereo speakers. However, instead of an SSD for storage, the device only offers the conventional hard drive with a 1TB capacity. While it is good for storage, an SSD would have certainly been better in terms of speed.

It comes with pre-installed Windows 10 Home, and the company offers a 1 year warranty on this device. Overall, it is a good device for multitasking, including gaming.


10. Asus Zenbook 14 UX433FA

Asus Zenbook 14 UX433FAThe Asus Zenbook 14 has a sleek and slim elegant design, with a black coloured body and lid. It is meant for ensuring a great performance, and is one of the best premium laptops.

The device is powered by the ultra low power, 8th generation Intel i7-8565U processor for superior performance. It is clocked at a base speed of 108 GHz and can go up to 4.6 GHz. There is 8 mb of cache. The RAM on this device is an 8GB DDR3 RAM. There is no separate graphics card on this device.

It comes with the Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics. These days, however, integrated graphics have also become powerful and can run many high graphics games. However, this laptop has not been specifically designed for gaming.

The size of the display on this laptop is 14 inches, and is fitted with a full HD LED panel. Asus has taken care of the bezels very well, and offers a 92 percent screen-to-body ratio. Further, the device offers 512 GB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage.

One of the most attractive features of this laptop is its touchpad. The touchpad has a switchable numeric keyboard for data entry. This is particularly effective for those people who tend to spend a lot of time working on Microsoft Excel.

Moreover, the keyboard on this laptop has a sturdy built, and is backlit. There is 1.4 mm key travel distance for smooth and convenient typing. The Asus Zenbook 14 also offers a facial unlock with an advanced 3D infrared camera.

The Asus SonicMaster stereo audio system on this laptop is meant for a superior sound quality. It comes with surround sound technology and a smart amplifier for maximum audio performance. The weight of this laptop is merely 1.19 kg, and is perhaps, one of the most lightweight laptops.

All the major ports are available on this device, including a second generation USB C port. Moreover, the device comes preloaded with Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity. Asus offers a one year warranty on this laptop. With all these features, the Asus Zenbook 14 is one of the best laptops in India.


11. Lenovo Ideapad C340

Lenovo Ideapad C340The Lenovo Ideapad C340 is the only convertible laptop that we will be reviewing in this article. The Ideapad series has a number of convertibles, and the Ideapad C340 is among the best in this series. It has an excellent design and a solid build quality.

Despite being priced like a premium laptop, the device comes with a not-so-powerful dual core, 8th generation Intel i3-8145U ultra low power processor, that is clocked at a base speed of 2.1 Ghz and can go up to 3.9 Ghz. The cache memory is 4 mb. However, the company has not made any compromises with RAM and storage. It offers 8 GB of RAM and a whooping 1 TB of SSD storage.

The display is the selling point of this device because of being a 2-in-1 convertible. It is a 14 inch touch panel that offers a full HD resolution.

It comes with an anti-glare technology. Interestingly, Lenovo offers discrete graphics with the hardware, as it is fitted with the NVIDIA MX320 GDDR5 2GB graphics card. The keyboard on this device is sturdy. Also, Lenovo claims that with its Dolby audio, this laptop offers a superior sound quality.

There is a fingerprint reader on this device as well. It comes preloaded with Windows 10 Home with a lifetime validity. The battery capacity on this laptop is 45 WH and Lenovo claims that it can offer up to 8 hours of battery life.

The device is lightweight and it weighs only 1.6 kg. A lot of people do not prefer convertible laptops, but if you are looking for one, and you are okay with making a compromise on the processor, you can definitely go for this laptop.


FAQs on Laptops in India

1. How Much Ram Do I Need For My Laptop?

The RAM required on your laptop will depend on how you are going to use it. If you need a laptop for performing bare essentials, 4GB of RAM is sufficient and most of the entry level laptops come with 4GB RAM.

However, for a decent performance, it is desirable to at least have 8 GB of RAM on your device. If you are into heavy gaming, then look for laptops that have at least 16GB of RAM for the best performance.

2. Which Is The Best Laptop In India In 2020?

It is impossible to pick just one laptop and call it the best laptop. As we have already noted, the choice of laptop will always depend on what kind of tasks you need to perform. Different laptops are suited for different kinds of consumers.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best laptops in India in 2020, and in doing so we have picked up several kinds of laptops for you to decide on which one to buy.

3. Should I Buy A Macbook Or A Windows Laptop?

Both Macbooks and Windows laptops have certain advantages and disadvantages. Macbooks are limited, as they are manufactured only by Apple. On the other hand, there is practically an infinite number of laptops that come with Windows OS. Even Macbooks can run Windows.

Macbooks, however, are known for their superior and lag-free performance. The Mac OS is deemed as a smooth and secure OS, and is largely favoured by a range of professionals. The internals in Macbooks are also extremely good, and the Apple ecosystem has no match with any other ecosystem.


Laptops have emerged as one of the most important requirements of our everyday lives. In this article, we have discussed at length the many factors that you should be looking at when you are buying a laptop.

We have also noted the many different kinds of laptops that are available in the market, and the best laptop brands in India. Finally, we have compared some of the best laptops in India and answered the frequently asked questions about laptops.

The choice of a laptop, as we have constantly pointed out in this article, will ultimately depend on your requirements. Therefore, go through the article thoroughly, do some research on your own, and make the best choice for yourself.

Don’t get lured by the claims made by the brands. Read the product descriptions very thoroughly while buying a laptop.

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