Best Monitors Under ₹20,000 in 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. BenQ 2. HP 3. Acer
BenQ GW2480 24-inch Monitor Best Monitors Under ₹20000

HP 23.8 Inch Computer Monitor

Acer 23.6 Inch VA Panel Curved


With the steady growth of the tech industry globally, monitors have grown to become indispensable. The PC market in India has also seen sudden growth, which has manifested in a higher amount of sales in all categories like gaming monitors, keyboards, speakers etc. In this article today, we will try and give you a few pointers on which monitors are worth your money and why.

As we mentioned, the expansion of the personal computer industry in India has created a huge market, which has a lot of different products on offer. This can make it slightly difficult for you to narrow down your choices, owing to the sheer number of different features and elements offered with every different model.


This is why our focus today in this article will be to try and give you a comprehensive picture regarding computer monitors, and which features you should be looking for depending upon your user expectations. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to find the best monitor under ₹20,000. Whether you are a gamer or just a regular professional user, a good display monitor will enable you to have a more enjoyable experience while using your PC, and will surely boost your productivity.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Monitor under 20,000 INR

1. Resolution

The maximum resolution capabilities of a monitor are often the most talked-about aspect of the device, and most people generally give this point the bulk of their attention. The resolution of your monitor, in simple terms, basically determines the level of image and video quality that you can expect from your monitor.

The unit used to denote the resolution is pixels, or simply, p. Over the years, the dominant resolution of choice for most people in India was generally 720p. However, in the last few years, there has been a huge expansion in the number of people going for 1080p resolution. Note that 1080p is basically the same as full HD, and is going to be enough for most people.

If you are looking for a bit of an improvement over 1080p, then you have the option of going for a 1440p monitor, which will give you a little better display quality as compared to 1080p. But it is important to note that the difference between 1080p and 1440p, or 2K, is not that discernible in terms of the price difference. Compared to that, 4K will be a really good improvement from a 1080p resolution. However, 4K monitors are not that common anyways and are hugely overpriced in India at this point in time.

In all likeliness, you will get a decent 1440p or 1080p monitor under 20000, and it should be more than enough for all your purposes, regardless of whether you are a gamer or a casual editor, or a professional video editor.

2. Choice Of Panels

The panels which a monitor is composed of goes a long way in determining how good the picture quality of a monitor will be, and should be considered as important based upon the type of usage. There are 3 different options at your disposal, which include IPS, VA, and TN. All of these different panels are known to have positives and negatives, depending upon the purpose for which the monitor is used.

IPS panels are known to have the best contrasts and colour production capacities. They are also capable of producing accurate colours from much wider viewing angles, as compared to the two other panels. Due to these reasons, an IPS panel is the best bet for most regular users who wish to undertake a variety of different activities. IPS panels are recommended for people engaged in tasks such as video editing, picture editing, endearing, etc. However, it should be noted that IPS panel monitors are generally slightly costlier as well.

If you are a hardcore gamer and you mostly play e-sports titles or online multiplayer games, then a high refresh rate VA panel monitor would probably be your best bet. VA panels are considered to be the best for gaming in general because they are the most responsive in terms of latency.

Latency is defined as the amount of time it takes for your monitor to produce the effect of your command on the screen. Lower latency helps in higher accuracy and precision – which is found in VA panel monitors, thanks to their shorter response times. However, make sure to note that VA panels are not as vibrant when it comes to producing colours and enabling wider viewing angles possibilities.

The last option is a TN panel. TN panel monitors are decent as well and could be a decent choice for gamers and casual users. TN panel monitors give you a sort of a trade-off between the respective positives and negatives with IPS and VA panels.

3. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor basically determines how many times per second the monitor is rendering a new image from your display. Most monitors in the budget range come with a 60-hertz display, which may be stretched to 75 hertz at the most. However, higher refresh rate monitors actually provide a much smoother experience, not only while gaming but also while undertaking more general tasks.

The most appropriate refresh rate for gaming at this point in time is considered to be around 144 hertz. If you purchase a 144 hertz monitor, you will instantly relate the difference from 60 hertz, as everything will feel a lot smoother and fluent.

There are a lot of good monitors under 20000 which will give you the feature of 144 hertz refresh rates. Especially, if you are a regular e-sports gamer and those vital fractions of seconds matter to you, then a high refresh monitor will surely give you a better chance of fulfilling your potential.

One thing to keep in mind is that often you will have to make trade-offs regarding the different features on offer with different monitors. It is important for you to be clear regarding what type of usage you are expecting to undertake with the monitor you are buying. If you have a decent idea about what you will do on your PC, then you should be able to make the correct trade-offs while choosing your monitor.

Top 7 Best Monitor Under ₹20,000 Reviews

1. BenQ GW2480 24-inch Monitor

BenQ GW2480 24-inch Monitor Best Monitors Under ₹20000

We will start off our list today with none other than the BenQ GW2480 24-inch full HD monitor, which has been hailed as one of the best budget monitors of its generation. BenQ has undertaken a very steep resurgence path in the consumer electronics and peripherals industry, and this product is an example of the trajectory that the brand is heading towards. Its main focus is to allow users with limited means to have the pleasure of high resolution and unmatched visual clarity.

Consisting of edge to edge IPS panels, the picture quality and colour production capabilities of this monitor are exceptional, and it will surely give you the most immersive audiovisual experience while watching movies and playing games.

The BenQ GW2480 has been celebrated as an ideal display option for your home PC setup or a solid professional office setup. With a full 1080p resolution and a really impressive design, its overall aesthetic appeal is one of its strongest elements. The thin bezels on the sides make this monitor a perfect choice for someone looking to set up a dual monitor system for their editing or content creation purposes.

As far as the build quality is concerned, the BenQ GW2480 brings a lot of durability to the table, thanks to its elegant sculpted base, that manages to create a much higher functional appeal. The back surface also comes with the ideal texture quality for resisting scratches and unwanted spots and marks. The slim bezel design also contributes to the overall aesthetic quality of the monitor.

Now we come to features, and here also we find that there are quite a few things to discuss. The Brightness of intelligent technology is something that has grown to be a huge selling point for this monitor. This feature helps to optimize your visual experience, by automatically detecting intensity to avoid overexposure, and thereby manages to streamline the brightness according to specific situational and circumstantial parameters.

A few other cool features which will enable better usage of your monitor, include things such as flicker-free technology, which reduces micro stuttering. Other than this, you have the blue light feature as well, which manages to eliminate or lower blue light, which may contribute to eye fatigue over long periods of extended usage. All things considered, we believe in the value of this monitor, and we would consider it as a definite contender for the title of the best monitor under 20000.


2. HP 23.8 Inch Computer Monitor

HP 23.8 Inch Computer Monitor

The second edition in our list of the best monitors under 20000, is the 23.8 inch HP T3M79AA monitor model. We do not need to give a lengthy intro about the brand, as we all know that HP is a globally celebrated brand that has a plethora of products under its banner. It has developed a very good reputation over the years for producing some of the best value-oriented monitors that manage to strike the perfect balance between efficiency and aesthetics.

This 23.8-inch monitor from HP will be your perfect gaming and professional companion, as it has all the essential elements to allow you to get the best out of your rig. First and foremost, the bezel-less display gives this monitor a premium look and feel that is perfectly well suited to a dual or even a multi-monitor setup. The next thing to mention in terms of the design of this monitor, is the ultra-slim LCD screen, which further contributes to a classy looking exterior and overall design.

Now coming to specs, the HP T3M79AA is a Full HD 1080p resolution monitor, with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. These specs are best suited for casual gamers. The reason this monitor is not best suited to online multiplayer games is because of the high response time of 14 milliseconds. Generally, a response time of 5 milliseconds or less is considered to be ideal for online multiplayer gaming. It can also be used very efficiently for video editing and content creating purposes.

The HP enhance+ feature has also been much talked about as one of the best features of this monitor. This feature manages to reduce image noise significantly by reducing overexposure, which leads to crisper images and frames while watching videos and playing your favorite games. Then we have the HP My Display software, which is an extremely useful program that allows you to partition your screen and run multiple programs at the same time.

Last but not the least, the Low Haze screen enhancement feature is responsible for reducing reflections and glare without compromising on elements such as the contrast of screen imagery. So in conclusion, we are convinced that this monitor is a very good option for most casual gamers and professional users.


3. Acer 23.6 Inch VA Panel Curved

Acer 23.6 Inch VA Panel Curved

At number 3 on our list of some of the most affordable and value for money monitors that you can currently find, we have Acer. Acer has emerged as one of the most sought after brands, thanks to its pricing mechanism and the undoubted quality of the devices themselves. This 23.6 inch ED242QRA VA panel monitor is the perfect choice for gamers, and especially esports competitive players.

VA panels allow you to have access to the best response times in competitive multiplayer games, such as online shooters and battle royales. As a result, this one will give you a 4 millisecond response time. However, make sure to keep it in mind that VA panel monitors are not the best when it comes to colour productions and colour accuracy. So if you are someone who is looking to undertake professional tasks such as video editing and rendering, we would urge you to look at IPS monitors, as you will get quite a few of them in this price range.

Coming now to the design of this monitor; it has a very sleek slim bezel display that makes it look highly elegant and gives you a premium feel during usage. Also, it has a curved form factor, which makes it a lot more immersive. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this monitor is the fact that it comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate feature. This allows you to get those additional frames, which will undoubtedly give you a decent edge over others playing at 60 or 75 hertz.

Among a few of its other highly rated features are the AMD FreeSync technology, which allows you to completely eliminate the issue of micro stuttering in games. However, you will need to run an AMD graphics card to enable that feature. In terms of connectivity options, this one comes with HDMI as well as DP ports with both types of cables provided with the monitor package. Make sure to note that it does not have any VGA ports.

Finally, it has a 250 bits brightness rating, which is quite good for a VA panel, and the mount is adjustable to around 15 to 20 degrees in terms of tiling angle. It also has flicker less technology-enabled, and you can manually control blue light options on it too. Thus, all things considered, we are convinced that this is a great monitor for gaming, but not ideally suited for casual usage or professional usage.


4. Acer Nitro IPS 23.8 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro IPS 23.8 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

At number 4, we have another highly-rated monitor from Acer that’s considered to be one of the best all-rounder budget monitors out there in the market. The Acer Nitro VG240YP is one of a kind monitor in many ways, as it gives you features that are not seen that often in this price range.

First of all, you get IPS panels, which is a decent positive if you are a multidimensional user who is looking to not only play games but also watch videos and use it for your entertainment, as well as a workstation. The 23.8-inch screen is big enough to give you a highly immersive feel, but also not too large that would require you to move away from your screen slightly for wider viewing.
Coming in at standard 1080p resolution, the Acer Nitro VG240YP is also a gamer’s dream, as it gives you a refresh rate of around 144 hertz. This gives you the edge in competitive multiplayer gaming. Also in general, 144 hertz would offer more smoothness. This is more so if you are mainly used to operating a 60 or 75-hertz monitor.

This monitor also has a maximum response time of around 1 ms, when you enable the VRB mode. VRB stands for Visual Response Boost and is responsible for giving you a much shorter response time window. This does lower the brightness a bit when this mode is turned on, but you can always turn it off when you’re doing some other function on your PC, apart from gaming.

Just like our previous monitor from Acer, this one also comes with AMD FreeSync technology and will give you that high, ultra-smooth experience on max settings. However, make sure to note that you cannot have both Visual Boosts, as well as FreeSync, turned on at the same time. We would recommend you to keep VRB off and FreeSync on while playing single-player AAA titles.

And, you can switch VRB on for multiplayer online games to get that competitive edge. The Acer Nitro VG240YP is also equipped with a VESA mount option, so you can mount it on your wall as well as place it on a table with the stand. We are very impressed with this monitor, and we would not be shy of calling this the best gaming monitor under 20000 in this list.


5. LG 23.8 Inch Borderless LED Monitor

LG 23.8 Inch Bor

We are nearing the end of the list, and at number 5, we have the 23. 8 inch LG 24MP88HV full HD 1080P resolution monitor. LG has made significant gains in the low and mid-budget sections with their appropriately priced monitors. This one is an IPS panel monitor that comes with VGA as well as HDMI ports. It also comes with dedicated ports for audio-in, audio-out, and a headphone port as well. The additional element of this monitor is that it also has integrated speakers, which a lot of the monitors in this price range don’t have.

In terms of response times, it has a standard 5-millisecond window, and the refresh rate is also standard at around 60 hertz. This makes it clear that this monitor would cater to the needs of light gamers, workstation users, and others who use the PC as an entertainment device. If you are a hardcore gamer and if you are especially invested in playing multiplayer online games, then we would suggest you go for a 144-hertz refresh rate monitor as we mentioned before.

Additionally, this monitor also gives you flicker-free technology and is also compatible with AMD cards, in order to use the AMD FreeSync mode. Weighing in at 3.2 kg, this monitor is also pretty light and easy to move, despite being quite solid in terms of durability. Thus, we would definitely consider this monitor if we were in your position, as it brings a lot to the table and is considered affordable in terms of pricing.


6. Lenovo G27c-10 Curved Gaming Monitor

Lenovo G27c-10 Curved Gaming Monitor

At number 6, we have our first Lenovo monitor of the list, and this one comes with a very good reputation from both online and offline markets. The Lenovo G27c-10 is one of the best-curved monitors in the market at this point in time and is known for making total immersion a reality while playing your favorite games. One of the larger monitors in our list in terms of size, the Lenovo G27c-10 is a 27-inch behemoth that is a perfect companion for heavy gamers and enables you to get the most out of your gaming rig as fast as the matter of display is concerned.

Additionally, it also gives you a fantastic response time of 1 millisecond, which will surely go a long way in giving you a comparative advantage in online multiplayer games. The design of this monitor is supreme in every way, and this is what makes gaming so much fun and immersive.

The 3-side near-edgeless 1500R curved display has been hailed as the best in class in this price range for gaming purposes. The VA panels do not produce accurate colours as much as IPS panel monitors, but this is the trade-off that you get with the higher response times. Not only is the design of this monitor highly stylish and aesthetic, but it is also extremely ergonomic in terms of flexibility and ease of usage.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the Lenovo G27c-10 manages to cover all the bases, as it has dedicated ports for HDMI and DP cables. It also has an audio input option, which you can use to connect it to a headphone or an external audio device. We have seen enough of this monitor and its performance, to know that it is a great choice for gaming, and should be considered as the best gaming monitor under 20000.


7. LG 29 Inch Ultrawide Full HD IPS Gaming

LG 29 Inch Ultrawide Full HD IPS Gaming

Continuing with our theme of some of the most impressive gaming monitors, we will end this list with the LG 29 inch Ultrawide Full HD gaming monitor. The only ultrawide monitor in this list, this monitor from LG is a superb multipurpose monitor that is best suited for gaming rigs. It comes with a full 1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 75 hertz, which is slightly better than the standard 60-hertz display that we see in a lot of budget and mid-range gaming monitors.

Although the VA panels are somewhat of a letdown, it still enables you to get the high response time of 1 millisecond, while compromising slightly on the quality and depth of color aspects. Other than this, it has all the essential features such as AMD FreeSync, which manages to reduce micro stuttering and gives you a much smoother gaming experience.

Another highly rated feature of this monitor is the dynamic action sync, which is responsible for lowering input lag. This makes your RTS games a lot more responsive. The Black stabilizer is another feature that has had gamers drooling over it. This technology manages to automatically sense darker scenes, and make them slightly lighter for easier viewing.

As far as connectivity is concerned, it is compatible with both HDMI and DP, along with a dedicated VGA port as well. Thus, it is safe to say that all bases are covered in this respect as well. This monitor is a great choice for gamers and we would definitely recommend you to go for it without any hesitation whatsoever.


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