Best Smart TVs In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Vu 2. Mi 3. Sanyo
Vu 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Best Smart TV In India


Sanyo HD Ready Smart TV


For decades, televisions have been the most famous form of home entertainment. The ability to watch different shows, movies, live telecasts etc. have always been a key contributor to the overall family experience.

Televisions have always kept up to pace with the growing technology, becoming slimmer and improving the picture and audio quality by a lot. With the quality of devices that are available today, the old bulky TV sets seem like a waste.


A smart TV is a step ahead of the standard LCD and LED televisions. It offers a variety of different features that users usually expect from a mobile phone or a computer. You can surf the web, watch videos, stream movies, shows, mirror your devices and much more in the comforts of your home just by a press of a button.

But with so many different features and hundreds of options to choose from, making the correct decision can be hard. Do not worry, because we will help you make the right decision if you want to buy the best Smart TV in India.

So without wasting any time, let’s look at some of the major factors to keep in mind while looking for the ideal smart TV for you.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Smart Tv In India

Although there are many things to look for and they can all vary depending upon the preferences of a particular user, there are some standard features and specifications that prove to be vital when making the correct decision.

These smart TVs are designed to meet the needs of the fast paced world, with comfort and convenience being the key. They provide much better audio and video quality, give the user a variety of different options to choose from rather than plain old cable TV and enhance the entire television experience to a whole new level.

Although a television, especially a smart TV can become a hefty investment, it is a long term product, and thus needs a lot of thought and precision before purchasing. Some of these things include:

1. Price Range

Setting a budget is one of the most important things to keep in mind while buying a smart TV. Just like any other technological digital product in the market, the more you spend, the higher quality and the better results you can find. So to make a smart decision, it is necessary to set up a price range in your mind before you start looking for the best TV.

You can not compare the features of an economical smart TV with some of the most expensive high end smart TVs out there. But it is important to know that making pocket friendly devices for the public is becoming more and more a priority for the brands, as competition is increasing. Today there are various features that can be found in the economical versions that earlier were only available in high end smart TVs.

So there is no point aimlessly going for a high end device if you can find better features at a lower price by some other brand.

2. Size

Like people always say, bigger is better. It tends to apply to TVs too, but to some extent. Having a bigger screen size may not always mean better picture quality, but most brands making bigger screen TVs ensure a better screen quality than the smaller TVs.

Although buying a bigger TV can cost much more than the smaller ones, a bigger TV can ensure a much more realistic and enjoyable viewing experience. TV sizes can vary from 32 inches to a 100 inches, which becomes a full fledged theater.

The sizes can vary according to the location you want your TV to be in. It is ideal to get a bigger TV for the living room to ensure that each and every person gathered in the large room can enjoy an equally enjoyable and realistic experience.

On the other hand, if you are buying a TV for your bedroom, you can opt for a smaller TV that fits your particular needs. Also, you can choose whether you want your TV to be mounted on a wall or with a stand on a table according to the location of installation of the TV.

3. Display

The display is unarguably the most important part of a television. A TV without a good display is just a waste of money. The display category can be used to further subdivide different smart TVS into LCD/LED, OLED, and QLED TVs.


The most widely used and the one that has been in the market the longest, LCD/LED TVs were once considered the pinnacle of television technology. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

LCDs were introduced before the market was taken over by LED TVs. These television sets make use of cold or cathode fluorescent lights to produce images for their functioning. This technology reduced the thickness of televisions by a lot more than before, and made it easier to make larger TVs.

But just like any other technological device, LCD TVs were overtaken by something which was more efficient, stylish and effective and quickly LEDs became the new leader of TV technology.

LED TVs, as the name suggests, make use of Light Emitting Diodes to produce images. Using this technology reduced the thickness of the TVs even more than LCDs could. They also were much more efficient, produced better quality images and did not harm the human eye as much as the LCDs did.

So clearly, there is no question in which one among the two is a better choice when it comes to LCD and LED TVs.

OLED Display

The term OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. This is different from standard LEDs as seen by the name; they make use of organic substances which are safer than the standard LED displays and give much sharper and more defined picture quality.

Even though OLED TVs are more expensive than LCDs and LEDs, they offer the best picture quality. They offer much better black and bright levels and definitely give better performance than standard LED TVs.

However, if one looks for a great quality 4K LED TVs, they can give similar picture quality to OLED TVs and cost less, which in turn will allow you to spend that money somewhere else.

Also as time goes on, prices of OLED TVs are also coming down, so it all comes up to where your priority lies. But in terms of quality, you can not go wrong by choosing an OLED TV.


QLED is the latest in technology when it comes to TVs. Starting at a price which is much higher than standard LED and OLED TVs, it is definitely a choice for those people who do not think of budget as a problem.

They use a technology which is much advanced than all the other competitors out there. Known as quantum dots technology, this display offers much more refined and sharper images than any other display types.

So the most ideal choice for the best quality display if budget is not a problem, is without a doubt QLED. If you have an average budget range, OLED is the option to choose because they are much more affordable than QLED displays and give great performance. And if you are a little tight on budget, 4k LED TVs are the clear winners, as they provide similar quality to OLED TVs at a pocket friendly price.

4. Resolution

Screen resolution simply means the number of pixels that can be shown on the TVs display. The more the pixels, the higher the quality of the image, the better the results. Everyone has heard of the terms 720p, 1080p etc when talking about high definition, but only a few people know what it actually means.

Yes, it is the number of pixels. The term 720p is used for 1 million pixels. When 720p HD quality was introduced, it was a major boost to the previous 307,200 pixels. This added to clarity and overall picture quality of televisions. It became even more advanced further with the introduction of 1080p, which had over 2 million pixels.

HD technology took over television and ruled for a long time. This was the pinnacle of TV technology and to this day, 1080p delivers some of the best picture quality. However, with the introduction of 4K technology, the number of pixels went from 2 million pixels to over 8 million pixels. This increased the quality of the image dramatically.

4K resolution, thus, is clearly the best option to look out for when it comes to resolution. Although 8K is hitting the market very soon, it will definitely take the smart TV industry by storm.

5. Sound Quality

Picture quality cannot alone be responsible for the best television experience. Sound plays a major role when it comes to televisions. Having to buy a smart TV, which later needs additional speakers for a better experience, is definitely a foolish decision.

Speakers come in various different types when it comes to smart TVs. The best speakers for your smart TV depends on a lot of factors. It depends on the size of the room, the location of the TV etc.

The speakers should be powerful, loud and should not cause distortion in sound. Sound quality is something where brands usually cut corners to save money, and do not put the best speakers in the TV.

To avoid getting fooled by this, you should know that a 10 Watt speaker is ideal for you, if you wish to place the TV in a medium size room. But if you want a theater-like realistic experience, choose a TV with a speaker which is more powerful than 25 watts.

6. Display Panel

There are two different options to choose from when it comes to the display panels in a smart TV – VA and IPS

VA Panels

It stands for vertically aligned display panels and is an ideal choice if you are looking for a faster refresh rate. It helps in better color production, more brightness, and advanced angles, which improve the overall viewing experience of the smart TVs.

IPS Panels

The best choice when it comes to LCD TVs, IPS display panels are ideal for large rooms as they offer great results at amazing angles and colours.

IPS stands for In Plane Switching displays and prove to be the best when it comes to quality, brightness, efficiency and picture clarity.

7. Operating Systems

One of the main factors to look for while buying a smart TV is the OS. This is because smart TVs are different than regular TVs, as they offer much more different features that are on par with most computers out there.

There are a variety of different options to choose from when it comes to operating systems. These options include WebOS, TizenOS, RokuTV, AndroidTV, My Home Screen, Fire TV, Linux etc.

These operating systems play a major role in the smooth and easy functionality of these smart TVs. Just like the importance of an operating system in a computer, it is equally important in a smart TV.

8. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a smart TV, means the number of times that it refreshes the image in a second. It is a major factor to keep in mind while looking for the best Smart TV in India.

A smart TV with a higher refresh rate delivers crystal clear images with much less blurriness and haze than those having a slower refresh rate. It helps in improving the already amazing display quality of smart TVs.

Coming with a variety of different options, smart TVs can have a refresh rate varying from 30, 40 60 to 120 hertz. This means that they can refresh a particular image to up to 120 times per second.

This ensures outstanding performance, giving unbelievable realism to the TV, making the experience much more enjoyable.

9. Connectivity

One of the most important features for easy and convenient usage of a smart TV is the connectivity options that it offers. Almost all the smart TVs in the market today provide at least 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port.

You can easily find HDMI 2.0 ports, along with HDCP 2.2 connectivity and some of the newer versions also offer HDMI 2.1 ports. Apart from that, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity also play a major role. Ideally 2.4 Ghz to 5 Ghz is enough for smooth functioning of a smart TV.

10. RAM And Processor

For smoother and faster functioning just like in mobile phones and computers, you should opt for a more powerful processor and more RAM.

Smart TVs ideally come with 1 to 2 GB of RAM, but if you want even faster than normal performance, you can opt for 4 to 6 GB variants just like any other computer.

Also, choosing a faster processor allows you to quickly switch between browsing to videos to gaming etc. It allows your smart TV to work like a smooth oiled machine without any lag or hassle. Thus it is always better to choose a more powerful processor.

Storage is also vital when it comes to smart TVs, as it allows you to store all your important files, shows, movies and other data in a collective place, so that you can quickly access it when you want with just the press of a button

Top 7 Best Smart TVs In India 2020

1. Vu 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Vu 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Best Smart TV In India

This smart TV by VU seals the deal for you with all of its captivating features and attributes. To deliver an impactful and next generation performance, the product comes with special optical film that helps to control the amount of light entering through the backlight LEDs.


With this gem, you can experience an all rounder performance when it comes to display, as the reflection light is improved by almost 40%. The accurate white balance helps in improving the overall brightness of the model. In this way, you get a crystal clear display for an enhanced viewing experience.


Amplifying every bass, sound and audio via its 24 watt box speakers, the product never fails to fill your room with enjoyable beats and melodies. Its noise cancellation technology helps to cut off any unwanted noises and sounds from anything and everything you are watching on your smart TV.

Its trubass HDX makes the dialogues clear, audible, natural and soulful by widening the audio field. Its truSurround X feature with psychoacoustic processing helps in placing the sound beside, above and behind the user, giving a feel of liveliness and originality.

Applications And Control

It gives a bunch of applications which come preloaded on your device. Some of these applications include YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and Google Play to download more such apps for a better experience.

In addition to this, the appliance comes with a remote control that can follow your voice commands as well. Experience true luxury with its active voice remote that can help you handle the TV and control the applications from anywhere around the house.


It’s ultra thin and bezel-less design gives the model a sleek and slim look. Adding its aesthetics to its features helps you to get a power pack smart TV which can provide a great contrast for the surroundings of your house.

With an accurate assembly of LEDs, robotic machinery, calibrated black and white balance on the body, as well as an absence of any plastic or metal border around the display panel makes the product a worthy purchase in every aspect.

Picture Quality

Furnished with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG technology, helps enhance colour, sharpness, depth, perception, details and the blacks and whites of the pictures being displayed on the TV screen.

Even in the darkest of areas, this smart TV brings out the true colours of every inch of the picture and offers its users with satisfactory levels of clarity and crispness.

Processor and Operating Systems

Equipped with a new generation quad core processor, the users get to experience an unbeatable performance by the smart TV. The processor is built intelligently with techniques to deliver fast and quick performance, without any lags or other such hindrances.

Additional Features

The official Google Play Store, 100% ball visibility via VU cricket mode, ulta secured parental lock, pro-picture calibration mode, long durability with ARC and optical ports for external sound systems are some of the leading trademarks of this product.

In addition to this, the colour reproduction of this smart television by VU acts as a bonus!

Customer Reviews

With a satisfactory and intelligent performance, the product is a worthy purchase for almost all of its users. Its elegant look, sleek design, outstanding performance, handy remote, responsive control and user friendly mechanism provides justice to every penny you spend on the product.

For only a few of its users, the sound quality is not upto the mark. But it is about your own individual perceptions, and that varies from person to person. While some have faced this problem, others love the audio quality with it’s dazzling bass.




Placed in the list of one of the top purchases, this smart TV by MI makes it way into your options list with some of its breathtaking features to meet the needs and requirements of you and your family.


To make your multimedia enjoyment more intense and elaborate, the product is equipped with a full HD display and delivers a perfect combination of contrast and brightness. The television also helps in an authentic reproduction of vibrant and bright colours to enhance your overall experience.

With full 1920×1080 resolutions display, and a refresh rate of 60 hertz, the product is capable of refreshing every image for 60 times in one second. It also consists of an LED display panel, which is mild and safe for the eyes. Thus, long hours of television usage will not harm your eyes or impose a feeling of headache or pressure.


Its 20 watt audio output feature helps the viewers to get a full fledged sound experience across the entire room. Its DTS HD sound with two dedicated speakers fills the space with clear audio, sounds, vocals and dialogues.

Applications And Controls

Hosting a lineup of almost 20+ well known content partners, it comes preloaded with YouTube, Netflix, Disney hotstar+, Zee5, ABP Live, SonyLiv, EpicOn and many more.

Its remote control is easy to understand and very responsive. You can easily select different applications displayed on the screen with just a few clicks to select and open these applications.


With amazing build, this Android TV has a smooth and gleaming finish with vivid conduct. Its 43 inches wide screen gives you a huge display in your room and is responsible for providing greater details and fuller images.

Picture Quality

Picture quality is amazing and outstanding with a perfect blend of contrasts, whites and blacks. Pictures displayed on the screen are fully HD and clear.

Processor And Operating System

It consists of a powerful and strong 64 bit quad core processor.

Another attribute consists of Patchwall 3.0 comes all new and improved with its high end functioning. This Mi TV runs on Android 9.0 technology through simple and entertainment experience.

Making it convenient and easier for the users to operate this version of the operating system, the appliance allows you to do everything you love, whether you want to watch videos and TV shows or play games on your device. It offers you a complete flexibility for choosing from a wide range of variety.

Additional Features

Its data saving mode helps in an easy accessibility. In addition to this, Google Assistant, 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports to connect hard drives and other such devices, vivid picture panel, easy returns, 1 year warranty with an additional 1 year warranty on the panel, seals the deal for most of the customers.

Customer Reviews

Some of its users have complained about the applications not working up to the mark, but this is not a usual problem which everyone faces. A few customers have reported issues with the display, while others found it satisfactory. Sometimes, the mic doesn’t recognise the commands, so it is advisable to check for its functioning during the installation and delivery. The absence of a mute button can be quite a concern for many users.

Except all of these minor stumbling blocks, its low power consumption, clear video and picture quality with flawless functioning can make it a solid pick for your house.


3. Sanyo HD Ready Smart TV

Sanyo HD Ready Smart TV

To break the boundaries of conventional television features, Sanyo has come up with a brilliant smart TV so as to serve all your expectations, needs and requirements.


Its ultra vivid display with splendid picture quality gives it a perfect edge in the world of best smart TVs. The HD ready resolutions, with a pixel count of 1366x 768, gives the viewers a clear and sharp experience.

With a refresh rate of 60 hertz, it has the tendency to refresh a single image on the screen for about 60 times. Thus, you obtain better image quality than many other smart televisions in the same price range.

Now enjoy a wide range of benefits with in plane switching screen technology or IPS technology, and get advantage of viewing greater angles, better contrast, optimum colour accuracy, improved sunlight visibility and a longer lifespan.


Super acoustics powered by Dolby, comes with an HDMI sound out feature, which seamlessly helps you to connect to any external device for playing loud and clear music with pop up beats and outstanding bass. Its 20 watt audio wattage will perfectly work for your medium sized room.

If you are ready to get blown away with all those lovely beats, this might be your go to product.

Processor And Operating System

Powered by a quad processor, the smart TV is capable of performing a number of tasks at the same time. Thus, ensuring a smooth and easier multi-tasking.

It’s strong processor will also help you with faster reboots, quick responses and efficient web browsing on a regular basis.


Its innovative and mesmerizing design concept does justice to its superior functionality and appearance. Its full fledged bezel less screen offers you a wider area to view the screen at broader angles.

Applications And Control

With so many applications at your service, you can enjoy a huge number of TV shows, series and videos with amazing content media such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and many more.

This smart TV is a complete entertainment package for those who are interested in movies and films.

Additional Features

It also comes with an additional wall mount stand, which gives you an ease of selection whether you want to place it on a stand or mount it on the wall.

Other amazing features include 450+ expert service centres for your convenience irrespective of your location, seamless connectivity with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for external compatibility with other devices, ultimate performance without lags and obstructions, and a one year warranty to safeguard buyer’s interest and trust.

Customer Reviews

This Android television does not fail to feed their customer’s expectations in every possible way. But it is more likely to serve your purpose installed inside a room and not large spaces, such as the living area. Though, it depends upon the amount of space dedicated to your living rooms and bedrooms.

The interface lags in some cases, and in others the audio wasn’t so clear and loud. This might be a result of some technical issue and is not reported by many customers. No major issues have so far been observed by any of its buyers and thus, it can be one of your worthy choices.


4. Samsung HD Ready LED Smart TV

Samsung HD Ready LED Smart TV

With this Samsung smart TV, you can level up your viewing experiences by great levels. With a brilliant number of attributes, the functioning of the product is totally out of the box.


Its display consists of LEDs panel as backlighting and HD picture quality. It has the mega contrast feature that helps in deepening the blacks and whitening the whites with so many different vibrant colours.

It has a refresh rate of 60 hertz and 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. Features such as Purcolour, ultra clean view and contrast enhancer are some of the plus points of buying this product, over a wide range of other brands and models available in the store within the same price range. There is no distortion of images, because of the utilisation of an advanced algorithm.


With a tendency to turn your television into a music player, this smart TV comes with top notch speakers, which makes your beats clear and sound better.

Powered by Dolby Digital Plus with a 20 watt output, the device makes your hearing experience more elaborate and sound.

Processor And Operating System

It makes use of Tizen as its operating system and a powerful processor to ensure effective functioning.

Additional Features

Featuring multiple voice assistants, gaming console, apps, live cast, screen share, music system, 2 HDMI ports and a single USB port, the device has multiple components.

In addition to all of this, a game enhancer, screen mirroring and a solid warranty of 1 year on the product enhances the user’s interest in the product. With an easy return policy, you can also return the product if you are not fully satisfied with its performance – within certain terms and conditions.

You can also control some smart home devices and get certain updates related to sports, current affairs etc.


With a compact design, it has a thin body and is a great replacement for your older versions of television sets with bulky body and design.

It is important to look for the looks and functioning of a device or an appliance as a single unit and then make the purchase.

Customer Reviews

With maximum user satisfaction, the product has made its way to the list of best smart TV in India. It proves it worth for every penny you spend on it and offers a wide range of additional benefits.

HDR fully supports colour tones and vibrant hues – which is a major attraction for a majority of its buyers. It also has a screen off music play option, where you do not have to turn on the screen of the TV. You can just make the connection and rock your room with some of your favourite songs!

Overall, the purchase is a worthy pick if you love to browse or love to enjoy your best TV shows and series on Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and other such applications.


5. LG HD Ready Smart LED TV

LG HD Ready Smart LED TV

LG has been known for making some of the best electronic products out there. TVs being one of their specially amazing products, they have not stepped behind in the smart TV race, and have been responsible for making some of the best Smart TVs in India.


In this smart TV, the features related to display are outstanding and remarkable. The dynamic colour enhancer adjusts the picture colours to give out richer and natural images. With 100% colour accuracy from all angles, you get to experience a more natural and real type of display. The backlight module consists of a slim LED panel which is safe for your eyes.

Delivering delicate details and extravagant hues, the active HDR features optimises the pictures in a remarkable way. With a refresh rate of 50 hertz, it has the tendency to refresh a single image for 50 times in one second, to give out a purer picture quality. Its HD ready display has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.


Powered by Dolby, its built-in 10 watt speakers provides a fulfilling sensation of sound throughout the entire room. The sound is audible from all possible angles around the device.

A theatre quality sound is what you obtain in exchange for the money you spend on the device. So, prep up yourself to dazzle with the melodious tunes that will swirl through every corner of the room.

Processor And Operating System

To ensure a faster and quicker response, it’s quad core processor does wonders in every possible aspect, as the low resolutions are scaled up and the images produced are sharper.

In addition to this, it makes use of WebOS, as its operating system for an overall functioning. It has a RAM size of 1GB that acts as a storage unit of your device.


A thin bezel and stylish finish contributes the most in adding to its fine work and design. Its appearance matches every possible surrounding and environment of your house.

So you do not need to worry about the device looking odd and strange wherever you wish to place it.

Applications And Control

With a handy and compact remote control, you can control a wholesome amount of applications on the device by just giving a certain number of clicks and long presses.

Some applications come pre-installed in the smart TV for a better user experience as a whole. These applications include – YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and many more, for your full-on entertainment with a power packed performance.

Additional Features

IPS panel, active HDR, web browser, screen share, expandable memory, cloud photo and video, 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, DTS virtual X, a fancy warranty of one year, amazing contrast, vivid display, outstanding graphics, wall mount installation for easy viewing, and LED display technology are some of the leading aspects of the product as a whole.

Other attractions include a 16:09 image aspect ratio, 10000000:1 image contrast ratio and a support for a large quantity of file formats such as jpeg, gif, png, psd, tiff and raw.

As a great source of attraction, LG smart TV has the potential of multi tasking – that means you can surf the net and watch television simultaneously.

Customer Reviews

Its customers are happy with the performance and user friendliness of the device. What amazes its buyers the most is its exceptional connectivity, powerful support and compatibility with a considerably high number of electronic devices.

Users find it worthy of every penny they spend on this smart TV. It is a worthy purchase in terms of efficiency, durability and mechanics.

So if you are looking for a smart TV that can meet the exceptional needs and requirements of almost all your family members, then this all in one product by LG will make your life easy and cheerful. Investing into this product won’t leave you with any future disappointments or regrets.

It’s a go-for-it kind of pick!


6. Kodak HD Ready LED Smart TV

Kodak HD Ready LED Smart TV

Kodak has been known for making great smart TVs that have amazing features at an affordable price. With the trust in the brand name, quality is a priority, and thus TVs made by Kodak are highly appreciated by customers.


It has an amazing display with A+ grade IPS panel, which displays sharp and crystal clear images. This smart TV is complete HD ready and has 1366 x 768 resolution, which allows the user to experience every single detail.

Allowing proper contrast and a bright picture quality with brightness up to 350 nits, it makes sure that the dark scenes are not too dark and give optimum clarity.


It has in-built box speakers which give an output of 20 Watts. These speakers give out loud, rich and crystal clear sound, adding the realism that you need from an entertaining television experience, and making it much more immersive than ever before.

It also has the smart automatic volume control technology which balances out extreme spikes in volume, making sure that you do not have to experience sudden loudness or silence.

Processor And Operating System

Powered by an Android 7.0 operating system, it is highly efficient and has the same user friendliness that is offered by a smartphone, making it easy to use and access. It has 1 GB RAM and a powerful quad core processor that makes sure that it offers extremely fast and lag free performance, so you never have to stop.


It has a sleek and stylish design with an amazing smartphone-like feel. Its premium style finish not only adds to the overall appeal of any room that you install this Smart TV in, it also makes the smart TV the center of attention even when it is turned off.

It easily blends in with any furniture style and does not look tacky – no matter where you put it. So design and aesthetic appeal should not be something that you should worry about with this smart TV.

Applications And Controls

It offers easy connectivity with multiple online streaming applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video etc. to ensure that you can kick back, relax and watch all your favourite shows online on a big TV screen just by the press of a button.

Its sleek and user friendly remote allows you to access all your favourite content with simple descriptive buttons, without having to switch between difficult menus which definitely comes in handy.

Additional Features

It’s mira cast technology allows you to easily mirror your mobile phone or any other device to your TV screen just by the press of a button. It also allows your phone to be used as a remote or a keyboard for further simplicity.

Allowing multitasking features, you can search the web or watch your favourite shows, while looking at some pictures or whatever else you want to do at the same time without having to stop.

It has a similar interface to your PC, allowing it to be used as a temporary PC, letting you explore all its features with ease and unbelievable convenience.

Customer Reviews

Users have had some issues regarding the servicing and customer care offered by Kodak, and apart from some technicality issues, users were highly satisfied by all the amazing features received at such an affordable price and recommend it to others, making it worthy of being mentioned among the top smart TVs out there.


7. Onida Smart IPS LED TV

Onida Smart IPS LED TV

Onida has always been among the top competitors in the television market – it has also been keeping up with the competition when it comes to smart TVs, offering the amazing video and audio quality that it has been known for. Along with some of the amazing features that smart TVs have to offer, Onida is a brand to keep in mind if you are looking for the best Smart TV in India.


With an amazing 1920 x 1080 resolution full HD display, it offers crystal clear images with unmatched realism and crisp details, that take the television experience to a whole new level.


It has a 16 watt sound output, which delivers loud and clear sound with amazing quality. Powered by Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSurround sound, it adds theater-like realism with loud bass, delivering balanced and same sound to every corner of the room.

Processor And Operating System

It is powered by a FireOS operating system, which is extremely efficient and user friendly. It has 1 GB RAM with Multi Core MALI processor, making this TV extremely fast and powerful, making sure that you do not miss a beat while enjoying all your favourite shows.


It has a wide viewing angle, making sure that the video quality remains the same no matter where you are in the room. This feature comes a lot in handy when you have to move around in a large room.

It has a sleek and stylish design that adds to the overall appeal of any room that you put it in, and does not look tacky or too big. It just blends in with perfect harmony,

Application And Controls

Powered by Amazon Fire TV and Alexa, it is highly user friendly, allowing you to access it with voice commands with just a press of a button on the remote.

Apart from that, it allows you to stream all your favourite shows and movies online on apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Sony LIV etc, making sure that you can enjoy your television experience to the fullest.

Additional Features

It allows you to easily mirror content with your phone and other mobile devices so that you can watch whatever you want on your TV.

Also if your home has connectivity to smart home features, you can access it with the Alexa in your smart TV, allowing you to manage all your home accessories easily.

Customer Reviews

Amazing quality at an affordable price, this product is extremely loved by the customers and they definitely recommend buying it. This adds this smart TV in the category of one of the best smart TVs out there.


FAQs on Smart TVs

1. Can You Attach A Webcam To A Smart Tv?

Although not everyone wants this feature, many people love being able to video call someone using their TV. Although not all televisions allow camera connectivity, this feature can be found in many smart TVs out there. Most TVs use proprietary webcams and the price of these should be kept in mind while buying a smart TV.

2. Ethernet Or WiFi?

Although wireless internet is extremely fast and convenient to use, sometimes wired ethernet cable just offers faster and better performance. Keeping this in mind, if it is possible to easily connect wired network, and if the location of the router is not so far away from the TV, you can opt for wired ethernet cable, or else WiFi is always an amazing option, as it offers almost same speed as ethernet cable and is much more convenient.

3. What Apps Do I Want On My Smart TV?

This question is all about personal preferences, but there are certain apps that should be on everyone’s list. These apps include a browser, the app store or other downloading platform, and most importantly online streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Sony LIV etc. Easy access to these apps comes a lot in handy when you just want to sit back, relax and watch some of your favourite shows.

Some people also want access to social networking apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc. Although this can depend upon the privacy requirement from person to person, they can also come in handy if you want them.

4. Which Is The Best Smart TV Brand?

All the famous TV brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Onida that have been pioneers in the TV business, have given some of the best smart TVs out there. Apart from these, upcoming brands like Mi, VU etc., are also keeping up with some of the advancements made by these brands, and are worthy of being mentioned among the best smart TV brands out there.

With all this information that you have received now, we hope that you have everything you need to make the right decision and buy the best smart TV in India for you and your family. Make sure you do not get filled by claims of amazing features, and choose the best device according to your own preferences. We wish you the best of luck for your next purchase.

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