Best Elliptical Cross Trainers in India 2020: Top Reviews

1. Cockatoo 2. Stunner Fitness 3. Welcare
Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Best Elliptical Cross Trainer

Stunner Fitness SBX-350 

Welcare WC6044 


Elliptical cross trainer is a stationary exercise machine that allows the user to simulate climbing stairs, walking or running without exerting too much strain on the joints and reducing injuries during workouts, making them much more efficient than other regular machines.

Quickly replacing almost all other cardio workout machines, best elliptical cross trainer is much better alternative and help in a much more complete workout. These machines are becoming a much more important part of gyms and daily home workouts day by day and are definitely an investment you should consider if you are conscious about fitness.


But before making such a big investment, there are some factors that must be considered to make sure that you are making a smart decision and buy the best elliptical cross trainer in India. These factors include:

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India

1. Budget

The biggest factor when making any purchase, the budget plays a major role when it comes to the features that you might receive from an investment. When it comes to fitness equipment, the quality should be a major priority and if you have to spend a little bit extra to get that amazing quality, make sure you do not think twice about it.

With so many options available in the market right now, doing research before picking the right one for you is extremely important.

2. Design

Elliptical cross trainers can be found in various different designs. Some of them are compact and have wheels that can be folded, allowing them to be easily moved around making them mobile and easy to use at homes.

The other types are quite large and depend upon the user placing them in a particular spot without moving them from one place to another. These are meant to be used in larger places.

Keeping this in mind, consider to buy a cross trainer with a design that matches the space you have at your home. If you have plenty of space available, go for a larger machine but if you have compact space available, you should consider buying the smaller and compact ones.

3. Performance

The three most important factors when it comes to the performance of an elliptical cross trainer, are brake, flywheel and resistance system. These factors are responsible for controlling the loudness, durability and the entire feel of the machine. The flywheel on the other hand plays a major role in how smooth the functioning of the device will be.

The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the performance will be. Look for a device that has eddy currents brake systems, as they use magnets to create resistance and are extremely smooth and efficient when it comes to breaking. These are the most common and allow you to control the resistance with the press of a button on the handle bars.

4. Control Panel

There is a large variety of options when it comes to the control panels of these machines and this completely depends upon your preference. When it comes to music and other connectivity options, most basic machines offer speaker and aux connectivity.

However, if you are looking for complete internet and mobile phone compatibility, you should look for top of the line machines. Most machines have standard LCD screens, with cup holders, reading racks, accessory racks, fans etc. However, some brands might not provide this and it is necessary to look for a machine that has all the basic features that you require for your perfect workout.

Another major factor to keep in mind with these control panels is the number of pre-set programs available with the machine, heart monitors, speed, distance and other such features. This is because these features are extremely important to keep a track of your workout and make it much easier to keep an eye on your goal and hence increasing the overall efficiency of your workout.

5. Customizability

The ability to set your own workout routine according to your own preference should be available. This will allow you to personalize the whole workout process to make it as efficient for you as possible, targeting your own personal needs.

Apart from that, adjustable pedals, strides, inclines etc must also be available to make sure that your machine fits your needs perfectly and allows you to get the maximum results possible from your workouts.

6. Warranty

Just like any other purchase, warranty plays a major role when it comes to buying anything. Any damages and issues to a device during its warranty period will be taken care of by the manufacturer free of cost.

Look for a machine with a longer warranty period as these devices are usually the most durable and have the best quality compared to the other competitive brands out there.

Why Do you Need An Elliptical Cross Trainer

There are a number of benefits of using elliptical cross trainers that make them an easy choice over most of the other fitness devices out there. These benefits include:

1. Burning Calories

If you want to achieve your goals of burning calories in a short period of time, this machine is your best partner. Depending on your current weight, this machine can easily burn about 270 to 400 calories in just 30 minutes of use.

Keeping this in mind, if you burn more calories than you consume, you can easily workout on this machine and lose weight without following hard and strenuous training regiments.

2. A Complete Body Workout

Because of its handles and pedals being a complete body workout, this machine helps develop both your upper body and lower body muscles. Just manage your resistance and weight evenly on the handles and the pedals and feel the workout on your arms and legs evenly, making sure that you do not have to do anything extra to focus on your upper body and allowing you to evenly burn calories from your body and also allowing to pump your arms just as fast as you would pump your legs.

3. Lower Stress On Joints

Working out using machines can be strenuous on the knees and other joints of the body. However, Elliptical cross trainers are specially designed keeping this in mind and because of the fact that the feet never lift off the pedals and since the feet never touch the ground, there is no stress that comes with other high impact workout methods.

Being able to avoid the stress on the knees while also getting a proper cardio workout is one of the most beneficial features of this machine. Working out on the elliptical cross trainers can significantly reduce the weight bearing on your body as compared to jogging, running and other similar forms of workout, allowing you to get the same training benefits without any stress and damage to the joints.

4. Burn Fat

Allowing you to burn calories at a fast rate, this machine can also help you easily lose body fat without having to perform as much strenuous exercise as you would have to without using this machine.

Following regular workout routines such as intense 30 second workout with 15 second recovery, or similar with 60 second workout with 30 second recovery, you can easily lose weight a lot faster than other forms of exercises.

5. Improving Balance

Apart from strengthening your bones, weight – bearing exercises can help strengthen the bones and also helps in improving balance a lot. Letting go of the handles and standing up straight while using the pedals can help a lot by strengthening your core and working a lot on the balance.

But make sure the resistance and incline are set at a manageable level, allowing you to use it easily while working on your core and lower body at the same time.

6. Boosting Stamina

Being one of the best forms of cardio, Working using elliptical cross trainers can be an amazingly balanced workout routine, and causes your lungs to work harder and provide much more blood to the muscles.

This in turn not only makes your muscles healthier, but also strengthens your lungs and heart resulting in increased stamina and endurance for a much healthier lifestyle.

7. Targeted Training

Mostly customizable allowing you to change the incline and resistance, you can target specific parts of the body, allowing you to perform a targeted workout out and develop particular muscles of the body, including calves, glutes, hamstrings, legs etc.

You can also change the directions that the pedals go in allowing you to target all the parts of the legs making the workout much more effective as compared to normal running.

8. Maintaining Fitness After An Injury

Not exerting much stress on the body, working out on an elliptical cross trainer can be a great way to maintain your regular fitness without having to worry about the injury.

It can also help a lot in the recovery of the injury, helping you regain your full motion and strengthen your muscles and joints while removing the stress from the injured area.

9. Various Programs

Usually offering a large variety of different preset routines, these machines are great at mimicking exercises such as running, walking, climbing stairs, hill climbing, and other different customizable options making your workouts much more efficient.

10. Easy To Use

Being extremely user friendly, using an elliptical cross trainer does not require a long time to learn and can deliver great results without having to put too much input. While at the same time being a complete workout, using this machine saves a lot more time and effort taking your fitness to a whole new level.

Top 5 Best Elliptical Cross Trainers 2020

1. Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE 

Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Best Elliptical Cross Trainers

This powerful cardiovascular elliptical cross trainer is a complete workout package at home. With a number of features you can get the best workout experience at your house or home gym without compromising on the muscular impact.

Designed with stable and fixed-incline pedals, the machine provides maximum grip and friction less exercising motions for better performance and efficiency. The pedals can actively adjust to your natural foot movement while you stride. To improve your session, this elliptical cross trainer comes with a pedal incline of 12.82 degrees.

By engaging a number of muscles, with the help of its full motion handle-bars, you can get the core muscles of shoulders, arms, back and chest to get the best possible shape and desirable results.With the help of it’s 8 levels of magnetic resistance, you can boost and intensify your workout session.

Its 15.75 inches stride length helps in strengthening your fundamental leg muscles by rotating your legs along with the stride. As added benefits, this exercising equipment comes with a number of brilliant features such as a digital meter to track distance, time, lapse, wattage, heart rate, calories burned and rotations per minute.

Its LCD screen makes all the instructions and settings clearly visible to the user. This machine can support a weight of up to 120 kilograms with a height of 160-195 centimeters and thus, a large number of people can use it without any worries of overloading it. It can also help in providing maximum stability and a jerk free performance while in function.

Its heavy duty steel frame is another added benefit to the product that provides a long term usage and durability to the body of the equipment. In terms of user satisfaction, the product proves its worth for the money you spend on it. The assembly is quite difficult but once set, you can enjoy the outstanding benefits of this elliptical trainer.

It’s quite difficult to handle while sitting so a lot of users prefer using the machine with a standing posture. Being sturdy, rough and tough, the machine does not require any hefty maintenance and services. It is very lightweight and does not require a lot of effort while moving it from one place to another.

Customer services are on point and you won’t face any trouble with the handling and the management of the product as a whole. So, if you are looking for a noteworthy purchase within pocket friendly prices, look for this machine as it is one of the best elliptical trainer in India.


2. Stunner Fitness SBX-350 

Stunner Fitness SBX-350 

This amazing 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer makes an unmatchable product by delivering the benefits of an exercise bike as well. With an outstanding performance quality and top notch features, this product is a wholesome pick for those who are looking for an all rounder power pack machine.

It’s durable frame is simple yet sleek in design and makes a great contrast with your home surroundings. To meet your different training needs, this machine provides you with the advantage of offering you the best possible results because of its multifunctional technology.

The LCD display makes the viewing of settings and various options easy. You can view the screen from any angle, thus proving to be a great feature while exercising. To get the most out of the product, you can keep a track of the distance covered, speed increments, time take and calories burned.

In addition to this, you can smartly keep a track of your heart rate as the handles come with special sensors to help you in keeping an eye on your pulse rate while you enjoy your vigorous workout. For a reliable use, the exercise bike is made with heavy duty steel to ensure a long term usage of the product.

It’s paddles are comfortable and frictionless to provide you with an optimum grip. You can get your feet supported easily on these paddles to ensure your safety while you’re fully engrossed in burning those extra fats and calories. With just a turn of a knob, you can adjust the resistance levels.

To help you obtain a comfortable session, the seat comes with 4 way adjustable seat locks. You can set the seat height as per your own needs and comfort. This feature makes the machine suitable for a large number of users. All inclusive, its soft padded seat, anti slip paddles and adjustable heights can make a great package for all those exercising maniacs.

With a trustworthy warranty of an year on its parts, against any manufacturing detects makes the purchase even better in terms of user protection to safeguard public interests. Its customers are happy with the purchase and do not face any harsh problems with this multifunctional exercising equipment.

If you are looking for a fabulous elliptical cross trainer, then you can opt for this product with any sort of worries or double thoughts!


3. Welcare WC6044 

Welcare WC6044 

Are you in search of an all in one workout equipment that will help you to train your bicep, abdominal, chest, knee joint and haunch muscles altogether? If yes, then this pick might be your best option out of all the fancy products in the market. Its 8 level adjustable resistance with a 5KG strong flywheel delivers a flexible and
Efficient performance.

The flywheel can increase your momentum and thus, you can get the power pack speed performance that allows you to exercise swiftly and smoothly without any strains on your core muscles. To make this bulky looking machine easy to handle and move, portable wheels are used to enhance your experience with the product when it’s not in use.

This makes the cleaning of the machine and the area around it easy and less troublesome. The LCD monitor makes the tracking of heart rate, speed, distance and pulse easy so that you don’t have to get distracted from your workout session. With a stride length of 14 inches, you can ensure a smoother workout that will help reduce the impact on knees.

It’s easy-to-hold handles can absorb extra sweat and provide you with a clean and hygienic surface for support. It’s long and wide pedals help users with different feet sizes so that they won’t have to face any difficulties in adjusting their feet on the pedals.

An easy installation, one year product warranty and brilliant services by the company is a deal dealer for a lot of people. Just be aware of its maintenance costs as it demands about 3000-4000 rupees per year for its maintenance and well being. A few people see the purchase better for people who are 5’7” or below in height because of its small elliptical size.

Some users have complained about a cracking sound coming from the cycle but this wasn’t the case with everyone. Though, for a majority of its users, the product quality is outstanding. It is recommended to grease the moving parts every 2-3 months for a silent operation and usage.

The trainer seems smooth and provides a user friendly and easy control over the machine. It is a quality purchase and you should not hesitate in buying this elliptical cross trainer.


4. Reach Elliptical Cross Trainer 

Reach Elliptical Cross Trainer 

A benchmark of simply sophisticated performance and brilliant range of features, Reach elliptical cross trainer can make the best fitness equipment for your personal use. Being one of the best elliptical cross trainer brands in India, Reach has given the customer s some of the best products out there.

With a tendency to deliver a power pack performance, this machine allows you to undergo an intense workout without any fatigue or extreme tiredness. It’s user friendly built technology gives a comfortable workout session without putting any sort of impact on your knees or muscles.

It can support a maximum user weight of 110 kilograms that makes it suitable for a majority of users. With a stride length of 18 inches and fancy features like heart rate tracker, anti- slip pedals, portability wheels and anti shake support, this equipment makes an all in one deal.

The large LCD display helps the users in viewing the distance covered, time taken, calories burned and pulse rate as well as the odometer. Its expertised installation, unbeatable cardio mechanics, excellent service support and professional functionality are some of the leading aspects of this machine.

It has been designed with the same mechanics as required in the gym to provide you and your loved ones with exceptional gym-like experience with proper safety and an assured warranty of one year. To ensure your proper balance and comfort, this equipment comes with soft touch and multifunctional upper body grips so that you can work your upper and lower body muscles to the core.

It’s easy portability is ensured with the help of wheels for movement that allows you to move it from one place to another. Simple tilt and roll out flexibility for use and storage allows you to keep the exercising machine with minimum possible space. As a complete entertainment package to boost your workout sessions, you can easily position your ipad to the console without any worries of it falling out.

It’s variable resistance levels can be altered by the adjustable knobs to set the levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced intensities, as per your own needs and requirements. It’s perfect stride length assures that your leg flexes at the maximum so that you can get the best results.

This exercising unit is a manual gear trainer and not an electrical one, but still it is extremely easy to handle and use. Its display is basic, shockproof and clear. The only thing to consider is it’s hefty price tag but all of its unparalleled features and attributes compensates for its money seeking side.

It gets delivered on time and the installation by the company technicians is smooth and professional. Not even a single concerning flaw has been so far observed and it is known for its maximum user satisfaction. So, if you are looking for the best elliptical cross trainer in India, this can be the equipment of your dreams!


5. Viva Fitness Viva-KH580


A well known brand when it comes to workout equipment, machines made by Viva are highly appreciated by the customers and deliver exceptional performance consistently for a long period of time without any issues. Having an 18 inch long stride, it is extremely comfortable to use and does not cause any strain.

The swing bar is also adjustable and allows the user to personalize the machine according to their own preference for the best results. The LCD display panel is extremely user friendly and displays the time, distance, RPM, speed, calories, pulse, watts etc. This comes a lot in handy as it helps you in being updated about the progress of your workout.

It has various different preset workout programs that prove to be extremely helpful and boost the efficiency of your workout. These programs include 1 manual, 4 HRC, 3 goal and 5 users. This allows the user to personalise their workout routine for the best results.

With 24 level motor magnetic resistance, this machine is extremely powerful and can help you to exercise at different levels allowing you to easily get used to the workout routine and improve the intensity with time. The user friendliness of this device is unmatched.

With transport wheels and a lot of mobility, it can be easily relocated to different parts of the house allowing you to relocate the machine wherever you want. The floor levels are adjustable making it extremely comfortable and the machine can tolerate a maximum weight of 130 Kgs, allowing a wide range of users to easily workout with this machine and with amazing customer reviews, this machine is definitely one to look out for if you are looking for one of the best elliptical cross trainer in India.


FAQs on Elliptical Cross Trainers

1. How Much Time Per Day Should I Spend On The Elliptical Cross Trainer?

This completely depends upon the amount of time you have available in a day and what you strive to achieve with your workouts. In today’s fast paced world, it is difficult to take some time out for yourself and most people usually only get up to 15 minutes on the machine.

Working out for at least 15 minutes for five days a week is enough for a lot of health benefits. Some studies also reveal that having a workout on the elliptical cross trainer with high intensity can have similar results to working out for half an hour at a regular pace.

Starting with this pace and then with time increasing the speed can have major health benefits as your stamina will also improve over time. If you can stick to a heavy workout routine and work out for an hour a day on the elliptical cross trainer for five days a week, you will definitely notice changes at the end of the first week.

2. Can You Lose Belly Fat With The Help Of Elliptical Cross Trainers?

Designed for an intense full body workout, elliptical cross trainers help a lot in removing belly fat if you use the machine regularly and you can use professional supervision for much faster results.

Not only great for just cardio exercises, if you follow a proper exercise regiment with a proper diet, you can easily lose the stubborn belly fat that you have been trying to lose for a long time. In a 30 minute exercise, on average you can burn from 250 to up to 400 calories. People usually compare elliptical cross trainers and treadmills as doing the same job.

However, this is not really true as instead of just working on weight loss and cardio, cross trainers do not require additional equipment. Just using the machine, you can work on your upper body and lower body including arms, calves, glutes, chest, triceps, biceps etc, thus this resulting in burning a lot more calories.

3. Do Elliptical Cross Trainers Help In Building Leg Muscles?

The first action that the elliptical cross trainer does on your legs and thighs is slimming them. This process will continue for a few days until the slimming process will stop and start firming up your leg muscles. You might also notice muscle gain if you are working on a machine with higher intensity and more resistance.

Many experts believe that high intensity workouts on the elliptical cross trainers can be comparable to muscle building activities like weight lifting. However, as these machines are only designed for losing weight and slimming down rather than building muscle. Even though you can bulk up your legs, it is going to require a lot of time and high intensity workouts.

It is advised to use this machine as a slimming device and only a warm up if you are looking to build up your muscles and then do the regular muscle building exercises like squats and other weight lifting exercises.

4. Can Using The Elliptical Cross Trainers Cause Back Pains?

This highly depends on the physical condition of your back. This is because when it comes to back pains, there are two different reasons. This includes back strain and injury related pains and pains due to osteoporosis. These machines are especially designed to be low impact and do not cause further damage to those who have problematic backs.

This is because working out on these machines does not require any impact with the ground which results in reducing the amount of strain on the joints. However, if you have medical bone density issues like osteoporosis, using this machine may not be the best option for you.

Using it will not make the situation worse, but it would not allow your body to develop the bone density. Thus it is advised to have a proper doctors consultation before using this machine.

5. How Should I Properly Use Elliptical Cross Trainers?

Although it is not that hard to easily use an elliptical cross trainer, it can be a little tricky to use properly if you are using it for the first time. Using just a few simple steps, you can easily get perfectly accustomed with this machine First you should properly grab the handlebars while using the device to prevent any accidents such as slipping.

If it is the first time, you should not even step on the pedals without having a firm grip on the handles. Make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the pedals and keep them parallel to the edges. Most of the machines start automatically when you step on the pedals.

However, if the machine does not start up automatically, just press the start button and continue with a normal workout. With the fascinating advantages that you can have with using elliptical cross trainers, it is clearly one of the best fitness equipment you can buy and a machine you should definitely consider investing in if you want to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Although there are many things to consider to make a smart and complete decision before buying this device, with all the information that you have learned today, we are sure that you have everything you need to make an intelligent decision and buy the best elliptical cross trainer in India for you. We wish you the best of luck for your next purchase.

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