Best Fitness Bands in India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Fitbit Inspire 2. Mi Smart 3. Honor Band 5
Fitbit Inspire Best Fitness Band In India

Mi Smart Band 4

Honor Band 5


In today’s age, keeping oneself fit is emerging as a big challenge. Despite rapid advances in medical science in the last two centuries, which have saved us from many life threatening diseases, there has been an increase in diseases caused by our lifestyle patterns.

For many of us, our lifestyles are such that we do not have time for physical exercise. Our diet also consists of large quantities of junk food.

Sitting and working in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, and then coming back from work and sitting in front a television day is a routine activity for a large number of people in today’s age.

At the same time, people are also becoming aware of the importance of fitness. The importance of exercising daily and maintaining healthy habits like eating good food, sleeping properly, and so forth, are being recognised by people more and more.


However, keeping a track of your fitness can be a challenge. It is at this point that fitness bands become an important tool. These little devices, which look and are worn exactly like wrist watches, can monitor your steps, calories burned, sleep pattern, heart rate, etc. – all of which helps you to keep a track of your daily activities.

However, with a large number of these products available in the market, which come with different specs, features, brands, and prices, it can become difficult for you to make a choice.

We, therefore, offer you with a buyers’ guide that will help you with making a choice of the fitness band that you would require. Amongst other things, this buyers’ guide compares some of the best fitness bands in India.

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Fitness Band

The following factors need to be considered while buying a fitness band

1. Form Factor

Fitness bands come in various form factors. They come in the form of bracelets, watches, or clip-on devices. The positive thing about bracelets and watches is that they are generally hard to lose. However, they might be a problem when you are wearing them and doing dishes or washing clothes, as the band might get wet.

Also, they can get in the way when you type on a computer. They may not always go well with the outfit you are wearing. Clip-on devices, on the other hand, have a small form factor and can be worn discreetly. These devices can either be clipped on to your belt loop or your shirt pocket.

2. Comfort

Since fitness is something that you would be required to track constantly, a fitness band has to be worn for long hours. Therefore, the device must be such that it is comfortable. In the absence of comfort, the value of the product will be redundant, as you would not feel like wearing it most of the time.

Certain comfort related factors include the material used for making the strap, the grip of the device or the capsule (so that it doesn’t fall off your wrist), and also the weight of the device (if it is too heavy, you might find it uncomfortable).

3. Display

Displays are another important factor to be considered while buying a fitness band. Most of the fitness bands come with LCD displays. However, there are some which come with AMOLED displays as well, which provide much superior colours and brightness than the LCD displays.

Ideally, a good display means that you can read the screen properly even under bright lighting conditions (such as, under sunlight).

Also, display size is another component which should factor into your choice of a fitness band. The display should be big and the font size should be large enough so that you can easily read the fitness data generated by your fitness band.

4. Notifications

Not all fitness bands support notifications. Some of these fitness bands are built in such a way that you can connect your phone with them, allowing the phone notifications to pop up on the screen of these devices.

The caller ID feature can be very useful. Also, check if the band simply vibrates in case there is a notification or along with it, and if it shows some data such as the name and phone number of the person calling or texting you.

5. Step Tracking

Step tracking is one of the most essential features which you would like to consider while buying a fitness band. It helps to keep a track of the number of steps you are taking, either while walking or jogging.

It can encourage you to walk more or take stairs instead of elevators, thereby increasing your fitness. Accurate step tracking is a must for any fitness band that you are buying.

6. Heart Rate Monitoring

Gone are the days when you would have to check your heartbeat manually, or by using a chest strap. Today, there are a range of fitness bands that come with heart rate monitoring capabilities. However, not all of these devices are useful.

You should always look for a device which allows you to monitor your heart beat continuously, or at least in workout mode. It is useful for monitoring calorie burn accurately during workouts.

7. GPS

The GPS or location tracking facility helps you to keep track of distance while running or cycling. Although many devices claim to support GPS tracking, not all of them have accurate GPS chips. Hence, before buying a product, make sure that you check whether the device offers a GPS facility and whether that works accurately or not.

8. Waterproofing

Waterproofing is very important for a fitness band. This is because these bands might be exposed to water while washing clothes or utensils, or from any other source, as these wearables are exposed to rough usage.

Although a lot of brands claim their devices to be water-proof, the best way to check the veracity of their claims is by checking their IP ratings. An IP68 rating offers the best waterproofing guarantee.

But even if the band does not have a IP68 rating, check if it atleast has a IP67 rating. Some bands also come with swim-proof technology. However, it is not necessary to buy one unless you are a swimmer.

9. Battery Life

You would certainly not want to go for a fitness band which dies at the end of the day or requires constant charging. Therefore, battery life is something which you should keep in mind before buying a fitness band. A typical fitness band offers a week of battery life after it is fully charged. Some bands even offer battery life of up to 10 days.

10. Sleep Tracker

Many fitness bands come with trackers that record your sleep time. An ideal sleep is the requirement for maintaining good health. These bands use a three-axis accelerometer to track sleep. The device is usually needed to be put on the sleep tracing mode when you go to bed, and put it off when you get up.

11. App

The good fitness trackers also come with their own complimentary mobile-based or web-based application. The display on the fitness band may not be of an adequate size to record everything.

Further, the apps also provide for detailed analysis of the data collected from the fitness band over a period of time. This enables one to make amends in lifestyle, so as to stay more fit and healthy.

12. Compatibility

In today’s age, compatibility is an essential component for any smart device. Fitness bands, therefore, should not be an exception to this. There are fitness bands available in the market which come with their own bluetooth enabled app-based platforms through which you can control them. While looking for a fitness band, make sure it is compatible across platforms.

13. Price

Price is certainly a factor that you must consider while buying a fitness band. Of course, you don’t want to pay more for something which is cheaply available.

Alot of budget friendly fitness bands are available in the market. Taking a look at the specifications and price simultaneously would account for the best decision.

Let us take a close look at some of the best fitness bands available in India

Top 10 Best Fitness Bands In India 2020

1. Fitbit Inspire HR Tracker9

Fitbit Inspire Best Fitness Band In IndiaThe Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness tracker provides the user with a range of tracking facilities. It can be useful to track your all-day activity, your hard-earned steps, distance, hourly activity, activite minutes, calorie burn, and so forth.

This sleek and slim device is comfortable for your wrist as it comes with a rubber belt. It automatically and conveniently records activities like walks, swimming and cycle rides in a snap with its smart tracking facility.

The device also comes with an all-time heart beat tracker which helps you maximise your exercise sessions, see heart rate zones and sleep stages, and better track calorie burn.

In addition, the device comes with the feature of personalised guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate which allows you to find moments of calmness throughout the day.

The sleep tracker is another interesting feature that this fitness band comes with. It helps you to track how long and how well you sleep. The device measures your time in light, deep, and REM sleep. This helps you to better understand sleep quality and receive tips to improve your sleeping.

Further, the Fitbit fitness band is also Bluetooth enabled. By connecting it to your smartphone, it can notify you on updates from social media apps. Besides, it provides for calendar and text alerts. This means that you can get all kinds of notifications – calls, texts, calendar, and social media – right off your wrist.

The battery life of this device might be a disappointment for you. While it is always good to go for devices that come with at least a week of battery life, this Fitbit device only provides for a five-day battery.

The battery life, however, varies with use time and also depends on how you are using the device. Water resistance is not an issue for this device, as the company claims that the device is swim-proof.

Location tracking facility is also available on this device, as it is equipped with GPS. This means that you can see real time-place and track distance while you are walking or jogging.

Besides, the smartphone based Fitbit app can show you how many calories you are burning a day so that you can keep your nutrition on track. Also, for womxn , the app aids in keeping a track on menstrual cycle and in recording symptoms pertaining to reproductive health.

The Fitbit Inspire HR, loaded with a whole range of features can be an interesting buy if you are looking for a good fitness band under 9,000 rupees.


2. Mi Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band 4In recent years, Xiaomi has emerged as one of the most popular budget smartphone brands in the Indian market. The company also is in the fitness band business and the Mi Smart Band 4 is the one of the most budget friendly, yet fully loaded fitness bands available in the market.

The Mi Smart Band 4 features a 39.9 percent bigger screen than its predecessor Mi Band 3. The display panel of the device is not LCD, but AMOLED, which provides superior colour and brightness. It is a full touch display and comes with adjustable brightness. Further, the device is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Coming to the fitness tracking efficacy of the product, the Mi Smart Band 4 performs health and wellness tracking at its best, as it comes with a round the clock automatic heart rating monitoring and alerts to warn you when the heart rate is high.

Further, it tracks a variety of other activities like swimming, jogging, treadmill, cycling and walking. There is also a sleep pattern tracker which provides you with accurate light and deep sleep monitoring.

Battery and charging related issues are not going to bother you with this product as the company claims that it can provide up to 20 days of battery life for uninterrupted performance. Further, some reviews on Amazon suggest that the device can be fully charged within a short span of 2 hours.

The device is completely waterproof and the company claims that it is also swimproof. It is 5ATM certified which means that it can resist up to 50 metres of water depth. The device can auto-detect your swim style and captures 12 detailed data points for tracking.

The Mi Smart Band 4 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and is enabled with the latest Bluetooth 5.0. With the band on the wrist, you can instantly receive notifications of the social media apps on your smartphone.

Besides, you can receive text messages and answer or reject calls. Further, the device also comes with a music control option through which you can change the song, increase or decrease volume – all without even touching your phone. All of these features make the product a really smart fitness band.

The band display can be simply set by picking up a photo from your gallery, as per your own convenience and mood. The Mi Smart Band 4 can be truly termed as one of the best fitness bands in India under 2500 rupees.


3. Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5Like Xiaomi, Honor, too, has emerged as one of the popular smartphone bands in India in the budget segment, and it has also been making fitness bands at low prices.

The Honor Band 5, which comes in four different colours – Meteorite Black, Olive Green, Coral Pink, and Midnight Navy – is one of the latest offerings from the company. It has a sleek, slim and aesthetically pleasing design.

It aids in keeping a track of day-to-day activities such as step count, calories burned, distance covered, moderate to high-intensity activities duration and standing status. It also helps in setting targets, ensuring that you do not lag behind in physical activities.

The product comes with a large colour screen, measuring 0.95 inch. It features a bright, colourful, vivid and dynamic AMOLED touch display which can hold a maximum of 45 characters on screen.

The screen comes with an adjustable brightness option and a home button control. It can display up to 281 PPI and has a 2.5D glass on top.

The belt clip is designed in such a way that the fitness band attaches firmly and perfectly to your wrist. The Honor Band 5 is compatible with both the popular smartphone platforms (Android 4.4 or later/ iOS 9.0 or later).

It comes with 10 distinct fitness modes. It is equipped with an advanced running planner, for high level fitness tracking and tailored recommendations.

Further, it comprehensively tracks and displays data, including heart rate, workout time, distance, stride frequency, speed calories, and aerobic/anaerobic training results, providing for a deeper look at your fitness regimen.

The multiple sports modes on this device support outdoor and indoor run, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling, pool swim, and various other exercises.

The device comes with the heart rate monitoring feature. The cutting-edge TruSeen 3.0 technology uses AI driven algorithms for high precision readings.

It is also fitted with infrared technology for continuous, non-disruptive heart rate monitoring at night. Thus, the Honor Band 5 provides for all day round real time heart rate monitoring.

The device comes with the TruSleep technology. It helps you to monitor and analyse your heart rate while you are sleeping. This ensures that you understand the quality of your sleep.

It claims to accurately identify six common sleeping problems, with 200 personalized sleep quality assessments and suggestions for sound, healthier sleep. Further, there is an oxygen monitor on this device.

It helps you in tracking the saturation levels of oxygen in the bloodstream. In this way, you can have an assessment of your body’s adaptation during workouts or at high altitudes.

The battery life of this device is magnificent, as the company claims that it can provide up to 14 days usage when fully charged. This means savings on time and effort in charging the device time and again.

The device also comes with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, providing seamless and easy pairing with your smartphone. The storage specifications of the Honor Band 5 are: RAM – 384KB, ROM – 1MB, and Flash 32MB.

The smart music and volume controls on this fitness band means that you can change songs, and adjust the volume effortlessly without even touching your smartphone.

Also, if you own a Huawei/ Honor smartphone with OS version EMUI 8.1 or later, this band allows you to control the camera as well. Besides, the Honor Band 5 is 50 ATM water-resistant and can be a perfect equipment if you are a swimmer.

It comes with swimming posture recognition and is fitted with a 6-Axis sensor that can recognize the main strokes, record speed, distance, number of turns, calories, and other such data. It can calculate your SWOLF score as well.

The device is also equipped with a Smart Assistant and notification reminders. It has a stopwatch and a timer, as well. There is an alarm reminder feature, besides caller ID, SMS, mail, weather reports and notifications for social media apps.

Fully loaded with all essential and smart features under 2500 rupees, it is one of the best fitness bands in India in the budget segment.


4. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2The Fitbit Versa 2 is a high-end fitness band offered by the brand and has an elegant and sturdy design. It is available in five different colour options – black/ carbon, bordeaux/ copper rose, emerald/ copper rose, petal/ copper rose, and stone/ mist grey. It has a big rectangular display which measures 1.34 inches.

The company, however, does not say whether the product has a LCD or an AMOLED display. The device helps you in tracking everyday activities like steps, distance, active minutes and calories burnt, to show how every part of your day contributes to achieving your fitness goals.

One of the interesting features of this product is that it comes with built-in Amazon Alexa. This can aid in getting quick news, weather information, setting bedtime reminders and alarms, controlling the smart home appliances, and a lot of other things.

All of it can be done just by speaking to your watch, without requiring you to go to your smartphone every time.

The Fitbit Versa 2 also comes with a heart rate tracker which allows you to track your heart rate round the clock without any failure. This also helps you to better track calorie burn, optimise efforts during workouts, and so forth.

Besides, the device can be paired to the Fitbit app on your smartphone which aids in analysing data from the device and checking your fitness levels, encouraging you to stay fit. You can check your resting heart trends on the app, as well.

Apart from the heart rate tracker, the device also comes with a sleep tracker. It can generate a sleep score based on your heart rate, time asleep, restlessness, and breathing. Also, you can know about the light, deep and rem sleep stages. All of this can be helpful for you to better understand your sleep quality every night.

The device also comes with an always on display. Information is, therefore, always at a quick glance away. Always on displays, however, have the drawback of consuming more energy.

This affects the battery life of the device as it requires constant charging. This is the reason why the company claims that the device has a battery life of only 5 days, and it happens to be one of the biggest cons of this device. One would normally expect at least a week of battery life on a high-end fitness band.

An additional smart feature of this device, apart from having a pre-installed Amazon Alexa, is that you can control your Spotify app and add a Deezer playlist with this fitness band. Also, it allows you to store and play 300+ songs, all of which can be controlled from your wrist without any hassle.

Besides, you can get notifications for calls, texts, calendar events, mails, and social media apps like Facebook. Also, you can send quick replies using your voice. These features are accessible only when your phone is nearby. Besides, the quick reply facility is supported only on Android devices.

The Fitbit Versa 2, thus, tracks your morning, night and everything in between, encouraging you to maintain your optimum fitness level. At over 20,000 rupees, this device is one of the best fitness bands in India in the high-end segment.


5. Honor Band 5i

Honor Band 5iThe Honor Band 5i is an even more budget friendly fitness band than the Honor 5. However, it comes with stripped down features. This elegant looking fitness band comes in three different colour options – meteorite black, olive green, and coral pink.

It can help you keep a track of your everyday physical activities such as step count, calories burned, distance covered, moderate to high intensity activities duration, and so forth. Besides, it can aid you in setting targets and can tell you how much you have achieved in terms of fitness.

One of the key downgrades of this device over Honor Band 5, is that instead of featuring an AMOLED display, it comes with a TFT display. This touchscreen panel provides for adjustable brightness and offers dynamic and vivid colours.

It has a resolution of 160 x 80. The screen size is large enough to hold a call icon for easy and fast communication. It comes with a home button control and is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

An interesting feature of this product is that it comes with a built-in USB connector. An easily removable wrist wrap conceals Honor Band 5i’s USB connector, which offers hassle free USB charging without a dedicated charging cradle.

The device also comes with a heart rate monitor. The TruSeen 3.0 technology used on this device helps to maximise and maintain workout intensity.

The use of AI driven technologies offer tracking with a great precision. Along with it, the use of infrared technology helps in keeping a round the clock track of heart rate.

Besides, the Huawei TruSleep technology empowers Honor Band 5i to analyze sleep quality in real-time, identify everyday sleep habits, and provide over 200 personalized assessment suggestions for a better sleep.

In addition to this, the device also offers multiple sports modes: outdoor and indoor run, walking, outdoor and indoor cycling, exercise, and so forth.

Another interesting feature of this device is its oxygen monitor. It helps you to keep track of the level of oxygen saturation in your blood. Thus, you can make an assessment of your body’s adaptation to workouts or high altitudes.

The battery life of this device might be overall disappointing, but is decent, considering the price point of this device . It can last up to 6 days when fully charged. The device also offers Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can easily pair it with your smartphone.

Also, you won’t have to worry about water damage while using this product as it comes with 5ATM water resistance.

Moreover, the device comes with some cool features like multiple watch faces and remote control camera (available only for Huawei/ Honor devices). With all these features being offered under 2000 rupees, the Honor Band 5i is one of the best fitness bands in India.


6. Garmin Rubber Vivosmart 4

Garmin Rubber Vivosmart 4Garmin Rubber Vivosmart 4 is a slim, smart fitness band. The fashionable design of the device is coupled with stylish metal frames. It also comes with a bright display which is easy to read. The display auto-adjusts to ambient light levels and hence, it is clearly visible under bright sunlight.

The Pulse Ox sensor attached to the device can gauge your blood oxygen level. A number of factors, which includes your overall health and fitness determines the oxygen levels..

By turning on this feature at night, you can gauge your SpO2 overnight. You can also use it to take a spot measurement anytime to learn more about your body.

The device also comes with an advanced sleep monitoring system. A good sleep is always necessary for your body. The Vivosmart 4 has the capability of tracking your light, deep, and REM sleep stages, along with your movement throughout the night. The Garmin mobile app can help you better analyze the results obtained from tracking.

Further, the device can analyse your body’s energy reserves at any point of time. It does this by using a combination of data on sleep, heart rate variability, and activity. Thus, you can plan your day to optimize times for rest and physical activity.

A higher count on the energy level means that you are ready to be active, whereas a lower count would mean the need for relaxation. It also aids in making a sense of these patterns throughout your weeks.

There are also dedicated activity timers for walks, runs, strength training, yoga, pool swims and other such activities. You can use its preloaded activity tracker to keep a track of your workout time.

Besides, it features a stress tracker as well. It can help you to know whether you are having a calm, balanced, or a stressful day. In the event of a stressful day, the band vibrates and notifies you to relax.

In addition to all of these, the Vivotrack 4 can notify you about your texts, calls, social media notifications, and so forth. Besides, it lets you control the songs playing on your phone without even touching it.

And if you are using an Android smartphone, you can also reply to text messages. The company guarantees its waterproofing to the extent of it being swim-proof. So, water damage must not be an issue.

It must, however, be noted that there is no official water resistance rating for this device. The battery life on this device is average, as it can last up to 7 days on full charge. Although the price is slightly on the higher end, it is one of the best fitness bands in India.


7. GOQii Vital 2.0

GOQii Vital 2.0The GOQii Vital 2.0 is a budget fitness band with a black coloured dial and strap. It looks slim, sleek and elegant. It comes with a superior OLED screen, which can produce vibrant colours.

The feature that sets this device apart from other fitness bands is its dedicated blood pressure monitor. It can help you in recording your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. You just need to set the blood pressure range in the GOQii App to measure blood pressure in the tracker. However, it is important to note that this is not a medical device.

The device also comes with an exercise mode. It enables you to track and monitor your steps, heart rate and time duration of your activities.

Hence, you can track your exercise in real time, along with exercise duration, pace, heart rate and track your route using the location (GPS) option available on your phone. The device, however, does not come with a dedicated GPS option.

The battery life on this device is also a plus point, as it can last up to 15 days on a single charge. This is noteworthy, given that it is a budget fitness band.

The band comes with a pre-installed USB connector, eliminating the requirement for a seperate charger. You can simply connect this device to the USB port of your laptop or powerbank and get it fully charged. The company also claims that the device is waterproof and swim-friendly.

Further, as the device is Bluetooth configured, you can easily connect it to any Android or iOS smartphone. You can get all kinds of social media notifications, such as WhatsApp notifications, on the screen of this device. You can also get call, mail, and text notifications.

The GOQii app on your phone provides for an interactive live-video platform where you can get inputs from well known fitness experts as they talk about lifestyle tips and perform fitness workouts.

In addition to this, the device can track your day-to-day activities and it also comes with a sleep tracker. Considering all of these features in the budget segment, and especially given the existence of a blood pressure monitor, the GOQii Vital 2.0 is an excellent fitness band to purchase.


8. Mi Band – HRX Edition

Mi Band - HRX EditionThe Mi Band – HRX Edition is one of the most basic, yet one of the best fitness bands in India that you can buy in the budget segment. It has a massive battery life of 23 days when fully charged.

It is made using an environmental friendly material which is softer to the touch, so that the contact part of the wristband will give you pleasant tactile sensations while wearing.The hypoallergenic material of Mi Band HRX does not block the skin breathing, which reduces the likelihood of discomfort under the strap.

The OLED panel used for the display is energy efficient and can show vital information such as body temperature, covered distance, and other things just at a touch of your finger.

It can inform you about your calories burnt and also comes with a step tracker, through which you can keep a count on your steps taken. Further, there is a sleep monitor on this device which helps you to understand your sleep patterns in a better way.

The device also comes with a reminder system, so that you do not sit still for too long while you work or read. It gives you an alert when you need to warm up. This is beneficial as it will help you improve your blood circulation and to increase your productivity.

The notification interval is customizable. The vibration alert on the device will inform you about your next workout or a walk in the fresh air. All of these features will be useful for maintaining a fit body.

This fitness band is decently waterproofed, as it has a IP67 rating. It is also dust-resistant. However, it is to be noted that an IP67 rating means that this device is by no means, swim-proof. Further, the display is also designed to be scratch and fingerprint resistant.

The device can be paired with your smartphone. At the same time, you can receive your notifications such as call, text, mail, and social media notifications on this device.

With all the cool features, and given the fact that it performs most of the requisite fitness functions, the Mi Band HRX is a good buy, especially if you are tight on budget, or you are planning to gift something cool to your fitness-freak friend!


FAQs on Fitness Bands In India

1. What Do I Want To Track Using A Fitness Band?

A range of fitness bands that are available in the market, come with a variety of features. While buying a fitness band, think about the activities that you will be performing.

If you simply need a fitness band for keeping a track on regular activities like distance covered while walking, steps taken, or pulse rate, you can go for any of the basic models of these products available in the market.

However, if you perform specialised activities like swimming, try to find the more sophisticated ones which are, say, swim-resistant or are equipped with swimming pattern tracker.

2. Do I Need A Specific Design For A Fitness Band?

A wide range of fitness bands have its own unique shape and style. The design of the fitness band may not be a critical concern for many of us. However, the looks of your wearables can make you stand out in the crowd, and fitness bands are no exception.

This is the reason why manufacturers try to design their fitness bands to be more attractive, at times, adding colour options to the same fitness band.

What you should keep in your mind is that these bands are something that you would need to wear for most of the time during a day. So make sure that whatever fitness band you are buying, must be comfortable on your wrist.

3. What Battery Capacity Should I Look For?

The battery capacity of the fitness bands vary. Some of the best fitness bands in India have a great battery life and can even last up to 20 days on a single charge. However, there are others which die soon after they are charged.

For an optimal performance, it is always safe to go for a product which at least guarantees you a battery life of 7 days, as it would be inconvenient for you to put your device on charge time and again. Also, note that battery life also depends heavily on your usage.

4. Do I Need To Buy A Water Resistance Band?

Since fitness bands are wearables that you wear for long durations (probably, the entire day as you need to keep a track of your activities), it is expected that they are subjected to rough use.

Also, since they are worn on the wrist, there is always the added risk of them getting wet by splashing water during washing utensils, and performing other such day-to-day activities. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to buy a fitness band that is water resistant.

You should also check for water resistance ratings such as ATM or IP rating. 50 ATM rated fitness bands are ideal choices for you to make in case you are a swimmer. Otherwise, you should always look for an IP 67/68 rating.

5. Do I Need The Gps Feature On The Fitness Band?

The GPS feature on the fitness band helps you in tracking your route while cycling, jogging, or running, fetching real-time weather updates and location.

These extra features are certainly beneficial in a number of ways, and they can make your device stand out in the crowd. So, in case you are willing to spend some extra penny over a budget fitness band, do check if the product you are buying is GPS enabled.

However, a lot of non-GPS enabled fitness bands offer you location tracking, weather updates, etc. when the device is paired with your smartphone. But for that matter, you will always have to carry your smartphone along with you.


As fitness is emerging as an important concern for a large number of people, keeping a track of fitness levels is becoming important. The fitness bands are useful devices in this regard. In this article, we listed all the major factors that you must be looking for while buying a fitness band.

We have also reviewed some of the best fitness bands in India which are available online. In addition, we have also answered the frequently asked queries with regards to the fitness bands.

Thus, our buyers’ guide is an attempt to help you out and make your choices easier while buying a fitness band for yourself. However, at the end of the day, the product that you will be buying will depend on your requirements and the money that you are willing to spend.

A lot of manufacturers make a lot of claims, and it is always advisable to not get swayed away by those. Hence, we would also like to encourage you to do some research at your end before making a choice.

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