Best Badminton Rackets in India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Yonex 2. Yonex 3. Li-Ning
Yonex Nanoray Light Best Badminton Racket

Yonex ZR Series

Li-Ning XP-90-IV


The game of badminton is universally loved, and for good reason. It gives you a really good workout and acts as a great cardio boost. Apart from that, it’s just a lot of fun and requires very little hassle to play.

Badminton is a sport that requires just two people, two rackets, a shuttle and a small square space, and you are good to go. Irrespective of whether you play professionally or just for fun, a good racket is essential to be able to be at the top of your game.


In this article, our aim is to try and give you the best review of badminton racket brands and go into the details of all that you should be looking for in your racket. We will be considering a host of different factors in this analysis, and will take you through all of them systematically, so that by the time you end this article, you will be in a good position to make a reasonable choice.

The modern market is riddled with many options and varieties when it comes to rackets. Although having options is considered to be good, however, the plethora of options might also end up being a source of some discontent. This is because if you are not an expert and do not have the best idea as to what makes a racket great, you might end up feeling disillusioned with so many options.

That is why we want to help you make the best choice that will give you the edge over all your competitors. We have conducted a thorough systematic market analysis to give you the best pointers on how to buy the best badminton racket in India and help you to elevate your game to the next level.

Let us now look at some of the factors that we want you to keep in mind, while choosing your ideal badminton racket, so that you can get those perfect serves and volleys.

1. Weight Of The Racket

This is probably the most important factor when it comes to the suitability of your racket to your particular style of play. Individuals may prefer light or heavier rackets depending upon their preference, and the way they approach the game in general. This factor is especially important for people who are not experts at the game or are just starting out badminton as a new hobby.

Lighter rackets would be ideally better for new players, as their body has not built up muscle memory from using a racket of a particular weight. Heavier ones will not be recommended in that case, as it will be more challenging for newbies to develop fluency in the use of their rackets. Heavier rackets on the other hand, do give the player the opportunity to generate a higher amount of power for their shots.

Lighter rackets are not only much easier to control, they are also proven to reduce the possibility of injury. As badminton is a game that requires a lot of shoulder and arm flexing, it can often be tedious and unhealthy for your shoulders if you are not used to playing with a badminton racket. They also allow you to change grips and play different strokes such as a forehand, a backhand etc., with more ease and less strain while ensuring that your quick serves are always on the money.

Striking the perfect balance between the power of the racket and the flexibility and ergonomics of it is paramount. If you are a single player, then we recommend you to go for a racket in the 3U weight category, as it strikes that balance between mass which generates power and lightness which manages flexibility and reduces risk of injury. It provides you with maximum stability and is most commonly preferred by single players.

Doubles players on the other hand, tend to prefer 4U weight category rackets as the standard racket of their choice. The rationale of using a lighter racket in doubles matches is that there is faster and sharper returns from the opponents. This requires you to be sharp as well and have that edge of speed when it comes to responding to the high intensity of returns adequately.

Underneath this section, we are giving you a racket weight guide which would assist you in understanding the type of racket you are looking for. Different racket weight groups are denoted by the sign “U”. The more the racket weighs, the higher is the number of “U”. Generally, the average weight of a racket is anything between 80 gms to around about 100 gms. The following list should give you a good idea.

  • 6U – (F) : 70 – 74 gms
  • 5U : 75 – 79 gms
  • 4U : 80 – 84 gms
  • 3U : 85 -89 gms
  • 2U : 90 – 94 gms
  • 1U : 95 – 100 gms

Modern rackets are getting lighter and lighter nowadays, with new innovative designs and technologies being used. Still, the most standard models in use are generally either in the 3U or 4U category in terms of weight. However, if you are looking for something extremely light, you will also get options in the 5U and 6U range.

On the whole, it can be summarized that lifter rackets are better suited for players who tend to play a more counter attacking game and rely on the speed of movement as their main strength. Heavier rackets on the other hand, are more well suited to power players who rely more on the strength of their shots as opposed to the agility of movement.

2. Balance Point Of Racket

Badminton is a game where the balance is of utmost importance. Although the art of balance has a lot to do with your body in terms of your core stability, the balance point of a racket is also an important determining factor that can prove to be decisive. When it comes to this category, we can divide it into three groups of rockets with different balance points.

1. Head Heavy Balance

These are the rackets which have a higher amount of mass and weight at the top of the racket constituting the area in and around the head. A balancing point of higher than 295 mm basically gives you the indication that the racket is head heavy. Again the type of players who would be best suited with this head heavy variant of rackets are the power hitters and those who like generating high velocity on their shots.

2. Head Light Balance

This category, as is quite evident, represents the opposite of the previous one that we discussed. These are rackets which have much less weight towards the head region. A balance point of lower than 285mm is usually thought to be in this category. This type of racket is generally preferred by players who rely on a fast paced game, with mobility and agility being the primary drivers.

3. Even Balance

This category represents the mid-range balance point rackets where the weight of the racket is not concentrated on any one end. In these types of rackets the balancing points stay somewhere between 285mm to 295mm and over an even distribution of weight. This variant is best suited for players who are at a beginner level or have just stepped into an intermediate stage.

3. String Tension Of The Racket

The type of string tension that you choose for your racket largely depends upon the technique and style of your play. Most players generally use a multifilament string of the synthetic variety as these are quite durable. Most advanced players usually have a racket with a high string tension.

Many advanced players prefer to string their rackets at somewhere around 25 lbs approximately, or even higher than that. The tight stringing ensures that the shuttle is in contact with the racket for a smaller time window and provides higher stability of direction and speed.

Lighter string tension on the other hand, does not provide as much stability, but is capable of generating more power and velocity. Having a low tension level of around 18-20 lbs, this type of racket is much better suited for beginners.

4. Material Build Of Racket

Under this category, we will discuss some of the aspects related to the build quality and design elements of rackets. It is always better to go for a racket which has been made using high quality materials for longevity of the product, as well as operational efficiency. The four main types of materials used to build rackets are wood, steel, carbon fibre and aluminium. The best value for money in our opinion is to invest in carbon fibre or graphite rackets, as they are of superior quality. Not only are they durable and lightweight but also powerful and flexible.

5. Head Shape

This is another important element which you can consider while looking for the best badminton racket in India. Generally, rackets come in two different head shapes which are oval and isometric. The only difference between the two is in the size of the sweet spot, which is at the centre of the string bed. Without getting too technical, you should simply know that intermediate or advanced players can make better use of oval rackets. For beginners however, isometric types are best.

6. Grip Size

Having a good grip on your racket is vitally important if you wish to make a mark in your game and be the best player you can be. The grip size of rackets is usually denoted by the letter G. The larger is the size of the grip, the smaller is the value of G. The following table will give you a good idea of what various grip sizes are and how they are represented.

  • G1: 4in
  • G2: 3.75in
  • G3: 3.5in
  • G4: 3in
  • G5: 3in
  • G6: 2.75in

Top 7 Best Badminton Rackets in India 2020

1. Yonex Nanoray Light

Yonex Nanoray Light Best Badminton Racket

We start off our list of the best badminton rackets in India with the Yonex Nanoray light, which is a new generation racket with an isometric head shape that is perfect for beginners especially. This is a head light racket that is one of the signature models of Yonex, which has been pioneering racket technology ever since 1969.

Boasting of a graphite body that looks as good as it feels, the classic black colour of the
the body gives this racket a unique essence. The Nanoray is the latest design offering from Yonex that comes with an enhanced repulsion capacity, thanks to the new Aero Frame.

It also cedes a great deal of additional control to the player, by allowing you to have a better stronghold on each and every swing of the racket. It is an ideal design for players who have an aggressive attacking style of play and like to push their opponents right at the edge of the court.

The frame comes with an ultra thin top, which results in the minimization of air resistance while striking the shuttle. The bottom and slides of the frame are much thicker in dimension and use their additional frame size to generate additional repulsion.

If you are looking for the best racket in India for placed shots and smashes, this is surely one to consider. Weighing in at 75 grams, this is a very light racket that is very flexible and easy to control. It has a moderate string density of 30 pounds and G4 grip size, which is well suited for newbies and seasoned pros alike.


2. Yonex ZR Series

Yonex ZR Series

Our next product is another highly sought after one from Yonex that has seen an exceptional amount of positive feedback from all sections of the market. A part of the highly coveted ZR series, this aluminum racket is very versatile and can give any other competitor a run for its money.

Sporting a gorgeous black body and weighing roughly around 95 grams, it is one of the more heavier rackets on this list. The additional weight does make it slightly stiff to use, but it also gives you more power and explosiveness on the other hand.

Having a grip size of G3 i.e. 3.5 inches, this one comes highly recommended form many of our experts and consumer reviews as well. It can easily be used by a professional player, as it has all the required minerals to give you consistent high quality performance over an extended time period of heavy usage.

As far as isometric rackets go, there are not many which can compete with this. Hence, even for beginners this works as a great option if you are planning to venture into the fantastic game of badminton.

Considering all of the factors discussed above, it is perhaps not surprising to see that this model has been of the best sellers on Amazon. It is for that reason that we urge you to consider it as a very good option for investment, and we are sure that in due course of time you will thank us for referring this to you.


3. Li-Ning XP-90-IV

Li-Ning XP-90-IV

Our next entry on this list comprising some of the best badminton racket brands in India takes us to a very dependable and trustworthy racket manufacturer which has made a habit out of creating the best rackets at the most affordable prices. Li-Ning XP-90-IV Aluminium Badminton Racquet is a great tool for any badminton player, but especially for beginners who are looking for a good solid racket to get started on their badminton journeys.

Sporting a gracious and royal white body and a weight of around 90 to 95 grams approximately, this racket is on the slightly heavier side, but is a great option for players who love that added touch of power in their smashes and drop shots.

It has a decent flexibility range for a racket of its type and its aluminium body is well suited to the toils of regular hardore usage. It has a grip size of 3.25 inches, which is ideal for starters and will allow you to get in the habit of knowing what a good solid grip actually feels like. And trust us when we say this, a good grip really helps!

It has been priced very moderately keeping in mind the Indian market, and its overall spending habits. This one has value for money written all over it and it’s super easy to see why. It is durable, stylish, powerful, relatively flexible and will give any other racket a good competition in any game.


4. Victor TK-Donge Power Series G5

Victor TK-Donge Power Series G5

Continuing our list of some of the best and widely popular rackets in India, we have the Victor TK-DOnge Power Series next. Just a mere sight of this racket will be enough to fill you with the confidence that so many of its customers have felt over the years. The build of this racket in itself will be enough to blow many of its competitors out of the water.

It has been constructed using a combination of Magan Graphen, nano resin as well as an uta high modulus graphite for its frame. When it comes to the balance point of this racket, it is head heavy and is thus recommended for intermediate and advanced players. Although you definitely could try your hand at it as a beginner as well.

This racket uses two really impressive technologies, which would help you in securing the edge over your opponents. The Seven Six technology is used to reduce the loss of string tension, while also ensuring a longer string life expectancy.

This is achieved thanks to the single-pass grommet hole construction, which aids in reducing friction in between strings. The next technology used is the Power Box which denotes the box shape design of the head of the racket that is designed to give you a greater degree of stability and allows the racket to withstand higher string tension.

The Victor TK-Donge Power Series G5 Strung Badminton Racket is one of the best high powered rackets on the market in India and comes with an overall weight of around 85-89.9 gm, which puts it in the 3U weight category. It sperots a grip of size of 5U and has the capacity to be one of the best handled rackets you have ever used.

Considering all of these aspects and comparing that to other models in this price range, it is easy to see why this has been such a favourite for so many badminton players over the years. It definitely ticks all the boxes and is worthy of purchase.


5. Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus

Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus

At number 5 on our list of some of the best, most affordable and high quality rackets in India, we have another dynamite from Yonex. The Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Badminton Racquet is the perfect weapon of choice for all players who are either beginners or are at an intermediate stage in their badminton game progression. Yonex has been known to provide the best, most flexible and dynamic rackets, and this one is certainly no different.

It allows you to get perfectly timed accurate shots, thanks to its incredible lightweight body and the uber stylish ultra slim design. The round shaped head and boc shaped frame cross section has been especially designed to give players the full range of dynamism that they can exercise in their play. CS carbon nanotubes are placed appropriately at the sides of the racket in the perfect way, which results in the greater elasticity of the frame.

The graphite body gives the perfect certificate for durability, and CS carbon nanotubes are responsible for better hold of the shuttle on the bed of the racket, which gives a much stronger and purer impact. The titanium elastic strings are great for furthering repulsion, thanks to its high tension.

Usage experience of this sublime racket indicates that the strings do stretch for a very short while after impact, but manage to recover very quickly before the return comes in. Of all the rackets we have analyzed, this one is right up there at the top, thanks to its superb construction and friendly pricing.


6. Cosco CB-88

Cosco CB-88

Cosco, as a brand dealing in various kinds of sporting equipment, needs no separate introduction from us as it has managed to carve out quite a niche following for itself through the consistent manufacturing of some of the best sporting goods out there in the market.

It is definitely one of the best badminton racket brands in India as well, thanks to the multitude of high quality rackets that it has come up with. In that regard, the Cosco Cb-88 Badminton Racquet is no different.

One of the most affordable and budget friendly rackets on this list, the Cb-88 is a glorious racket that comes with a strong aluminium body, and is the ideal choice for some high octane recreational badminton. It has a combined weight of around 100 gms, so it is slightly on the heavier side.

Despite this, it has great potential for flexibility and dynamic usage, thanks to its G5 grip and a string tension of around 18 – 20 lbs. It is an extremely high value for money product when you compare it to some of its competitors, and has undoubtedly been a resounding success in the Indian market for many years.


7. Carlton Blade 3000

Carlton Blade 3000

Our search for the best badminton racket in India has finally brought us to the end of this list, where we present to you the Carlton Blade 3000 HL Badminton Racket as the final entry. Carlton has been the pioneer name in badminton rackets along with Yonex for a few years now, and it does not take much time to understand why.

The Carlton Blade 3000 HL Badminton Racket is a device that is suited for use by seasoned pros, as well as enthusiastic new learners of the game. It is one of the most powerful and flexible rackets that you can find in the Indian market at this price range. It has a moderate weight of about 85 gram in total, and is therefore light and easily maneuverable. The isometric head shape of this racket ensures that you always get the perfect balance between power and accuracy, while playing smash or drop shots across the length of the court.

The total weight of the beam amounts of around 15 mm, which gives it a very strong and sturdy base to hold from. Having a grip size of 8.25 cm, it falls into the G4 category and thus can be handled very well.

After careful consideration of all these factors combined, our experts have decided that this is worth the price at which it is being sold. This will prove to be one of these products that you look back on and smile, when you think about the time you hesitated you buy it until you read an article mentioning it online.


FAQs on Badminton Rackets in India

1. Which Brand Is The Best For Badminton Rackets?

The general answer based upon the market research we have done would be to say Yonex. Although there are a few qualifications to this answer, it has been generally reported that Yonex is the most favored brand for consumers in the Indian market. It enjoys a great deal of trust as it has been around for a long time.

2. Is Yonex Better Than Li Ning?

This is a difficult one to answer, as both these brands know how to make a good racket. Yonex of course is more of a traditional heavyweight when it comes to being one of the best badminton racket brands in India. It has been generally found that Lining rackets give you much better string tension. On the other hand, Yonex would probably stake claim to having some of the best middle-end rackets with an average tension of around 25 lbs.

3. Which Racket Is Good For Smash?

There are many good rackets available in the market that can be used to play a very aggressive and attacking game. Basically, you need to look out for rackets that have a higher string tension, as that performs the function of generating explosive power. The Yonex ArcSaber11 badminton racket is a great model that you can check out if you are interested in mastering the aggressive attacking style of play.


Our main purpose in this article was to find the best badminton racket in India. We started off by discussing some of the most important factors that you should be aware about while choosing the dream racket of your choice. We went into these factors in some detail and sought to give you the best, most comprehensive and succinct overview of this subject.

We then moved on to the list of some of the best badminton rackets that we could find currently in the Indian market. We discussed the best rackets from a variety of brands such as Yonex, Carlton, Cosco etc. and gave you the overall review of these products based upon our user interviews and market research.

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