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Job, home and a dream car. These three things are deemed to be important to every Indian. Most of us dream of having our own home at a young age. While buying a home is not easy as it comes with a hefty investment tag, the next pain is to complete the home with the right appliances and accessories.


And if you choose to opt for a home with a garden, then you’ll need accessories to take care of it too.These appliances make the living experience comfortable for us. While finding these appliances have become easy through various E-commerce websites, the challenge still remains in making the right choice.


By right choice we mean, buying what is necessary for you. Let’s agree, we all have a budget to cater to and it doesn’t make sense to end up spending more on ‘X’ product just because it is packaged well. Hence, it is very important you are informed about the product and presented with limited choices which enjoy a positive rating among the consumers.


At MICA-India, we have made buyer guides on various bedroom products, cleaning appliances, weather appliances and much more so that you do not settle with the next best. Each of these buyer guides is compiled after thorough research and only the top rated products are listed on them. This ensures that you are buying the best of the best!


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Best Inverters For Home in India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Luminous Zelio 2. Microsoft Hybrid 3. Luminous Zolt Power cuts have become an extremely frequent matter in our country, and most of the time, they are unannounced and/or unscheduled. Since almost everything today runs on power – from the most basic daily necessities such as fans and lights to almost everything such as heavy-duty …

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