Best Air Purifiers Under ₹10,000 2020: Top Reviews

1. Cuckoo 2. Philips 3. Mi
Cuckoo (CAC-I0510FW) Air Purifier Best Air Purifier Under ₹10000

Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

Mi Air Purifier 3


The quality of air in our country is deteriorating every day, leading to a range of respiratory diseases and other health problems. You might think that pollution is only outside, while the indoors are completely safe. However, this is not true, as the inside of your house, office, or school is equally polluted and for this, you require an air purifier.

Indoor pollution is caused by a variety of factors, like the smoke that comes while cooking, or sometimes even the outside polluted air might enter your home. Air purifiers are a solution to these problems and one that is available within a reasonable budget. This article gives you an overview of the best air purifier under ₹10000.


Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Air Purifier Under ₹10,000

Like many home appliances, an air purifier is a long-term investment and something that you do not want to get wrong. To avoid making any mistakes while choosing the best air purifier under 10000, we have a list of some important factors that you must consider. These factors will guide you to make an informed choice, one that you will not regret.

1. Main Pollutants

Before selecting an air purifier, you must have some knowledge about the main pollutants that you want it to deal with. For example, if you have pets like dogs or cats in your home, there will surely be a lot of furs, along with microscopic skin flakes, saliva, etc. Thus, you require an air purifier that can deal with pet dander and even the odor that it emits.

Similarly, for pollutants like mold, bacteria, viruses, you need air purifiers that can specifically purify the air of all this. Allergen-specific air purifiers are best suited to deal with all these problems.

2. Room Size

The capacity and size of the air purifier that you purchase will depend on the size of the room you are buying it for. Air purifiers are available in different capacities. Some are compact, meant for smaller rooms, whereas others are larger and suitable for larger rooms. The trick is to buy a purifier that can work in a room slightly larger than yours.

3. Filtration System

The main process that makes an air purifier work efficiently is the filtration system. Many allergens and other airborne particles are eliminated through this filtration method. The result is clean and safe air to breathe. The HEPA filtration system is the most trusted filtration, that can eliminate pollutants as microscopic as 0.3 microns in diameter.

Other than HEPA, which has the highest level of efficiency at 99.97%, there are a few other filtration systems such as pre-filter, ionizer, activated carbon, and photocatalytic oxidation. If you wish to get rid of odor in the air, then activated carbon is the solution. Photocatalytic oxidations can get rid of odors as well as chemicals.

4. Air Change Rate

The air change rate is yet another important factor that determines the best air purifier under 10000. The air change rate is an indication of the number of times the purifier has been able to clean the air in the house in the span of an hour. The higher this rate, the better it is, especially if you or somebody in your family suffers from respiratory diseases.

5. Activated Carbon Layer

If your budget permits, you must always go for the air purifier that comes with an activated carbon layer. It can eliminate harmful gases and chemicals that are present in the air. The larger the layer of activated carbon on the filter, the better your purifier will work to clean the air in the house.

6. Portability And Weight

Often, an air purifier that is of a smaller size, can be suitable for a large room. If you wish to move around the purifier from one room to another regularly, you must buy a portable air purifier. The lightweight of the purifier makes it easier to move around. A big purifier will occupy a larger space and be difficult to shift around.

7. Noise

Noise emission levels are a very crucial factor, as it not only disturbs your peace but also contributes to noise pollution. There are fans in all air purifiers that naturally emit some amount of noise, but you can always opt for an air purifier that makes less noise. This is not only best for the environment, but also for sake of your peaceful work and sleep routines, that do not require the constant buzzing of fans.

8. Alerts Change Of Filters

The filters will exhaust its operations after the end of its lifespan. The air purifier you choose must alert you to change the filters. Some purifiers do this by making a beep sound, while others have LED indicators to alert you. These alerts keep you updated about the replacement schedules of the filter.

9. Filter Replacement And After-sales Service

A good brand will offer both filter replacement and great after-sales service. It is best to change the filters now and then, and the purifier you purchase must be from a brand that has filters available widely. The manufacturer must also provide you with a trustworthy and responsible after-sales service. They must be available to contact and help when needed.

10. Warranty

The last factor on this list is the warranty on the air purifier that you purchase. Most air purifier brands usually provide a 2-year warranty on the device. Whatever the period might be, you must check the terms and conditions of the warranty before making the final purchase.

In this section, we aim to highlight some of the best air purifiers under 10000 that are available in the market. While we will review only 10 products for you here, you must go beyond these products, to research the others that are there. This will only open up more options for you and help you choose the best one.

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers Under ₹10,000 2020

1. Cuckoo (CAC-I0510FW) Air Purifier

Cuckoo (CAC-I0510FW) Air Purifier Best Air Purifier Under ₹10000

Cuckoo brings to you its top-quality air purifier (CAC-I0510FW), which will clean the air inside your home or any closed space that you wish to purchase the air purifier for. The purifier can eliminate allergens that are as microscopic as 0.3 ug, which includes pollutants like smoke, mold, pet dander, pollen, microbes, and so on. This purifier can also be used to get rid of unpleasant odors.

There are three filters contained in the purifier, which include the pre-filter, carbon filter, and True H13 HEPA filter which can remove hair, and other allergens. There are various modes on the purifier that you can use to control the functions. These modes include auto speed, high speed, and sleep mode – which can be used to control the air quality.

The timer option can be used to set the time for the air purifier at 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. An air quality sensor is fitted into the purifier, which tells you about the real-time air quality featured by 3 different colors denoting 3 different air qualities. Blue indicates the best air quality, yellow indicates normal air quality, and red indicates poor air quality.

Depending on the real-time air quality, the fan speed is adjusted. The purifier also senses and alerts you when it is time to change the air filter.


2. Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

When it comes to electronic appliances, Philips is one of the most trusted brands of all and has been providing excellent services to the people of India for many years. Philips’ air purifier has many features that make it one of the most efficient options. The device is best suited to small or medium rooms.

Ranked as one of the best air purifiers under 10000, the Philips air purifier comes with the VitaShield IPS and the Nano Protect filter that increases the rate of air delivery to 270 m3/hr. Microscopic particles are as small as 0.02 um can be removed by this purifier. Harmful gases like formaldehyde and TVOC can also be eliminated easily.

The Auto-Purification mode helps in boosting the speed of the air purifier, to eliminate the pollution that results from smoke from cooking or even smoking. Philips proves to be the most conscious about the needs of customers, with features like the Night Sensing mode, that cleans the air before you go to sleep and monitors it throughout the night. The lights in the purifier get dimmed at night, and the noise levels are reduced.

There is a child lock on the device that prevents your children from tampering with the settings of the air purifier. There are indicators on the purifier that inform you about the real-time air quality in your room so that you can adjust the functions like fan speed accordingly.


3. Mi Air Purifier 3

Mi Air Purifier 3

Mi is known for its smartphones, smart TVs, earphones, but the lesser-known product that this brand also manufactures is an air purifier. The Mi Air Purifier 3 comes with a True HEPA filter that filters out 99.97% germs, even those as small or microscopic as 0.3 microns. You might feel like the indoors are clean, but there are pollutants in the air that you often cannot see.

You can control the different features and operations of the air purifier with the OLED touch display. This shows the real-time PM 2.5 concentration, humidity, and temperature on a particular day, working mode, and even the WiFi connection. You can also control these features with the smart app that you can download on your smartphone. The rated frequency of the air purifier is 50/60 Hz.

Voice assistants, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, work well with this purifier. It has a 360-degree air intake, with 3 layers of filtration that will ensure you breathe in fresh and clean air all the time while indoors. It has a CADR of 380 m3/h and consumes power as low as 38 watts. This Mi air purifier can be used in a room measuring 484 sqft.


4. Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp Air Purifier

Another brand that has been received well by the people of India is Sharp, and it manufactures some of the best air purifiers under 10000. This brand produces Japanese quality products which are all facilitated by Plasmacluster technology. This particular air purifier comes with a dual purification that the air in your room has to undergo when it is purified and cleaned.

It comprises a combination of 3 filters – a passive filter, a voluminous granular active carbon filter, and a pre-filter. All these filters with the 20-degree airflow clean the air in the entire room. The purifier has a simple, yet sophisticated design that will fit into any kind of home decor. This device is also lightweight, compact, and occupies very little place.

A room of 200 sq ft can be cleaned 4 times better and faster in under an hour. The Sharp air purifier will not disappoint you, as it can function continuously without any interruptions. The special Haze function is meant specifically for Indian conditions. The device is equipped with an auto-start option, dust, and an odor sensor. A low noise level is consciously taken care of so that you can go about your work without being disturbed by external noises.


5. Honeywell Air Touch A5 Air Purifier

Honeywell Air Touch A5 Air Purifier

Honeywell brings to you its A5 indoor air purifier, which has a versatile area coverage and is known to be highly efficient, available within a stipulated budget of 10000. The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of this air purifier is 250 cu m/hr. It covers an area of 30 sq.m and a height of 2.74 m, which makes the purifier useful in both bedrooms and living rooms.

The air in the room is made to go through a 3-stage purification process that efficiently removes 99% of the pollutants to completely clean the air. It comes with a pre-filter that can be washed and can trace the larger dust particles, soil, and so on. The lifespan of the HEPA filter is improved with this pre-filter.

The activated carbon filter, on the other hand, is responsible for the microscopic pollutants that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This includes allergens as small as 0.3 microns and pollens as well. Some other elements that are eliminated by the Honeywell air purifier are formaldehyde, toxic gases, odors, and VOCs. This air purifier does not give out any harmful gases, which makes it one of the safest ones.


6. Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier

Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier

Another Philips model on this list, this one belongs to the 1000 series Nightsense AC1211/20. It is available in white and is quite compact so that you can place the purifier in any small corner of the room without worrying about how much space it will occupy. The device has been designed to fit into the decor of your home.

This air purifier consumes 50 watts energy, which is quite low compared to various other heavy electronic appliances. This ensures that money is saved on your monthly electricity bills. The special feature of this Philips air purifier is its ultra-silent function, especially at night – to ensure your sleep remains undisturbed. The 33 dB Nightsense mode makes for nights with cleaner air.

The VitaShield IPS (Intelligent Purification System) Technology purifies the air in the room throughout the day, resulting in an environment that is extremely clean and fresh. The purifier can clean a room of size 677 sq.ft and a CADR measuring up to 270 m3/hour. It has a particle sensor with a fan speed of level 1, 2, and 3.

The cord length of the machine is 1.8 m, which is quite long so that you can connect it to a plug point anywhere in the room. It is 100% ozone free and hence, emits no harmful chemicals or ozone. This is ensured with the help of natural filtration technology. 99.97% of germs and pollutants are cleaned with the Nano-protect true HEPA series 1 filter that is extra-thick.

Ultrafine microscopic particles as small as 0.2 microns, and a lot smaller than PM 2.5 can be filtered out by the air purifier. With the rising levels of pollution, it is no surprise that every individual is worried about the health of themselves and their family members. This Philips air purifier is a quick and safe solution to this serious problem that the entire world is trying to tackle at the moment.


7. Blue Star BS-AP300DAI Air Purifier

Blue Star BS-AP300DAI Air Purifier

Blue Star is a renowned brand that has been supplying electronic appliances to Indian homes for many years now, which includes a range of products like air conditioners, water purifiers, and air purifiers. This Blue Star air purifier kills all germs before they can harm you and your close ones.

Ranked as the best air purifier under 10000, the Blue Star air purifier is equipped with an advanced 3-stage multi-function purification system. This includes a high-density filter that gets rid of physical impurities, an ultra-high efficient dust collector to remove chemical impurities, and plasma filters to eliminate microbiological impurities. The air quality sensor will inform you about the real-time air quality in your room or home.

The air purifier comes with an auto filter clean LED indicator that tells you when it is time to clean the filter and change it so that the purifier has a longer life span. The HEPA filter traps all the fine dust particles and bacteria at 2.5 PM. Along with all these features, the purifier is also equipped with the Microbe Deactive+ Technology, which eliminates 99.5% airborne pollutants like bacteria, pollen, and mold.

The digital timer on the air purifier has settings that allow you to set the time at 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours, as you prefer. The coverage area of the air purifier is 300 sq.ft. The Blue Star air purifier consumes 43-watt energy that makes the machine not only pocket-friendly but also environment-friendly. There is a 2-year warranty on the air purifier that is counted from the date of manufacture.\


8. Hindware Moonbow AP-A8400UIN Air Purifier

Hindware Moonbow AP-A8400UIN Air Purifier

Hindware is a popular sanitary ware brand in the country, which has recently begun to manufacture air purifiers as well. One thing that Hindware has always been praised for, is their single-minded focus on quality. The Moonbow air purifier by Hindware has also been made with exquisite care, using the best material and technology.

Even though the air purifier is compact, it covers an area of 400 sq.ft and has a CADR of 215 m3/hr. It comes with a pre-filter that can be washed whenever necessary for maintenance. This filter can deal with large-sized pollutants like pet dander, hair strands, and so on.

Then there is the True HEPA filter, that takes care of the microscopic particles that are 0.3 microns in size, such as fine dust, pollen, smoke, etc. Even particles that are 8 times smaller than PM 2.5 can be detected and removed by the HEPA filter. The third filter in the air purifier is the activated carbon filter, that gets rid of the bad or harmful odor and chemicals from the air. It also eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds from your environment.

The UV lamp present in the machine can fight mold spores, pollens, viruses, and bacteria that might be lying or floating around in your room. The purifier emits refreshing energizers that smell fresh and natural, giving a rejuvenating feeling to the environment inside the room. The device consumes 55 watts of energy on an average daily, which is not too much as compared to your other electronic devices at home.

The Moonbow air purifier is available in white and has a simple design with a glossy finish. However, what is most attractive about this gadget is the premium quality material used to make it, that ensures excellent durability and efficient working of the purifier. There is a 1-year warranty on this air purifier, and if any damage occurs within this period, then Hindware is responsible for its repair.


9. Glen Air Purifier 6033 5 Stages Purification

Glen Air Purifier 6033 5 Stages Purification

The Glen air purifier 6033 is a budget deal because it is one of the very few air purifiers that are so efficient and yet available at an affordable price. It comprises a 5 step purification process, that includes different filters through which the air in your immediate environment is required to pass to be purified. This process kills 99.9% of the germs that can otherwise enter your body and cause immense damage.

The air goes through filters, like the pre-filter that is responsible for dealing with the larger, more visible pollutants or allergens like hair strands, or similar things. Another filter is the True HEPA filter, which deals with the microscopic, invisible to the naked eye particles like dust particles, or pollen. The purifier is also accompanied by a cold catalyst filter and a built-in ionizer.

The CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate of the Glen air purifier is 230 m3/hour. The air quality indicator is present to inform you about the quality of the air at a particular time, and this can further help you to adjust the functions or operations of the air purifier accordingly. The fan speed in the machine comes in three levels that you can adjust as required.

There is also an 8-hour timer in the purifier, to prevent you from making the effort of keeping a watch to turn off the purifier once the work is done. Along with this, a filter replacement indicator is also there to tell you when it is time to change the filter. You must take action as soon as this indicator sends you the signal.

The Glen air purifier has a sleep mode feature that can be used to give some rest to the appliance when it is not being used. You can control all the features using a remote control that is provided along with the purifier. The energy consumption of the device is only 45 watts so that your money is saved every month. All in all, this purifier consists of so many useful features that it deserves to be referred to as one of the best air purifiers under 10000.


10. Carrier Air One Room Air Purifier

Carrier Air One Room Air Purifier

Carrier is an American global corporation, popular in India for their air conditioners and coolers that have been providing relief to many people from the scorching heat of Indian summers. Other than the two products mentioned above, Carrier also manufactures air purifiers like this product that we will review in this section. The Carrier one room air purifier is available in white.

There is an LED display, that will tell you about the air quality and keep you updated with it. It consists of a 3-stage filtration process that comes with a pre-filter, HEPA H11 filter, and an activated carbon filter. These different filters can keep you safe from the harmful substances that are always present in the air. The airflow of the purifier can be adjusted with the help of the 4 level fan speed that you can easily control as per your requirements.

There is an auto mode feature that you can use, to adjust the speed at which the air flows. Another feature is the sleep mode, which cleans the air more efficiently at night, and ensures that minimum sound is made when you are sleeping. There is a filter replacement reminder that will remind you when the present filter has worn out and you need a change for the air purifier to work well.

The Carrier one room air purifier has an area coverage of up to 300 sq.ft – that amounts to the size of a bedroom or a small living room. Get home an air purifier from a trustworthy brand like Carrier, to enjoy fresh, clean air and the best after-sales services a company can provide you with.



It has become a dire necessity to install air purifiers in homes and offices, especially in cities like Delhi, where the pollution levels reach a dangerous peak during the winters, due to crop burning and so on. This article gives you all the information that you require on the best air purifier under 10000. Read articles such as this one and do your research, to know the importance of air purifiers in today’s world.

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