Best Inverter Batteries In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Amaron 2. Exide 3. Luminous
Amaron Inverter 150Ah Best Inverter Batteries Exide 150Ah New Instability Inverter Ups Battery

Luminous Rc 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery


Gone are the days when a power cut meant that you had to abandon all your essential tasks and have no recourse apart from sitting at one place and hoping and praying for the power to return. The dramatic improvements in technology over the last 50 odd years has been pathbreaking and the level of convenience that we have today is only because of these accelerated improvements in the field of inverter technology.

Inverters have been steadily becoming more affordable and a large section of the Indian consumer market is now using an inverter in case of accidental power cuts. In many parts of India, the ongoing menace of a power cut continues to be a genuine problem and it is not surprising that many families have decided to consider using an inverter as their go-to home appliance.


For those who don’t know, inverters require separate batteries and the quality of the batteries you are suing with your inverter makes a huge difference to the overall quality and performance of the device itself. The best inverter battery gives you a wide range of additional improvements that would not only increase the overall lifespan of your inverter but also lead to the better and more efficient utilization of electricity that ultimately helps you manage your bills in a more optimal manner.

The purpose of this article is to give you the overall detailed picture when it comes to the questions related to an inverter battery so that you can get the most out of your device and be in a better position to secure the best battery in India to complement your inverter model.

The information that we have compiled has been carefully assessed and analyzed by some of the most well known and highly regarded industry experts who have loads of long term experience and expertise when it comes to issues relating to the manufacture and maintenance of inverters and the pros and cons of various inverter battery models.

After careful consideration with our aforementioned experts, we have made an extensive account of the most poignant tips and advice when it comes to going about looking to buy the best inverter battery for home usage. It is clear to everyone now that in the era of technology that we live in, it is indispensable to ensure the regular and uninterrupted flow of electricity is crucial to our daily activities we move further towards a service-based economy in terms of sectoral dominance.

A powerful inverter battery will help you in mitigating those problematic circumstances and eventually allow you to move towards greater efficiency and have a higher standard of living. Now we will move towards discussing some of the most important points that should determine your choice while looking towards a brand new effective inverter battery.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Inverter Battery For Home

1) Understanding your overall power requirement:

This is the first point that we want you to consider carefully and we would also argue that it is probably one of the most important points to think about when considering a battery inverter. The best way to go about doing this is to try and make an accurate assessment of all the electronic appliances as well as various gadgets that you expect to run in the event of a power cut.

This might amount to, for example, two tube lights, two ceiling fans, a personal computer, and a television. It is crucial to remember that everything depends upon the capacity of the inverter battery to be able to keep up with your power requirements. Otherwise, you will only manage to get a subpar level of performance at best.

2) Finding the right VA rating for the inverter you require

The VA rating is basically the volt-ampere rating of your inverter battery which is used to denote the voltage and current that is supplied by the inverter to all of your respective appliances. Without getting into too much detail regarding the technicalities, it is best advised to have a total watt value that is the same as the VA rating so. This would be ideal for all consumers.

3) Being aware of the size of the inverter battery that you require

This is extremely important, as correct knowledge of the size of the inverter battery that you require will be vitally crucial to the overall efficient functioning of your device. An inverter whose size is not fully compatible with your power requirements will hardly be able to give you the most optimized level of performance that you desire.

4) Consider the bigger appliances which might require greater power

Many consumers often overlook the fact that different kinds of electrical appliances require different levels of power and make different kinds of demands on the inverter and consequently on the inverter battery. Bigger appliances include ones such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

These require a much higher amount of power as compared to most other devices as they have motors in their compressors which require a very large amount of power to start. If you have the need to run one or more of these devices during the event of a power cut, you will require to increase the VA and size requirement of the inverter and hence also of the battery.

Top 10 Best Inverter Batteries In 2020

1. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Best Inverter Batteries

This list gets Kickstarter with a very popular product from Amaron which has been very well received across all sections of the market. As we know well enough, the problem of power cuts is a very real problem in most parts of India and battery inverters such as these are exclusively made to tailor to Indian average standards of power consumption.

Amaron has been very popular in this context as a brand as it has a whole host of different inverter batteries suited for different requirements of power. This aspect is very well manifested in the build of the battery as it has a very high heat tolerance capacity which makes it ideal for harsh Indian weather conditions during peak summers.

The battery is also factory charged and is endowed with the highest amount of reserve capacity. The battery is one of the sturdiest to be found in the market and this strength has found substance in the use of a high heat resistant calcium/ultra modified hybrid alloy for its grids that makes it especially powerful and requires absolutely zero-level maintenance. It is the perfect example of the modern day inverter battery that is endowed with all the essential latest technologies that enable it to be a high-performance product that is definitely worthy of your investment.

This product is also remarkably simple and easy to use as it is based on a very simple charging mechanism that is not only incredibly easy to understand but is also uniquely fast. This ends up taking a lot less time to charge than do other average batteries.

Other aspects of this battery that firmly establishes its low maintenance qualities are the very negligible and virtually nonexistent propensity of the battery to lose power. Furthermore, it has a very low level of lead reserve. Last but by absolutely no means the least, this inverter battery gives you a warranty of 48 months that is virtually unreal by current market standards.


2. Exide 150Ah New Instability Inverter Ups Battery

Exide 150Ah New Instability Inverter Ups BatteryIn case you haven’t been leading under a rock for the last 20 years, you would not need to be told that Exide is one of the most standard and respected brands when it comes to inverters as well as batteries of all kinds and for all kinds of purposes.

The Exide 150Ah New Instability Inverter Ups Battery is simply a continuation of the long list of impressive inverter batteries from Exide and has been extremely well received in the market like most of its other products. It offers superior levels of performance at a very affordable price and is extremely low maintenance as it has a float guide to indicate electrolyte levels.

In terms of convenience of usage, this battery is also very friendly and comes with additional perks such as being spill-proof that further adds to its already simple handling mechanism. The most useful part about the design of the product is the molded handle on either side that ensures the best possible handling and optimum usage capabilities. It also comes with a top vented lid endowed with anti-splash guards that are fitted with coin flush vent plugs which give it a much higher degree of stability.

Not only this, but this inverter battery is also very well resistant to fumes and leaks. It has a spark arrestor fitted float to restrict fumes as well acid when it is in operation.

Moreover, it also gives you a completely clean top with absolutely no surface leakage. Other impressive features include the use of advanced hybrid technology that makes it easy for it to be able to withstand high temperatures of the subcontinent.

The phenomenon of dual plate separation is also crucial as it greatly reduces the possibility of premature failure of the device. The battery supplies in a factory charged condition as is capable of running higher power loads. It is widely beings regarded as the best inverter battery in India 2020 and you should most definitely give it a chance.


3. Luminous Rc 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular BatteryLuminous Rc 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

The number 3 on this list of some of the best inverter batteries of our time available in India, we have decided to go with the LUMINOUS RC 18000 150AH Tall Tubular Battery that has been getting all the rave reviews in recent times from all sections of the consumer market.

First and foremost, it is a tall tubular battery is build so extremely easy to use is also known for having a unique patented alloy composition that is responsible for protecting the lead part of the battery that from the threat of corrosion.

Another positive aspect of this device is the highly puncture-resistant daramic-usa separator that is fundamental in terms of minimizing the possibility of internal short circuits. This in conjunction with the balanced plate design gives you improved charge acceptance as well as excellent deep charge recovery.

The device also features hadi high-pressure casting machine that gives you the possibility of maintaining void free and uniform grain structure. In terms of popularity, this inverter battery is very high on the list as it quite fast charging and also gives us the option of longer backup.

Because of the fact that these batteries not only charge faster but also last much longer in terms of their lifespan, they end up saving a high amount of valuable financial resources for the user and this leads to better-optimized resources.

This is undoubtedly one of the best inverter batteries in the market as it gives you the prospect of achieving uninterrupted flow of electricity even in cases of running high power appliances. This has given it a very healthy reputation and you can be assured of the fact that it will definitely not disappoint you if you choose to invest in it at the earliest.


4. Luminous ILTT 26060 220Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous ILTT 26060 220Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous as a brand has by now made significant headway into the Indian market especially for inverter batteries that are not only dependable and highly functional ut are known for being extremely affordable and for giving the user a higher value for money as compared to many other brands.

Equipped with a 220Ah battery, it is no surprise to see why the Luminous ILTT 26060 220Ah Tubular Battery has been the go-to choice for so many people who own an inverter and it establishes the fact that this battery is very much capable of taking higher power loads.

Based on the tall tubular technology, it is also worth mentioning that the ILTT 26060 uses all of the modern technological advances to give you the best performance thanks to the tall tubular plates fixed inside the batteries. In the field of inverter battery applications, tubular is the most recent latest technology that the industry has come across and is using to the full extent.

Another aspect of this inverter battery which has made many people extremely confident is its sleek design and convenient body structure that makes it extremely portable and compact in terms of geometric dimensions.

The product will be brought to you in a perfectly suitable factory charged condition so that you have no worries whatsoever and can go about using it to power your inverters straight away. The cherry on the cake as far as this product is concerned is the 36 months extended warranty that is granted on the product upon purchase and this aspect further increases the confidence of potential buyers regarding the quality and authenticity of this battery.

All of these features have led many to class this product as one of the best if not the best inverter battery that you can hope to buy in the current market.


5. Exide Tube Master Tubular Battery TM500 (White & Red)

Exide Tube Master Tubular Battery TM500 (White & Red)

The next item on this list is an example of another fantastic inverter battery from one of the undisputed champion of the energy industry in India. The Exide Tube Master Tubular Battery TM500 is a very popular and trusted battery for inverters that are essentially composed of good quality plastic along with lead acids.

It has an overall capacity of around 150AH. The dimensions of this product are 25.4 x 22.9 x 35.5 cm. Hence as should be clear from the dimensions themselves, this battery is very compact and well designed. In terms of the issues of transportability, this battery is very useful and can be moved 6. around with relative ease.

Other selling points for this high-quality well-regarded product comes in the form of a warranty of 36 months and very bright and engaging color design of red and white that does not easily fade after long periods of usage. Not only is it a very well balanced and rounded battery for power requirements, but the remarkable thing about this product is also that it is available on a very reasonable price. All things considered, this is one of the most desirable battery inverters that we have come across in our research and is definitely worth investing.


6. Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT Plastic Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery

Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT Plastic Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery

The seventh product on this list of some of the best inverter batteries brings us back to Amaron with which we started right at the outset. Amaron has been known for making the best most efficient batteries for your inverters that not only give seamless service on a consistent basis but are also incredibly affordable.

Just like its predecessor, the Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT Plastic Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery is has been built in such a manner that it is able to withstand and perform in the harshest of heat and humidity areas and is therefore incredibly sturdy while also being well suited to the subcontinental conditions.

The battery will be brought to you with full factory charged conditions in place and it also helps that the battery has the highest level of reserve capacity when you compare it to other market standards. Charging the battery is also pretty straight forward and does not prove to be any kind of hassle at all.

Furthermore, this product form Amaron is very much less prone to lose water and subsequently does not require much maintenance. The lack of consistent maintenance is also achieved by virtue of the heat resistant calcium/ultra modified hybrid alloy which makes it a lot sturdier than many others of its kind.

This model like other battery models form Amaron is compatible with any inverter in the market and because of this, it has often enjoyed high sales across the length and breadth of the country. After careful consideration of all of the above factors, our experts have come to the conclusion that the product is deserving of a place on this list and is one of the best models of inverter batteries that you can expect to find.


7. Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery

Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery

We have already had an assorted list of some of the best inverter batteries that are available on a reasonable budget. Next, in the long line of impressive inverter batteries we have the Luminous RC 15000 Tubular 120AH Battery.

Luminous is by no means a newcomer to the industry and it has certainly been growing in reputation ever since its inception and has become one of the most trusted brands of inverter batteries in India.

The Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery is a marvel of electrical engineering and is the perfect inverter battery for domestic usage on a medium scale. Not only does it have an impeccable track record of performance but it also has been known to sport a very convenient and efficient design which makes its use a lot more simple and straightforward.

It is composed of good quality plastic and is quite sturdy and powerful as compared to others of its kind. The dimension of the product stands at around 505x220x284 which further establishes its credentials as a very transportable and easily movable battery for your inverter.

Other impressive features of this battery are the absolute hassle-free water level maintenance requirements, power backup time display in hours and minutes and last but not the least, MCB protection. All of these features together make for a very good product which you can put your faith in for the long run as the perfect companion to your inverter.


8. Luminous RC18000ST 150 AH Battery

Luminous RC18000ST 150 AH Battery

The second last inverter battery on this list is also brought to by Luminous which as stated earlier has carved out a significant presence for itself in the Indian market.

That is why we have gone with so many luminous products as it has the trust of the consumer and has a proven history of good performance.

In that regard, the Luminous RC18000ST 150 AH Battery is no exception and has been another one of the widely sold inverter batteries from Luminous in the past 5 years or so. It will give you all the required essentials of an inverter power supply and will also help to manage your electricity bill within reasonable limits.

According to reviews, this battery has an average life expectancy of 3 to 5 years and is usable with 825 VA. it also has the tubular technology and is the perfect fit to a luminous inverter.


9. V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery(Multicolour)

V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery(Multicolour)To cap off this list once and for all, we have the much revered V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery that has made a recent entry into the Indian market but has done remarkably well in terms of sales for the short period of time that it has been here for.

Like some of the other brand names on this list, it is perhaps not quite as well known but we ask our readers to give it some time and you definitely hear about them being mentioned in the same breath as some of the others. V-Guard batteries are known to have a high level of performance and consistently positive levels of feedback from consumers and users.

When it comes to questions of backup, this battery provides backup of approximately from three hours thirty minutes to fifty-four hours. This wide disparity exists because this point is essentially dependent on the number of devices that you have connected to your DUPS and the total amount of power that ends up consuming. These batteries also work really well with other brands of UPS, hence it is the perfect choice in terms of compatibility.

The battery is completely devoid of things such as blow holes and finer grain structures. If you live in an area where there are high instances of power shortages and regular power cuts, this battery from V-8Guard is ideal for you. The best use of this can be made through deep cycle application which makes it the most reliable and dependable battery for inverters that this market has produced in recent times.


10. Luminous RC 25000 200AH Tubular Battery

Luminous RC 25000 200AH Tubular Battery

A very impressive battery that will surely take care of all your requirements so that your inverter can perform its task to the best of its ability.

The Luminous RC 25000 200AH Tubular Battery is incredibly long lasting in terms of its lifespan and has been known to give equally good backup and performance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is the meaning of battery capacity?

The term battery capacity is used to denote the capacity of a battery to store charge which is expressed in Ampere-hour (1 Ah = 3600 coulombs). Moreover, the battery is discharged at a constant rate of current over a fixed period of time, such as 10 hours or 20 hours, down to a set terminal voltage per cell and the efficiency of a battery is different based upon differences in discharge rates.

2) How to know when to add water to my batteries?

Most inverter batteries come with a water level indicator that is either inbuilt or is secured by the service engineer during installation. You should always take extreme care while refilling your battery and not add any excess water whatsoever.

3) What could cause my battery to fail?

Undercharge or Overcharge is usually the most common reasons for battery failure.

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