Best Orthopedic Mattress In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. SleepyCat 2. Sleepyhead 3. WakeFit
SleepyCat Mattress Best Orthopedic Mattress In India

Sleepyhead Mattress

Wakefit Mattress


After a hard day’s work full of exhaustion, a good night’s sleep can be the most blissful experience in the world. It makes you fresh and prepared to face yet another busy day. In today’s time you need to take care of your back and maintain the proper posture while sleeping.

Orthopedic mattresses are really important in this regard. It takes care of your back and helps you maintain proper posture, which shall result in a healthy lifestyle. In order to purchase it, you must have adequate knowledge about the best orthopedic mattress in India.


If you want to feel rejuvenated in the morning, you must have the best mattress in your possession. The market now provides a lot of choices in terms of buying orthopedic mattresses, and these are easily available online. However, you must make an informed decision in order to buy these.

Keep in mind your requirements such as your medical needs, the size of the mattress and so on. Do sufficient research on varieties of orthopedic mattresses in India and only then go ahead with buying it. A series of factors need to be considered before buying a mattress.

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Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Orthopedic Mattress

1. Thickness Of The Mattress

Before buying a mattress you must consider the thickness, as this is one of the most essential features. This is important keeping in mind your comfort. Most mattresses are 10 inches thick. The thickness can however vary from 5 inches to 15 inches.

Your body weight is important and plays a crucial role in determining the thickness of the mattress that you should opt for. If your weight is slightly towards the heavier side, a thicker mattress would be more comfortable. For lighter individuals, thinner mattresses are preferable.

However, thicker mattresses are more well suited to orthopedic needs as it gives comfort to your back and can relieve it of pain.

2. Firmness Of The Mattress

Two principal factors determine the firmness of the mattress-

  • The weight of the individual
  • Your sleeping posture

Firstly, people weighing more than 60 kgs prefer thicker and firm mattresses, while those weighing less than 60 kgs should go for softer mattresses. Why is the firmness of a mattress such a crucial element? It is so because the firmness ensures the conforming ability of the mattress which can relieve you from the pressure you insert on it.

Secondly, the sleeping position or posture also plays a crucial role. People who sleep on their back and also suffer from back pain are more well suited to firmer and heavier mattresses. It gives them more comfort and lessens the pain.

3. Durability Of Mattress

This factor in fact depends on the usage of the mattress. The average durability of a mattress is 7 years. However, if you use it too roughly or do not treat it with proper care, then you must not expect it to last for long.

If you have children at home, then you can be rest assured that a mattress will not last for more than the above mentioned years. Other than this, the durability of mattresses also depends on the materials that they are made up of. Foam and memory foam mattresses, which are usually the orthopedic mattresses can last for longer than seven years.

However, coir mattresses have a shorter life span. Compared to this, spring mattresses which are also used as orthopedic mattresses, are more durable. Latex and airbed mattresses last longer than foam and memory foam mattresses.

Ideally, no matter what kind of mattress you have at home, it is suggested that you replace it after seven years.

4. Support They Provide

This is yet another important factor to consider when you select the best orthopedic mattress in India. While speaking of the support that orthopedic mattresses provide, we are referring to the bed’s ability to provide an even surface to which the spine and the pelvis can align.

Initially when you purchase a new mattress, it will provide an optimum level of support to all, but with rampant usage this support decreases. Soft mattresses like latex mattresses are not able to provide consistent support to the body.

In comparison to the soft mattresses, thicker and firmer mattresses like the spring ones are able to offer better support throughout its life span. Keep this factor in mind while selecting a mattress because you want to buy one that can provide ample back support.

5. Conforming Ability Of The Mattress

The mattress should be able to conform to the body of the sleeper in order to help align the spine. The top most layers of a mattress usually determine the conforming ability of a mattress.

The mattresses that have the maximum conforming ability are the models that come with thicker comfort layers such as the latex or the memory foam mattress. Good orthopedic support is important to maintain the beautiful and natural shape of the spine.

6. Motion Isolation Factor

Usually what happens when you share the bed with another person is that, if you move around or shift when the other person is sleeping, it creates a transfer of motion that the other person can feel. This can turn out to be extremely disturbing for people who share the bed with you if you constantly toss and turn or get off the bed frequently.

If you are such a sleeper then you should definitely avoid the spring mattresses. Instead, you must go for coir, foam or latex mattresses which are far better in comparison as they possess motion isolation feature.

7. Temperature Neutrality Concerns

People usually like to sleep hot. However, some mattresses quickly absorb the heat produced by your body and traps it. This can lead to you experiencing a lot of discomfort and as it might cause you to feel warmer than usual.

Foam and latex mattresses have solid support cores hence, they are the warmest. Hybrid mattresses and the inner springs are the most temperature neutral ones. They allow for an adequate amount of air circulation and keep the temperature neutral so that you feel comfortable.

8. Type Of Mattress

The type of mattress best suited to your orthopedic needs like back pain are memory foam mattresses. These are able to mould to the shape of the body and distribute your weight evenly. They provide relief to pressure points, cushion the joints, soothe pains and aches and provide immense support for all body types.

These mattresses are highly acclaimed and praised for their comfort and they can really enhance the quality of your sleep. Pocket sprung mattresses also work to this effect but not as well as memory foam mattresses. They truly help maintain the posture of the body which can eliminate back pain.

All these factors will help you choose and purchase the best orthopedic mattress in India.

Top 10 Best Orthopedic Mattresses In India 2020

1. SleepyCat Mattress

SleepyCat Mattress Best Orthopedic Mattress In India

This 78*60*6 inches orthopedic mattress is a product of Sleepy Cat. This India based brand is relatively new in the market, having been established only in 2017, but given its quality of products, it is doing quite well.

This particular model is suitable for a queen size bed. This is an orthopedic memory foam mattress built by experts and made to suit everybody. With regard to the level of comfort it provides, it is available at quite a reasonable price and is easily available online.

Gel memory foam has been used to make this mattress. The gel memory foam is blended with cooling crystals that will regulate your body temperature throughout the night without allowing excessive body heat to get trapped in the mattress. It has a breezy inner cover making air circulation possible.

The fabric used to make the mattress has an anti-skid base which allows for increased friction and prevents skidding. No harmful chemicals have been used in this model. Along with this, the mattress is also equipped with zero partner disturbance which isolates any motion or movement.

SleepyCat’s mattress is a pressure relieving mattress which provides ample back support and helps take the shape of your body for a good night’s sleep. The cover can be easily removed and washed since it has a smart zipper. The tiny holes on the top make it incredibly soft and breathable.


2. Sleepyhead Mattress

Sleepyhead Mattress

Another new brand in India, Sleepyhead has come up with a product which is just right for your back ache and will give you comfort you have never experienced. This Sleepyhead model measures 78*72*8 inches and is suitable for a king size bed that can be shared by two or more people.

Available in white colour, the mattress has been made using foam as the primary material. The mattress has different layers to serve different purposes- comfort foam for that cocoon-like feeling, pressure relieving memory foam for even weight distribution, high-density HR Foam for orthopedic support, along with high GSM breathable fabric.

A medium-firm mattress, Sleepyhead is not only highly supportive, but also rates highly on softness that we all desire. With the firm foam base, a memory foam in the middle and a breathable soft layer to top it off, Sleepyhead keeps you and your bed mate equally comfortable.

The mattress comes in the right density for you with three layers in it. Unlike a traditional mattress, Sleepyhead comes with a high quality cover that you can wash regularly to keep your bed comfy and completely dust-free. It also gives support to 90% body types without compromising on softness and cushiness.


3. Wakefit Mattress

Wakefit Mattress

Wakefit is another mattress company that has established a good reputation as an orthopedic mattress brand in India in a few years, having been founded only in 2016. The main purpose of this brand is to provide you with a relaxing sleep, so that you wake up in the morning with renewed energy.

This 78*60*6 inches Wakefit orthopedic mattress has made it to the list of best orthopedic mattresses in India due to the sheer comfort that it provides to individuals. Available in white colour, the mattress is medium firm in density.The mattress adapts to the sleeper’s body.

It takes the shape of your body, providing uniform support throughout. That’s why it is called an Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress. They also help distribute the body weight uniformly across, ensuring no blood clots and restlessness occurs. By realigning your spine, neck and hips, this can effectively correct a poor sleeping posture.

The open cell structure of the mattress helps to circulate air and keeps your body cool at night, something especially needed on summer days. The mattress has been made in such a way that it will release your body stress, as you fall asleep after an exhausting day. The memory foam that it is made of enhances comfort and gets rid of body pain.

A combination of memory and high resilience foam allow your hips and shoulders to sink in, leaving your spine aligned to facilitate better sleep. The fabric of the cover is of premium quality made of high GSM spun polyester. Lastly, this mattress is available at a pocket friendly price in comparison to many other orthopedic mattresses.


4. Springtek Mattress

Springtek Mattress

Available in white colour, this mattress measures to 78*60*6 inches. The size is perfect for a queen size bed. Another great feature which makes it a good purchase, is the immensely affordable price that it is available at.

It has heavy gauge tempered steel pocket coils, which makes it a medium firm mattress with exceptional support and durability perfect for a kids’ room and family. The antimicrobial quilted fabric and foam encasement provides support even on the edge of the mattress.

Multiple layers of different densities of foam cradles your body while you sleep and relieves pressure points for top-notch comfort you’ll find hard to believe. High-quality, density transition foam creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment that promotes daily freshness.

Another commendable feature of the mattress, is that even if you toss and turn around in your bed, your partner will not get disturbed since it has motion isolation quality. The independent pocket coil system offers firm and durable support from hundreds of independent coils which minimises motion transfer.

This mattress is made to last longer than others due to its better construction. Another advantage of it is that you can use both sides of the mattress, and it also has a super hard spring system which can prove to be beneficial for your back. The antimicrobial technology allows it to fight against dust mites, allergens and microbial ingrowths.

No more worrying about termites and dust. You deserve to enjoy a peaceful sleep after a hectic day so that you wake up rejuvenated in the morning ready for another day.


5. Wake-Up Mattress

Wake-Up Mattress

Wake Up memory mattress is to give just the right amount of comfort without compromising orthopedic support for your spine. This 78*72*8 inch mattress is suitable for king size beds and is available in white colour. The price is slightly higher than the last two mattresses but the features of this one makes it worth purchasing.

This orthopedic mattress is made of memory foam which enables the mattress to shape and sense itself to individual body contours. It relieves all pressure points and alleviates stress across your entire body. Hence , memory foam and high density support foam are the primary materials of this model.

The anti-skid fabric layer at the bottom of the mattress provides stability on the bed or the floor. This bottom layer ensures support and the outer cover provides a rich feel. It has orthopedic support which helps maintain the ‘S’ shape of your body.

Wake-up mattress is another addition to the list of new and upcoming best orthopedic mattresses. The warranty provided for this model is for 25 years, which promises you with a high degree of durability. Experience a snug night of sleep with the Wake-up orthopedic foam mattress and wake up as refreshed as ever.


6. Furny Mattress

Furny Mattress

Considered the number 1 orthopedic mattress brand in India, Furny mattresses are made in a controlled environment in order to maintain a standardized quality and high density. This mattress allows you to feel restful and comfortable when you sleep on it.

It is available in the size measuring to 72*72*5 inches. The mattress feels medium soft. It is made of memory foam that provides pain-free and peaceful sleep and eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points on the body, enhancing your comfort.

The non-allergic nature of this mattress essentially makes it inert and hypoallergenic. Along with this, the orthopedic support helps maintain the natural ‘S’ shape of your spine. The cover is made of premium quality quilted cotton fabric of 300 GSM.

Whatever it is- a sore neck, pain in the lower back or any other problem areas- this mattress will help alleviate stress and pressure points across your body. With regard to comfort level, the lesser the mattress pushes you up when you lie down, better is going to be the comfort.

All Furny mattresses aim at working across these parameters. Quality of sleep could be derived from the fact that people who sleep on memory foam mattresses intend to not change their sleeping positions for as long as 4 hours. Thus, this mattress will ensure a deep and peaceful sleep.

Cool gel based memory foam layer contours around the curves and distributes body weight evenly, also provides the bounce needed to prevent you from sinking in. Pressure relieving memory foam protects your joints, so you can wake up happy every day.


7. Sleepyhead Sense Mattress

Sleepyhead Sense Mattress

Sleepyhead mattresses are a brand of luxury mattress that provides sound and comfortable sleep that is unmatchable across any other mattresses. It is one of the best memory mattresses. The best feature of this mattress brand is that it provides 100 night trials which will ensure that you get back the money if you are not satisfied with the mattress.

This Sleepyhead mattress measures to 78*72*8 inches and is perfectly suited to a king size bed. It is available in white colour. It is characterised by phase change cooling (PCM) technology which is the latest invention in sleep science.

PCM technology absorbs and redistributes body heat to maintain an optimum sleep temperature while you snooze blissfully through the night. It has a 3 zoned orthopedic support foam that not only provides support, but also contours each pressure point individually, keeping your spine perfectly aligned.

The middle layer is made up of advanced, high- density and pressure relieving memory foam which will cushion your body like a cocoon. The mattress is medium firm in nature. The multiple layers of the mattress will give you a nice, warm feeling as if someone is hugging you.

It is made of cooling fabrics that breathe and circulate air better. The mattress is so comfortable that it feels luxurious. The softness, the cooling technology and the comfort, gives you sleep that’s out of this world.


8. Comforto Mattress

Comforto Mattress

The market is truly expanding with regard to bedding products that serves all your needs and requirements. Comforto orthopedic mattress is another new brand in this continuously expanding market. This model is available in the size 72*70*6 inches which is ideally meant for king size beds.

Comforto Memory Foam mattress is a perfect choice if body pain has been bothering you for long. The mattress slowly takes the shape of your body and provides pain relief. It perfectly contours to the body and delivers the support and comfort tailored for your body.

The mattress is medium soft in nature. It is available in two beautiful colours- white and blue. The conforming memory foam gives support for a better night’s sleep.

The mattress comes with an easily washable zipper cover. Pressure relief system virtually eliminates all pressure points to ensure a comfortable night sleep. The premium quality foams ensures high comfort and prolonged mattress life.

Just like the previous brand, this one too provides a 100 nights trial in the beginning, and if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product then you can return and get back all your money. This is a good policy which gives you enough time to test whether the mattress fulfills all your requirements.


9. NapCloud Mattress

NapCloud Mattress

NapCloud zip zap mattress is a king size mattress that comes in the size 78*72*8 inches. The mattress is crafted from the finest materials on the basis of comprehensive research into both the art and science of sleep. With highly competitive prices, this brand enables more buyers to experience a good sleep.

The colour combination of white and blue of the ZipNap Plus mattress has been chosen keeping contemporary preferences in mind. The mattress gently holds you as you sleep, cushioning your body and reacting to your movements throughout the night. This provides unparalleled comfort and support, with virtually zero motion transfer from your partner.

The mattress is able to retain the maximum amount of coolness because of the cool gel memory foam and all natural bamboo fibres. NapCloud aims at giving you the best sleep everyday, irrespective of how your day went or whether your back aches.


10. Sleep Spa Mattress

Sleep Spa Mattress

Slightly highly priced and yet worth purchasing due to its excellent features, this Sleep Spa mattress is available in a unique beige colour. The size is 78*60*8 inches, which is perfect for a queen sized bed.

The pocket springs in the mattress are entirely independent, allowing for added contour and pressure point relief. There is a layer of super soft foam above the pocket spring array, so that the sleeper gets the benefits of the contouring foam and the comfort of the pocket springs as well.

The increased air volume circulating inside the mattress ensures a good night’s rest and a comfortable bed temperature. The spring construction is built so partners can sleep undisturbed by absorbing the motion, while reinforced corners ensure that you don’t roll off the edges.

This mattress has antifungal and hypo-allergic properties, keeping it hygienic to use all the time. The PU foam layer is highly resilient and does not form concentrated pressure points and thereby helps in relieving stress and fatigue after an all day’s hard work. Unlike the other relatively new brands, this one has been in business for the last 30 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Mattress Is Best If You Have Back Pain?

If you suffer from back pain or spinal cord problems, then experts suggest sleeping on a firm mattress that helps in keeping the hips in line with the rest of the body. Orthopedic mattresses like the ones mentioned above are best for this purpose.

2. What Is An Orthopedic Mattress Made Of?

Orthopedic mattresses can be of many types and made of different materials such as memory foam, latex and innerspring. Mostly it is made of memory foam, as this is well suited to help alleviate back pain and joint issues.

3. How Long Does An Orthopedic Mattress Last?

An orthopedic mattress usually has a duration of 10 years. If you want it to last for this duration, you have to maintain it by regularly flipping it and taking adequate care of it. These mattresses are made using thin coil springs which tend to lose strength and sag.


Technology has advanced to such an extent today that our ancestors had probably never envisaged. It has surpassed our expectations and one cannot cease but wonder how it has made each and every life so easy, efficient, time-saving and comfortable.

Few years ago even if you had back pain, you had to make do with whatever limited types of mattresses were available in the market. Times have changed since. Now you have orthopedic mattresses made specifically to help you get rid of back pain and sleep comfortably after a hard day’s work.

Do not get confused with the ever increasing range of mattresses. Know your requirements and do some research. Once you have found an orthopedic mattress that suits all your needs, go ahead and purchase it, and have the best sleep.

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