Best Ceiling Fans in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Havells 2. Crompton 3. Gorilla
Havells Pacer 1200mm Best Ceiling Fans Crompton Aura 48-inch 74-Watt Decorative High-Speed Ceiling Fan (Ivory) Gorilla Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 1200 Mm Ceiling Fan With Remote Control And Bldc Motor – Ivory

In India, almost all the houses have one or more ceiling fans. Even if a house has an air-conditioner installed, it is sure to have at least one ceiling fan in some part of the house. To put it simply, the best ceiling fan in India can be a great addition to any house, room or office.

A ceiling fan can provide a particular room with comfortable air movement, appropriate lighting, as well as a decorative touch. Also, the main reason for having a ceiling fan is controlling the cooling expenses. In India, the weather keeps changing throughout the year. Be it summer or winter, there is a huge requirement to stay pleasantly cool.

While many of the houses have an air-conditioned installed, the first preference is still given to the best ceiling fans because the cost to run an air conditioner is quite high as it consumes more power. Thus, ceiling fans make a more affordable option to maintain a good and cool temperature at home in any season.


The main aim of a ceiling fan is to provide proper ventilation and an improved air movement throughout the room.

Ceiling fans in India are more of a necessity than a fashion trend or option. Thus, choosing the best ceiling fans for your home is a very crucial decision. But, due to the vast number of brands and manufacturers in the market, choosing the best has become a complex task.

Since there are many options to choose from, it is not an easy decision. Therefore, we have prepared this guide that will make your choice easier and faster. We have listed down the best Ceiling Fans in India that you can buy for your home for utmost comfort.

Along with this, in order to enhance the quality of your decision, we have also listed the factors that will help you narrow down your choices. Refer to the various features such as high speed, excellent design, double ball bearing, low power consumption, and anti-dust body that will help you get the best of all.

In a nutshell, this Buyers Guide on ceiling fans is going to help you get insights from the world of fans. After reading this you will know everything that is required to buy the best ceiling fan in India. As such, thoroughly read the reviews on various ceiling fans, and we assure you that you will be able to find a desirable ceiling fan for your home.

How To Buy the Best Ceiling Fan in India?

Though a ceiling fan is usually considered as a simple electric home appliance that is essential for good ventilation and cool air, it is more than that. In today’s world, it is considered as a design statement that enhances the look and feel of the home décor.

Most of the ceiling fans are placed in front and centre of the home. Thus, it dominates the scene in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. As such, the style is very important.

Since style has become the king in today’s glamorous world, it is essential to think twice before you purchase a ceiling fan. It should perfectly match your home’s design and personality.

Below are some important tips that will help you in choosing the best ceiling fan in India.

1. Design Choices

A basic paddle fan is a feature of the olden days. In this technologically advanced 2nd century, ceiling fans are available in a breathtaking different variety of styles, finishes as well as colors.

The different designs include island-style fans (having palm front blades), sleek contemporary fans, and the amazingly beautiful ornate designs. Thus, before you make any decision explore the world of beautiful fans in electronic shops and online websites.

2. Energy and Power Savings

A Ceiling Fan is an ideal appliance for improving room comfort and ambiance. However, the new generation best ceiling fans not only chill you down but also aptly look after the energy and power saving aspects.
The energy costs today have increased to a level that can have a huge impact on the overall monthly home budget.

As such, it is important to buy electronic appliances that not only provide the best of performance but also have energy saving benefits. Thus, one of the best ceiling fans is aesthetically pleasing as well as have ample power saving capacity.

When buying a ceiling fan for everyday use, it is important to look for a fully featured fan that has a remote or has wall mounted controls. Ceiling Fans with latest energy efficient motors make use of significant energy of a typical fan motor (almost 1/3 rd) and also generally moves much more air in the surroundings.

Thus, when making a purchase, make sure you are well aware of the important features. This includes factors such as the DC energy efficient motors, down rods and special fan sizes that aptly the space size and also ceiling height.

3. Larger Bigger Fan Size Required

In order to enjoy the maximum performance of the fan, it is necessary to choose the right fan size that matches your room size. Below mentioned are approximate sizes of different rooms in the house and a suitable fan size to keep the particular room airy and cool.

  • If your bathroom is around 50 square feet, then you can opt for a fan that measures 29”.
  • If your dining room is around 75 Sq. ft, then you opt for a fan that has a 36″ blade span.
  • Medium sized rooms around 100 square feet can be occupied with fans measuring between 36″ to 42″.
  • A Standard bedroom around 400 square feet can provide good comfort and breeze with fan sizes of 50″ or 52″.
  • Large rooms that are bigger than 400 sq. ft. need a ceiling fan with a 54″ or larger blade span. Also, if the room is quite massive, you can even think of having two fans installed to manage the cooling requirements.
In order to derive maximum comfort, the ceiling fan should be installed nearly or completely in the centre of the room. When placed in the centre, it will enhance the distribution significantly and the air will reach each and every corner as far as possible. Also, make sure that the blade tips are t least 18 inches away from any wall.

4. Fan Blade Pitch and Size

After the motor, the blades of the Fan are of great significance. It is the fan blades that determine the amount of air that is circulated in the room where the best ceiling fan is installed. For optimum air circulation, a Fan blade pitch should generally be between 12 to 15-degree angles.

Before buying a particular ceiling fan, the fan blades should be weighted and suited to the room as a balanced set, in order to refrain from any kind of fan wobble.

If a ceiling fan has less than a 12-degree angle, then it is difficult for it to circulate air properly and thus, it won’t be efficient. In simple terms, the greater the angle or the higher the pitch of the blade, the more air circulation will be delivered.

5. The Motor

The motor of the fan is like the motherboard of the computer. It is responsible for proper motor functioning. It also produces quiet operation while driving the blades of the fan for air movement. It is advisable to look for high-quality motors that comprise heavy-duty windings as well as sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated.

Small and less powerful motors may deliver higher operating temperatures, lower air circulation, and noisier operation.

A good Motor is designed to work without any disturbance for a longer time, thus enhancing reliability and durability of the ceiling fan.

6. Consider Stylish Lights To Complement Your Home Interiors

In order to match your home décor, opt from a range of lights from classic to contemporary. This will enhance the look and feel of your fan as well as your room. There are a number of light options to choose from including single light bowls, spotlights, or multiple glass shades that can boost the ambience and design of your room.

7. Consider The Warranty and Customer Support Services

When you decide to buy the best ceiling fan, it is essential to consider the warranty offered as well as the customer support services. A number of electrical ceiling fan producers provide a lifetime warranty and also an in-home customer help service. If not a lifetime repair warranty, look for a minimum of 2-year manufacturer warranty.

8. Installation Services

Though many manufacturers provide free installation services, some do restrict it to a particular area. Installing a ceiling fan may sound to be a tough task, but it usually is a simple process. It is very easy and merely with a few basic skills anyone can install it on their own within an hour or less.

Also, the ceiling fans come packed in with a user and manual guide. This guide contains step by step instructions. As such, your newly purchased best ceiling fan will be fitted up easily and working efficiently in no time.

9. Consider the Fan Size

It is the number and the length of blades on a ceiling fan that decides how much air the fan is able to move. To suit an average size bedroom of around 12 feet by 12 feet, a basic four-blade fan will meet the need. This fan should have a blade span of 42 inches to provide good ventilation. On the other hand, for larger rooms, you can choose to purchase a fan with wider and longer blades, like a 52-inch span, which delivers better air flow.

10. Consider Type Of Fan Blade

Despite being the last point of consideration on the list, it is one of the most important factors when buying the best ceiling fans in India. Blades are usually the first aspect that buyers look at on a ceiling fan. There are different types of fan blades such as sleek and rectangular mahogany blades or a more traditionally shaped oak-coloured blades.

Whichever type of fan you wish to buy, the number and angle of the blades are of greater importance that contributes significantly to its fan’s functionality as compared to the blades’ shape.

Today, in the market a number of fans come with four or five or even more blades. Many people think that the more blades, the more air moved. But it is not true, it, in fact, create a drag. A fan with three blades is the most efficient and also more aesthetically appealing to the eye.

A ceiling fan is as much a style statement as it is a necessary electrical home appliance. As such, ensure that the quality, style and performance are all evaluated and carefully analyzed as a part of the decision making process. Make sure you put the above information to good use in choosing one of the best ceiling fans in the market. Hope the above points help you to make a wise and informed decision. A good choice will help you get an optimistic and best ceiling fan experience for many years in the future.

Below is a complete list of the best ceiling fans in India. The list contains some of the most trusted and popular branded products in the world of electronics. The products are chosen to keep in mind customer requirements and budget. So read on and grab one of the best ceiling fans to meet your needs.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2020

1. Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Havells Pacer 1200mm Best Ceiling Fans

Over the years, Havells has become one of the leading and trustworthy manufacturers of high-quality electrical home appliances.

Though they offer a wide range of electronic products, their fans have gained immense popularity in the country. They offer a number of different fans with varied features, benefits and prices.

Of all the different varieties, the Havells Pacer ceiling fan is one of their most capable and reliable models. As the name suggests, this fan provides an exceptionally fast performance. It features three precisely designed ribbed blades.

These side bend blades are made from high-quality material and offer a high-speed level. Additionally, this ceiling fan from Havells features a Double ball bearing and a Quick-start high torque motor.

With the 400RPM speed of the motor, the fan provides an air delivery rate of 235CMM. This makes it apt for large as well as small sized rooms as the breeze is evenly spread across the surface area.

The best part is that even during low voltage, the performance of this Havells ceiling fan is not affected. It provides an excellent performance even at low voltage. It doesn’t go down and provides an apt relief from the warmth inside the house.

All in all, the Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan delivers the best performance by merely consuming 72 watts of Power. It also features a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


2. Crompton Aura 48-inch 74-Watt Decorative High-Speed Ceiling Fan (Ivory)

Crompton Aura 48-inch 74-Watt Decorative High-Speed Ceiling Fan (Ivory)The Crompton Aura is a decently designed and stylish budget ceiling fan. The product not only is the best in terms of looks but also packs a punch in case of specifications and features.

The Crompton Aura Decorative High-Speed Ceiling Fan features 3 aptly crafted blades. It gives 1200mm of sweep and 360 RPM of speed.

This ceiling fan is an extremely power effective model. It works at a power of 74 Watts. It is engineered to help you in cutting energy consumptions and lower your heavy power bills.

The blades attached with the Crompton Aura ceiling fan are 1200mm in length. They are combined with a robust motor that delivers an exceptionally high-speed of 360 rpm. Also, it evenly distributes air to about 230 cubic meters of the room each minute.

Altogether, the Crompton Aura Decorative High-Speed Ceiling Fan comes with eye-appealing gold finish shanks and elegant border blades. It features a golden ring on the motor and canopy. It is a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and durability. Also, the model is covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty for customer convenience.


3. Gorilla Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 1200 Mm Ceiling Fan With Remote Control And Bldc Motor – Ivory

Gorilla Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 1200 Mm Ceiling Fan With Remote Control And Bldc Motor – Ivory

With the unique Gorilla Energy Saving 1200mm Ceiling Fan, you can now keep your room ventilated and fresh easily.

The best feature of this ceiling fan is that it has the capability to save up to one thousand rupees per year depending on your use and power consumption.

It comes with a smart remote that allows you to change the speed levels from anywhere in the room. As such, you don’t have to don’t have to walk a significant distance to use the buttons. Also, the remote comes with smart Sleep and Timer mode.

The Gorilla Energy Saving 1200mm Ceiling Fan features 3 long aluminum-made blades. It has an amazing build and design. It can match any type of room ambiance. Additionally, the fan comes with a 36 months replacement warranty that serves as an extra added benefit to its powerful performance.


4. Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)

Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)

Now you can stay cool, calm and feel fresh in every corner of the room with the amazing Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan. Just turn on this unique model from Havells to feel the essence of the cool breezes at a beach.

The Havells ES-50 Five Star Ceiling Fan boasts of a classic design and an elegant colour, making it look magical in your interior decor. It is made from high-quality material that is extremely reliable and durable.

Since fans are used almost throughout the day, it is necessary to have a fan that saves power and energy but doesn’t compromise on the performance. The Havells ES 50 five star ceiling fan has a specially crafted power-saving design that delivers optimum energy efficiency. It comes in an eye-appealing white colour that boosts the overall look of the home decor.

This model features three blades that are made of superior quality material. Also, blades are wide enough to deliver better air circulation and cool breeze at any time of the day. It also has a double ball bearing that is designed to enhance its durability.

This Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan is an apt option that is specially engineered to match the expectations and needs of the customers. It comes with a powerful motor and offers excellent performance even in places with power and voltage fluctuation.

It provides an optimum speed 350rpm coupled with 1200mm sweep for evenly spreading the breeze in a large room. This 50 watts best ceiling fan doesn’t consume much energy.

All in all, this Havells model is the best ceiling fan and an apt buy for your home. It comes with a Warranty of 2 years on manufacturing defects.


5. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)

Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)

Now, give your bedroom a new and complete makeover with the stylish Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan. The Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan is precisely designed taking into account the contemporary style, energy efficiency as well as the cooling effect. It is a perfect blend of style, attractive design and performance.

It is made from high-quality materials that offer ease in cleaning, thus, is an apt choice for home and office use. It gives an outstanding performance and lasts longer, making it a must buy.

It is designed with precision and works even under low voltage conditions and also makes an attempt to maximize air circulation. It has a High Speed and compact motor that ensures high air delivery with a power-packed performance.

The ceiling fan comes with high speed and aerodynamic blades that offer a wider conical spread of breeze in all corners of the room. As such, it enhances the atmosphere of the room, making it cool and refreshed.

The Luminous Dhoom Fan is specially styled for varied types of spaces and rooms considering the unique requirements of each place, various interior designs such as modern, heritage, antique and more. Additionally, it boosts the colour schemes of the room where it is fitted.

It is manufactured with high-quality raw materials thus making the performance stronger and enhancing the shelf life. The Motor body and blades are made of the best quality of aluminium that is corrosion resistant. While the motor windings use pure electrolytic grade copper wire, the Stators/rotors are made of hi-perm steel sheets for lower watts loss.

All in all, the Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan is a Semi decorative model specially designed for those who need a pinch of embellishments. It offers a good speed of 380 RPM and Air Delivery of 220CMM.

It is one of the best ceiling fans that have all the features to leave you impressed.


6. Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan Azure Blue – Silver 48″ 1200Mm

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan Azure Blue - Silver

The Orient Electric Wendy is a smart, stylish and a flat design ceiling fan that will match your class and status. It provides a down-rod cover, aptly designed strong blade trims and a metallic finish with colour combinations that enhance the home décor.

Its eye-appealing spiral curves in canopy, blades and bottom cover plate provide a bold and elegant look to the room where it is installed.

It has a blade profile that is inspired by aircraft wings. As such the fan blades are wide enough for High Air Thrust as well as High Air Delivery.

Additionally, the blades are made with high-quality compounded glass-filled ABS that is 100 % rust free and also offers a longer shelf life. It has a UV metalized Deco Ring that enhances the reliability of this good-looking ceiling fan.

The Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan is inspired by the winglet technology that is used in the new aircraft. Thus, it adds Aerostorm that creates an elegant ambience to suit your home decor. The unique Aerostorm facility comes with a high gloss premium PU paint finish that makes sure that the fan looks new and young for years to come.

The fan’s special winglet designed blades minimize the vortex, thus providing higher air thrust and minimal noise. Also, the aerodynamic design reduces the friction and air turbulence that is never experienced before. It has a heavy and sturdy motor that offers a smooth airflow.

All in all, the Orient Electric Wendy is one of the best ceiling fans that provide the highest air delivery and air thrust with extraordinary performance. The product comes with a 2 years manufacturer warranty and also provides Free Installation and delivery facilities in selected cities.


7. Orient Electric Orina 48″ Ceiling Fan Copper Brown 48″ 1200Mm

Orient Electric Orina 48 Ceiling Fan Copper Brown 48

With the Orient Electric Orina 48″ Ceiling Fan, you can make your room look rich, elegant, decorative and stylish as never seen before. This beautifully built ceiling fan not only appeals to the eye but also has some robust features that provide a power-packed performance.

This model has an advanced copper motor with a Lacquer coating that provides longer shelf life. The ribbed aluminium wide blades offer powerful air movement, high air thrust and also high air delivery.

The best part is that this strong performance is not accompanied by any irritating humming sound. The fan remains silent even at a higher speed.

Altogether, the modern design, unique tangential blade design for better aesthetics and full copper powerful motor makes this fan one of the best ceiling fans in India. It is a wise option for those who wish to invest in a fan that will keep their homes cool and stylish for longer years. The product comes with a free installation facility that is available in selected cities along with a 2 Year Warranty period.


8. Havells Leganza 3B 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan (Bronze Gold)

Havells Leganza 3B 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan (Bronze Gold)

As mentioned above, Havells is the leader in producing high-end ceiling fans and the brand enjoys goodwill in the market. Havells has introduced a decorative ceiling fan that boasts of exotic trims on the blades and has a perfectly designed body giving it a modern, contemporary and aesthetic look.

The Havells Leganza 3B 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan is specially designed for urban homes and offices. It has an innovative fan design and also an HPLV motor.

This simply implies that you can use the fan and maintain an optimum temperature all across the room without any tension.

Considering the fans blade size of 1200 mm, this model has a sweep size of 1200 mm. It is one of the best options to provide perfect room coverage for any room those measures approximately 65 square feet to 100 square feet in size. The Havells Leganza ceiling fan is precisely crafted designed to stand out in the crowd.

It offers to offer unique features to satisfy varied customer needs. The model is available in different classic colours such as pearl white-silver, mist honey, and bronze-gold. This unique type of design aesthetics makes this Havells model very interesting and eye-catching to be fitted on a decent ceiling.

It features a versatile design and will aptly blend all kinds of spaces. The beautiful design and colour combinations only enhance the look and feel of the home décor where it is installed. This fan is suitable to be installed in homes, offices or any other place that requires good ventilation and high-speed air.

The main objective of a ceiling fan is to generate fast and high-speed air. The Havells Leganza 3B 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan excels at this function. It offers an air delivery rate of 238CMM. Its specially constructed HPLV motor also works quite well at low voltage. This aptly adds to the big sweep area, ensuring that it distributes air to every nook and corner of the room evenly.

The sweep size of this model is 1200 mm. Thus, you will be able to cool down within a few minutes of the fan being switched on in the room. All it requires is optimum electricity, to provide high performance. The blade design of the Havells Leganza 3B 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan is also very unique and innovative.

The blades aerodynamically designed. Each blade has the size of 1200 mm or 48 inches. This shape and design of the blades reduce the amount of buffeting that is generally created by fans having blades.

All in all, the Havells Leganza 3B 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan is one of the best ceiling fans in the market. It is beautifully crafted and innovatively designed to deliver a power pack performance.


9. Orient Gratia 48-inch 70-Watt Decorative Ceiling Fan (Silky Silver)

Orient Gratia 48-inch 70-Watt Decorative Ceiling Fan (Silky Silver)

The Orient Gratia 48-inch 70-Watt Decorative Ceiling Fan is an eye-catcher in regards to good looks and styling. It is available in enticing metallic shades along with a specially crafted integrated canopy on the blades of the fan. All this makes the fan look classy to match the home décor.

This Orient model features an efficient and durable motor that provides an excellently strong reliable performance with merely 70W power consumption. Thus, it is a power and energy-saving appliance.
It is the perfect blend of good looks and robust performance.

The Orient Gratia Decorative Ceiling Fan has uniquely crafted extra wide blades that deliver air faster at 320rpm. The air is not limited to a particular area, but the breeze evenly spreads to each and every corner of the room. It is suitable for large as well as a small size room, making it cool and pleasant.

Overall, this Orient model is one of the best ceiling fans in India. It delivers high performance at a lesser energy output. Also, it is available at a highly affordable price in the market


10. Havells Nicola 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan (Pearl White Silver)

Havells Nicola 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan (Pearl White Silver)

Are you looking for a ceiling fan that will cool you within a few minutes after you return from a hot sunny day? Then your search is over. The Orient Gratia 48-inch 70-Watt Decorative Ceiling Fan is just what you need.

This fan consumes merely 70 Watts Power and provides a high-level performance. It has a Pearl White Silvery coat that looks elegant and enhances the beauty of any setting.

The blades have a vast gloss finishing for extra protection against oxidation, corrosion and erosion. As such, the model is highly reliable and will last for a long time giving you the cool breeze to calm your sense.

The Havells Nicola Decorative Ceiling Fan is a high-speed fan with high air delivery rate even at low voltages. It features a metallic paint finish along with a superior quality electric steel lamination that makes it highly durable. It has an extremely powerful motor for high air delivery, and decorative trims on motor cover and blades.

summing up, Havells Nicola 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan is crafted in such a manner that it blends perfectly in with decent interiors without any hassles. It improves your home décor and enhances the ambiance. This best ceiling fan comes with a warranty of 2 years on manufacturing defects.


Cool Your Rooms With the Best Ceiling Fan in India 

We hope that you like our collection of best ceiling fans in India. It is recommended that you make your choice after carefully reading the reviews and descriptions given above. The list is made keeping in mind customer needs and budget. It contains ceiling fans that are very popular in India and also in the industry of best ceiling fans.

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