Best Portable ACs in India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Honeywell 2. Eurgreen 3. Lloyd
Honeywell Best portable AC In India




India is known for its heat and humidity. As it is with places close to the equator, many places experience hot and humid weather almost through the year. Water Coolers or Air Conditioners are must for Indians, in order to tackle this heat. It is difficult to care about and install window or split ACs, thus a third type of ACs has become popular in India.

That is – the portable ACs. It is a self contained unit that can be moved around the house very easily. They do not require installation, and are a perfect alternative to window and split AC units. If you are looking to buy one for yourself, this article is perfect for you.


In this article, we have provided detailed information regarding the best portable ACs in India. Our article should help you choose the ideal portable AC according to your personal requirements and needs.

Benefits Of Portable AC

1. It is very economical as compared to window AC units.
2. It is perfect for small rented rooms or apartments, because there is no problem of installing.
3. You can move it around anywhere in your house, thanks to its mobility.

Below is the list of the best portable ACs available in India

Top 3 Best Portable ACs In India 2020

1. Honeywell

Honeywell Best portable AC In India

Features And Details

  • 3 in 1: Cooling, Dehumidification and Fan’
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Soft Touch Buttons
  • Automatic on- off Timer
  • Auto Evaporation System
  • DIY (Do- it- yourself) Installation
  • Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase

One of the best portable AC in India, is this 3 in 1 portable AC from Honeywell. Honeywell is an American multinational company that produces many industrial and aerospace technologies. It is a leading brand in the market of home appliances like ACs, heaters, and fans.

Its portable ACs are definitely one of the best in the market – because of their high quality and durability. This portable AC does not lack any modern feature or technology that is necessary for everyday life. Filled with many latest features, it is perfect to tackle the hot and humid weather in many Indian states.

The AC has a capacity of 1.15 Ton and 14000 BTU (British Thermal Unit). A capacity of 1.15 tons is enough for a room no more than 120 sq ft. It will easily and quickly cool down a 120 sq ft room. But, it may not be sufficient if the roof above the room gets direct sunlight. In that case, a 100 sq ft room is perfect.

Make sure you are not buying it for a big room, because its effectiveness eventually depends on the size of the room. The AC is 3 in 1, that means it can be used for cooling, dehumidification and as a fan. You can set a temperature between 16 to 31 degree Celsius – according to your personal needs and requirements.

The dehumidifier mode is responsible for removing excess moisture from air and the fan is helpful for circulating air when AC cooling is not required. If you don’t want much cooling from the device, just turn its fan on and gently circulate the air.

The AC cools and dehumidifies the air, and sends heat outside through a flexible air outlet hose. Other important features like an auto evaporation system and automatic on- off timer make this AC stand out. You no longer require a bucket to collect the water dripping from the AC.

The no- drip design makes sure collected water from cooling does not drip. Instead, the water is removed automatically, thanks to the auto evaporation system. The AC also features an automatic on- off timer.

In order to avoid excess cooling at night, the timer has been provided in the AC. You can set a time and the unit will automatically turn itself off at that time to prevent excessive cooling. You no longer have to wake up at night to turn off the AC.

This means you can sleep peacefully without any disturbance or interruption.The AC is louder than regular split ACs. But, as compared to other portable ACs, the noise level is quite low. There is surely some noise, but it should not disturb you while sleeping.

The compact single unit houses the compressor, condenser and evaporator. The compact AC comes in plain white color that looks elegant and premium. It will easily fit in any corner of your room without taking much space. For easy mobility, the unit comes with castor wheels.

You can easily move the unit from one room to another without any problems. You can control the unit through a digital control panel. The panel is very advanced and easy to use. It features soft touch buttons that provide a premium feel while using the panel. A full function remote comes with the unit.

The remote allows you to operate the unit from anywhere in your room. All the features can be operated using this remote. The input voltage for this unit is 220V- 240V, and it comes with a 15 Amp plug. Unlike a fixed AC unit, this portable AC does not require permanent installation.

It requires an easy DIY (Do It Yourself) installation and comes with a proper manual to make the process easier. An easy to install window venting kit is included with the product. The window vent can be removed when the AC is not being used.

In addition to this, an exhaust hose, drain pipe and window bracket is also included. Honeywell provides a 12 months warranty on this unit from the date of purchase. Overall, the premium and simple looking AC is a complete package, filled with latest features and technology.

Its compact and nice looking design makes it look good in any room and its features make sure it fulfills all your daily requirements and needs.


2. Eurgeen


Features and Details

  • 4 in 1: (Air Conditioner, Heater, Dehumidifier, and Fan)
  • Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU (British Thermal Unit)
  • Heating Capacity: 10000 BTU
  • Auto Swing
  • Automatic Evaporation System
  • Warranty: 1 year on product and 2 years on compressor
  • Eurgeen is an Indian brand known for top- quality portable air conditioners. It has gained a good reputation in the Indian market, thanks to its high quality products. This 4 in 1 portable AC is perfect for all seasons.

It is ideal for Indian states that experience different types of weather throughout the year. Its latest features and modern design make it one of the best portable AC available in India. 4 in 1 means it can be used as an AC, dehumidifier, heater and fan. This versatile unit is an easy solution to many problems faced by many Indian households.

The AC is perfect for cooling rooms in no time at all. With a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU, it can easily cool 120- 150 sq ft of area. It is ideal for a 150 sq ft room, and will not have any problem cooling it quickly. In order to remove excess moisture from the air, the AC comes with a dehumidifier.

Thus, the AC provides cool air that does not include excess moisture. The heater in the unit is perfect for tackling cold winters. It has a heating capacity of 10000 BTU that is also ideal for a 150 sq ft room.

In case you do not want to use the cooling or heating functions, you can use the fan to gently circulate the air in the room. You no longer have to worry about the water dripping from your AC unit.

It features an automatic evaporation system that uses an exhaust pipe to evaporate the drained water. This means you don’t need to keep a bucket in order to collect the dripping water. It is a very important feature that is only found in the best portable ACs.

To make sure cool or warm air reaches each and every corner of your room, the AC comes with an auto swing feature.

A digital control panel is situated on top of the unit. The panel can be used to operate all the features, and also displays the set temperature. The advanced easy to use panel has soft touch buttons.

A separate remote is also included with the AC. The remote allows you to control the system without having to get close to the unit.

All the features can be operated using this remote. The portable AC is very easy to move around the house. You don’t have to carry it around, thanks to the wheels present underneath the unit. The castor wheels allow you to move the unit easily without applying much strength.

It has an in- built compressor made of copper coil. A separate outdoor compressor is not necessary. This powerful unit is also energy efficient. Its power consumption is only 1320 Watts to keep your electricity bills low.

It comes with a 15 amps power card, but it is also capable of working in 5 amps plug. In addition to this, a stabilizer is in- built in this modern AC. You don’t have to worry about installation either. The only thing that needs installation is the exhaust pipe. An installation kit is provided by Eurgeen to make the process easier.

An empty wall is no longer required to enjoy cool air from an air conditioner. The AC comes with 1 year warranty on product and 2 years warranty on compressor. This versatile portable AC is perfect for tackling the weather in India. If you are looking for a portable AC that can come in handy at all times, this is surely the ideal choice.


3. Lloyd


Features and Details

  • AC Capacity: 1 Ton
  • Coverage Area: 120 sq ft
  • Installation Type: Floor Standing
  • Power: 1365 Watts
  • Voltage Rating: 230 V
  • Clean Air Filter
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 12 months from the date of purchase

This 1 ton portable AC from Lloyd is another top- quality portable AC in the Indian market. Lloyd is a renowned brand in the market of home appliances like air conditioners, televisions and washing machines.

It has become a leading brand in the electronics industry, thanks to its unmatched products, service and warranty. This 1 ton portable AC from Lloyd is an excellent product. It is packed with latest technology, and that makes it one of the best portable AC in India.

The AC has a cooling capacity of 1 ton, that makes it perfectly suitable for a small room with an area of 120 sq ft. It is not the best option for a larger room because if the area increases its effectiveness will decrease. It can quickly cool a room with less than 120 sq ft area. It includes a high efficiency cooling tube, along with a clean air filter.

The tube is responsible for quick cooling and the filter makes sure that the cool air released by the AC is free of harmful substances and dirt. To tackle summer heat, the AC has a two way swing feature. The feature opens the air vane in counter clockwise direction in order to direct the air flow horizontally.

To make sure the AC delivers a flawless performance, Lloyd has used 100 percent inner grooved copper. This is responsible for faster flow of refrigerant. Faster flow of refrigerant is very helpful for the overall performance of the unit. As compared to aluminum coils, the rate of heat transfer is much better.

Faster flow also facilitates better resistance to corrosion and high pressure withstanding capability. Protection against corrosion is a very important feature in this AC. 100 percent copper coil also helps in increasing the life of the unit. It makes the product more durable for long term use.

Another importance of the copper coil is that it is very easy to maintain. And the cost of maintenance is very low, as compared to regular aluminum coil. The portable uses R410A type of refrigerant gas. It is a preferred refrigerant for household purposes because its ozone depletion potential is zero.

The portable AC uses 1365 Watts of power and has a voltage rating of 230 V. It does not require a large amount of electricity in order to operate. This means it will not lead to a huge increase in your electricity bills. The simple design and plain white color make this unit look very decent and elegant.

It can easily fit in any corner of your room without taking much space. Being a portable AC, it can be easily moved from one place to another without requiring any installation. Only an exhaust pipe that comes with the unit requires installation. The process of installing it is very simple, and takes very less time.

Lloyd is known for its unmatched service and warranty. This AC comes with a 12 months warranty from the date of purchase. This portable AC is filled with high quality parts and latest features, that make it better than most of its competitors in the market.


FAQs on Best Portable ACs in India

1. Are Portable AC Units Any Good?

Portable ACs are a good alternative to window ACs because they do not require installation and are easy to move. But, generally they are less efficient. They use more electricity to cool the same sq ft space, as compared to window AC. They are better if you are living in a rented room or apartment.

2. What Is The Price Of Portable ACs?

Many companies sell portable ACs in India. A good quality portable AC from a known brand usually costs between Rs 26000 to Rs 40000. As compared to window AC units, they are more expensive.

3. How Can I Make My Portable Air Conditioner Colder?

Usually portable air conditioners produce enough cool air to tackle extreme heat. When the outside temperature is very high, make sure to clean the filter regularly to make sure the AC remains colder. Proper maintenance and regular servicing improves the overall performance of the unit.

4. Why Is My Portable Ac Producing So Much Water?

A portable AC may produce a lot of water due to several factors. If the AC filter is dirty or clogged, the ACs evaporator coils are likely to freeze up. This leads to overspill of excess water from the drain pipe.

5. Is It Ok To Leave A Portable Ac On All Day?

It is ok to leave a portable AC on all day. But it is not a very good idea, because it consumes a large amount of electricity. Most portable ACs even have auto shut- off feature once the desired temperature is reached. Keeping the unit turned on all day will surely shorten its life.

6. What Is The Smallest Portable AC?

Many brands have portable ACs that are very compact and small, but can cool up to 350 sq ft. Edgestar 10000 BTU portable AC is one of the smallest and most compact portable AC in the market.

7. How Do I Keep My Room Cool Without AC?

The best way to keep your room cool during extreme winters is using an air conditioner. Other than that, you can keep it cool by keeping the windows and doors open. Drawing the blinds might also help to keep the room cool.

8. What Is The Best Cheap Portable AC?

A wide variety of portable ACs is present in the market. Many high quality units from good brands are available for a cheap price close to Rs 25000.

9. Which Is The Best Brand For Portable AC?

A large number of brands have entered the market of portable AC in India. Lloyd, Honeywell and Eurgeen are some of the best brands for portable ACs.


So this was our article regarding the best portable air conditioners in India. We provided detailed information regarding the best portable ACs available in the Indian market. These products had the best features and designs.

Any of these products should be able to fulfill your daily requirements and needs. To help you know more about portable ACs, we have also included FAQs. We hope our article was beneficial and helped you choose the unit that best suits your personal requirements.

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