Best Refrigerators Under ₹25,000 In 2020: Top Reviews

1. Panasonic 268L 2. Samsung 253L 3. LG 260
Panasonic 268 L 2 Star

Samsung 253L 3 Star

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free 


Refrigerators are one of the easiest and most convenient applainces to store fresh as well as cooked food in the kitchen. It is that one device, along with a television set, that you will find in almost every household in India. Within a 25000 budget, you can come across a variety of 250-300 liter refrigerators with different features in them.


Be it a single door or a double door fridge, you can get it all within the specified budget. These refrigerators usually have a 3 or 4-star energy rating, and come with features that rank them high on performance. This article will provide you with some of the best refrigerator under 25000.

There are a plethora of brands in the market that sell some of the best refrigerators. Choosing the perfect one for your home can become a challenging task – and we are here to help you make a decision!

Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing Best Refrigerator Under ₹25,000

Every product – including refrigerators, have their pros and cons, and this differs from one product to another. However, to make sure that you choose the best refrigerator under 25000, you need to take into consideration some important factors. Here is a list of factors that will guide you in this process.

1. Size And Capacity

This is one of the most basic, yet crucial factors that you will have to take into account before purchasing a refrigerator. The size and capacity of the refrigerator should be determined by the number of people in your house and the amount of space that is available for the fridge.

With more capacity, the price also will increase. For a family of four or more members, a capacity of 250-280 liters is ideal and a refrigerator of such capacity is easily available within a price range of 25000. Take note of the size of the refrigerator that you wish to purchase and make sure there is enough space to keep it.

2. Number Of Doors

While earlier refrigerators came only with a single door, technological advancement has facilitated the availability of refrigerators with multiple doors.

1. Single-Door Refrigerators 

These are the most conventional kind of refrigerators that save a lot of energy compared to other products. They are smaller in size, easily fit into a small space, and are quite affordable as well. The capacity of a single-door refrigerator is usually within a range of 250 liters. However, these refrigerators come with minimal features and require manual frosting, which can be quite time-consuming.

2. Double-Door Refrigerators 

These refrigerators are bigger in size and capacity compared to single-door variants. The fridge is divided into two separate compartments, one for the refrigerator and the other for the freezer. It is facilitated by frost-free technology. The capacity of these refrigerators ranges from 280 to almost 500 liters. A variety of features comes along with a double-door refrigerator, all of which can make your life more convenient than ever.

3. Three-Door Or Multiple-Door Refrigerators 

The more high-end products usually come with three or multiple doors. The third compartment is reserved to store fruits and vegetables. This is facilitated by moisture blocking technology that ensures that your food stays fresh and healthy.

4. Side-By-Side Refrigerators

These are the largest refrigerators that you will come across in the market, and they have a great amount of capacity to store more quantities of food. Such a refrigerator can be used to store meat and other foodstuffs at a mass-scale. They tend to be more useful in restaurants, but many households keep them too – to give that touch of elegance to the overall decor of the home.

3. Compressor

Another important factor that must be taken into consideration while buying the best refrigerator under 25000 is the compressor. There are two types of compressors found in refrigerators – inverter or general compressor. Most models that are found in the market today have the inverter compressor, which is more energy efficient, as it runs on less electricity. Even in terms of durability and maintenance, this compressor is a better option, as it is stronger and more long-lasting.

4. Bee Rating

Over-consumption of energy by electronic devices is not only harmful to the environment, but is also expensive for the consumer. Hence, it is always advised to buy a refrigerator that is more energy-efficient. You can understand how energy-efficient a refrigerator is by seeing the BEE rating marked on it. This rating is authorized by the government, and depending on the number of stars the fridge has, you can get a rough estimate of how much money you will save every year. To give an example, a refrigerator can help you save almost Rs. 2000 in a year if it has a rating of 5 stars.

5. Stabilizer Free Technology

Any electrical device can suffer immense damage from frequent voltage fluctuations. To deal with these fluctuations and to prevent serious damage, there are stabilizers present in most refrigerators. Now we have modern refrigerators that are facilitated by the stabilizer-free technology and hence, do not require a separate stabilizer.

Fluctuations ranging from 100 to 300 volts can be easily dealt with by this feature.

6. Compatibility With Home Inverters

It is advisable to go for a refrigerator that is compatible with home inverters. This can keep your food fresh, and prevent it from rotting when there is a power cut. If your refrigerator does not have this function, then make sure you go for one that has the CoolPack Technology. With this technology, your refrigerator can stay cool for almost 12 hours during a power cut.

7. Auto-Defrosting

You can get a series of features within a 25000 budget. One feature that you must make sure is present in the best refrigerator under 25000 that you buy, is the auto-defrosting feature. This feature makes sure that the refrigerator regulates the temperature on its own depending on the temperature outside. This prevents ice from building up. The other kind of defrosting is the one done manually. This is available in most single-door refrigerators. In this case, there is uneven cooling in the refrigerator, and it means that the temperature cannot be regulated automatically.

8. Convertibility

The convertibility feature works well if you do not have much use for the freezer and want to use that space to store cooked food. This option converts the freezer into the refrigerator by regulating the temperature. There are many other modes available in refrigerators that allow you to convert them, such as the dessert mode. However, for all these modes to work efficiently, you require a refrigerator that is sturdy, spacious, and in which the different corners are easily accessible.

9. Deodorizers

While conventional single-door refrigerators do not have this feature, deodorizers are found in almost all modern ones. They help to retain the original scent of your cooked food, and do not allow any foul smell to pervade inside the refrigerator. The crispers and moisture blocking technology keep the texture of fruits and vegetables protected and prevent them from rotting for a long time.

10. Anti-Bacterial Baskets

The best refrigerator under 25000 should have antibacterial baskets provided. There are air filters that keep the air inside the refrigerator clean and fresh by preventing the entrance or build-up of harmful elements. The germs that do manage to enter are taken care of by the micro-block technology.

Not only are germs kept at bay with the help of these different features, but the foul smell is also controlled. It is best advised to purchase a refrigerator that has a temperature control knob even if the fridge can regulate the temperature itself. With that, you can consider your requirements and make the necessary temperature changes accordingly.

11. Noise

Noise control is an important part of buying a refrigerator. Earlier, the compressors in refrigerators used to make quite a lot of noise that could be annoying. The modern refrigerators, however, have been designed to prevent a continuous noise that can be disturbing.
Customer reviews can help you choose a fridge that makes minimal, if it all, any noise.

12. Brand And After-Sales Service

This is a crucial part of the refrigerator that you l decide to purchase. With major electronic appliances, it is always important to buy it from a brand that is popular, trustworthy and provides a great after-sales service. You need to find out whether or not there are enough service centers near your location, so that your refrigerator can be easily repaired or exchanged if required.

13. Warranty

The warranty period guarantees you that in the case of any damage within the stipulated period, the brand is responsible for your refrigerator and will take care of the problem. The standard warranty period offered by most refrigerators is 1 year on the fridge and 10 years on the compressor. If you take into consideration all these factors while choosing the best refrigerator under 25000, you will surely end up finding the perfect product for your home.

This section of the article will give you an overview of some of the best refrigerators that you will find within Rs. 25000. These products are the ones with the highest ratings and hence, are quite good for the specified budget.

Top 8 Best Refrigerators Under ₹25,000 In India 2020

1. Panasonic 268L 2 Star

Panasonic 268 L 2 Star

Panasonic is a Japanese brand that has been manufacturing electronic appliances like washing machines, television sets, smartphones, and refrigerators for over 100 years now. The brand is trusted by customers for making appliances that rank high on performance and durability. The Panasonic double-door refrigerator is one among hundreds of such refrigerators that the brand boasts of.

The inverter compressor in this refrigerator offers advanced cooling in order to provide more energy during the day and less at night. This helps in saving energy, cooling quickly and making less noise. The door pockets on the side are big enough to accommodate boxed spices.

The AG Clean technology in the refrigerator ensures that any kind of bacteria, germs, moulds, and so on are eliminated. This keeps the food fresh and prevents it from rotting. 99.9% of these organisms are killed by the silver air filter, and the AG technology cleans up the air inside the fridge.

With the humidity control features, the refrigerator adjusts and modifies the humidity level inside according to the quantity of food stored. This is done in three easy steps. The refrigerator provides a gentle surround cooling that has an equal effect on every substance kept in the refrigerator.

A 35L vegetable tray is provided in the lowermost part of the refrigerator and the refrigerator makes sures that adequate moisture and humidity is retained in the fruits and vegetables. They remain fresh and juicy for a long duration. The Panasonic refrigerator has your convenience as its primary aim, because of which it has designed shelves whose height can be adjusted.

These glass shelves are sturdy enough to withstand almost 100kg weight. You can thus place heavy containers and bottles on them without worrying about causing any damage. The ice tray in the freezer is movable. Lastly, there are spacious pockets all over the refrigerator that can be used to store bottles of juice and water for those long summer days.


2. Samsung 253L 3 Star

Samsung 253L 3 Star

The Samsung Frost Free Double Door refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the best refrigerators under 25000 that you will come across. This fridge comes with double doors and has a capacity of 253 L. The spacious nature of the refrigerator is what makes it so appealing, especially given the affordable price at which it is available.

This particular Samsung refrigerator comes in a inox silver color that makes it look elegant, stylish, and sophisticated. The design and color of the fridge makes it well-suited to almost any kind of home decor.

With a 4 star BEE rating, the refrigerator can be rated to be energy efficient – which is sure to save you a lot of money and also have a better impact on the environment. It uses the inverter based compressor that is much more efficient than regular compressors, and ensures minimal noise production. This compressor also increases the overall durability of the refrigerator.

Toughened glass has been used to make the shelves strong and long-lasting. It can withstand approximately 150 kg weight and hence, you can store heavy containers with food. There is no need to worry about damage, as these shelves are sturdy enough to take the pressure.

The freezer has a capacity of 69 liters, and you can store ice and other foodstuffs that require freezing. The Smart Connect Inverter is of great help during power cuts, as it helps to connect the fridge to the home inverter in such a situation. Even if there is no inverter, the refrigerator has a cool wall that holds on to the cool air for a long time to keep the food fresh, till electricity comes back.

The most helpful feature of this refrigerator is that there is a door alarm that warns you when the door has been open for more than 2 minutes. The only drawback of this product is that the deodorizer has no carbon filter in it. There is a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and a 10-year warranty on the compressor. Overall, this Samsung refrigerator is a good deal within this budget.


3. LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free 

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free 

LG has been in the electronics market for many years now, and it continues to satisfy the demands of customers with some of the most premium quality products – which includes refrigerators. There are many LG refrigerators that will easily rank as the best refrigerator under 25000. This particular model is a double-door refrigerator with a capacity of 260 liters, and some excellent features that will make your life easier.

It comes with a Smart Inverter Compressor that improves the overall efficiency of the refrigerator. It helps retain the freshness of every item kept inside for a very long time, and also creates lesser, minimal noise. Available in a silver tone, the device can very well gel in with your home’s aesthetic.

In order to ensure that there is a good circulation of cool air, multiple cooling air vents have been provided. These distribute the air and circulate it so that it reaches every corner of the refrigerator. You can diagnose any minor problem in the refrigerator with the help of the LG app that can be installed in your smartphone.

Another useful feature that the LG refrigerator boasts of is the Auto Smart Connect. In the case of a power failure, this feature connects the refrigerator to the home inverter till the electricity is back. This way, the food stays fresh even during power cuts.

The most unique part of this device is the Moist Balance Crisper, which is a box with lattice patterns. This box can be used to store fruits, vegetables, or cooked food that requires an optimal level of moisture to stay fresh. The side-pockets in the refrigerator have enough space to store bottles as large as 2 litres. In order to protect the refrigerator from any damage due to voltage fluctuations, there is a stabilizer free operation that is quite reliable.

Lastly, some features that are worth mentioning are the humidity controller, a chiller zone that is quite spacious, LED light, double twist ice tray, and a deodorizer to keep the refrigerator free of bad smells. The energy rating on this fridge is 3 stars which is lesser than the refrigerators mentioned previously. However, this is the only minor drawback; otherwise, this LG refrigerator is a good pick within 25000.


4. Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star

Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star

Whirlpool brings to you its latest Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator, that boasts of many useful features that make your life easier and convenient. The refrigerator takes full responsibility for your food, and ensures it remains fresh for a long time till you eat it. This model is available in silver, and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen.

Ranked as one of the best refrigerators under 25000, this Whirlpool refrigerator has an adaptive intelligence system that is able to understand and analyse data, to keep the fridge evenly cooled out throughout, making sure cool air reaches every corner and every stored item. It consists of advanced features like the Intellisense Inverter Technology.

This technology recognizes the load inside the refrigerator and regulates the temperature accordingly. This ensures that the energy consumed is lesser than usual, and takes care of all the food items even when there is a power cut in your home. There are multiple features like the Zeolite technology, Microblock technology, and FreshFlow AirTower that ensure that fruits and vegetables remain fresh for as long as 15 days.

The Flexi vents allow for circulation and adequate distribution of air all across the refrigerator. Food is further kept fresh with the help of the HoneyComb Moisture Lock-in Technology. It ensures that your food gets just the right amount of moisture in the vegetable crisper.

There is never any disruption with the cooling process, not even during a power cut, because the refrigerator automatically gets connected to the home inverter to keep the food from rotting. Freshness of fruits and vegetables is achieved with the Freshonizer that reduces the oxidation. Bacteria and germs are kept at bay with the Microblock technology.

This refrigerator is powered by three types of sensors that help in the smooth running of the device. These are – the load sensor, weather sensor, and the usage pattern sensor, all of which can sense the changes in the refrigerator and adjust the temperature along with other features accordingly. This particular refrigerator is a highly recommended one, especially because of the price at which it is available.


5. Haier 258 L 3 Star Inverter 

Haier 258 L 3 Star Inverter 

Haier is a Chinese electronics company known for its air conditioners and refrigerators that boast stellar performance. This particular Haier refrigerator comes with double doors – one compartment for regular storage and another for freezing. It has a capacity of 258 L, and the design is crisp and stylish to look at.

It is sleek, aesthetic to look at and the doors are thin. To top it all, the refrigerator is available in a variety of colours that makes it a modern and elegant fit in any house. There is a 5-in-1 convertible mode that permits you to store the food according to your requirements. Depending on this, you can opt for any of the 5 modes that the refrigerator offers.

This Haier refrigerator comes with a large and spacious vegetable box that also boasts of a multi-air flow. This keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh and juicy for the longest time. The load on the refrigerator differs from day to day, and to keep up with this, the Twin Inverter Technology is of great help. Depending on the load, the inverter fan and the compressor operate at different speeds. This ensures maximum energy and cost efficiency as well.

The glass shelves have been toughened and designed to be sturdy, so that they can easily hold heavy containers like pots and pans filled with food. This refrigerator can work on a stabilizer free operation, as it is able to run on energy as low as 135 V. Thus, when there are power fluctuations, the device remains unharmed with the help of this feature.

With a 3-star energy rating, this Haier refrigerator is as energy efficient as it can get. This not only saves on your monthly bills, but also has a positive impact on the environment. Better cooling is ensured with the help of the PUF insulation that is thicker as compared to the PUF in other refrigerators.


6. Haier 320 L 2 Star 

Haier 320 L 2 Star 

Another all-rounder refrigerator from Haier, this one also comes with double-doors and has a capacity of 320 L. This model is more spacious than the previous Haier refrigerator and hence, has more storage space. What sets this refrigerator apart is that the freezer is below the regular fridge and hence, this device is unique in terms of its looks and usage.

The 1 hour Icing Technology ensures that you do not have to wait for long hours for the ice to formulate. This technology freezes the water within an hour, to provide you with ice quickly. It also enables super fast cooling of everything else in the refrigerator and freezer. It is for features like these that this refrigerator has been ranked as the best refrigerator under 25000.

The vegetable box in the fridge is almost 2 times bigger than the ones available in other refrigerators. The extra space can be used to store more fresh fruits and vegetables. Proper air flow is ensured with the multiple vents in the basket. so that every vegetable receives equal cool air.

With the Twin Inverter Technology, both the compressor and the fan can function at different speeds. This is based on the amount of load in the refrigerator, and it can save a lot of money as well as energy. The glass shelves are sturdy and strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy containers.

This refrigerator is able to run without a stabilizer, as it can function at a low power supply of 135 V. This protects the machine from frequent voltage fluctuations. This model consumes very less energy even though it has a 2-star rating, and this also makes the machine affordable. Haier offers a 1-year warranty on the machine and 10 years of warranty on the compressor.


7. Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free

Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free

If you are looking for a frost-free refrigerator with a contemporary design, then the Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy multi-door refrigerator is the answer. It comes in a variety of color shades like – steel onyx, German steel, and caviar black. The refrigerator has a storage space of 240 L, enough for a house with 3 or more members.

The design of this refrigerator turns out to be most appealing to people. It is sleek, elegant, compact and yet spacious, with three different compartments to store all your food, fruits, and vegetables. This device can only enhance the beauty of your home decor with its modern and stylish look.

The freshness of all the items inside the refrigerator is maintained with the moisture retention technology, that facilitates the circulation of cold air, evenly across the fridge. This is one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators that you will find in the specified budget of 25000. This one consumes less energy than even a 60 watt CFL bulb.

With the Zeolite technology, fruits and vegetables remain fresh for a longer duration. There is a separate zone in the fridge called the deli zone, which is useful for storing chocolates, cheese and different dairy products. A temperature control knob is fitted in this part, so that you can adjust the temperature according to what you store in that space.

The Microblock technology keeps the food safe and protected from bacteria and germs. This, again works to retain the freshness of all the foodstuffs for a very long time. Another crucial feature is the air booster, that regulates the flow of cool air to ensure that the circulation and distribution is equal.

The refrigerator is divided into three different compartments that are completely separated from each other and have separate doors to access them. The compartment at the bottom is the Active Fresh Zone, which is used to store fruits and vegetables. It is quite spacious, with a capacity of 32 L.

A separate tray is reserved just for your fruits, and it is completely covered with glass to prevent the mixing of different odors. The ice twister makes freezing ice and using it very convenient and easy. This Whirlpool refrigerator has been designed keeping in mind smart technologies that will make your life easier.


8. LG 235 L 4 Star

LG 235 L 4 Star

LG brings to you one of the most beautiful and efficient single-door refrigerators that you will ever come across. It comes in different colors, but the floral design is something that remains constant in all of these. This refrigerator has a 4-star BEE rating – which means that it is quite energy-efficient and will help you save approximately Rs. 2,000 on a yearly basis, not to mention its environment-friendliness. The refrigerator has a capacity of 235 L.

Ranked as one of the best refrigerators under 25000, this machine has a smart inverter compressor that has great performance and also saves on your electricity bills. It also enables noise-free operation, and requires no stabilizer to deal with voltage fluctuations. The refrigerator boasts smart connect technology.

This becomes important in situations like when there is a power cut, as the refrigerator is immediately connected to the home inverter. The freshness of your food is thus retained always. There is a special box that has been provided in order to store fruits and vegetables. An optimum level of moisture is maintained in the lattice type box as well.

Since this is a single door fridge, there is no separate compartment for freezing stuff. However, the top-most part of the refrigerator acts as the freezer, and does a good job of freezing ice in only 108 minutes. This is a feature unique to the LG Direct Cool refrigerators.

There is a base stand drawer in the LG single door refrigerator, in which you can store potatoes, onions, and other extra vegetables when there is not enough space in the lattice box. The glass shelves have been built to be sturdy and endure weights as much as 175 kg. You can keep all the heavy food items without worrying about any damage.

There are features in the refrigerator that ensures that the device remains free of bacteria. The machine can be easily cleaned and maintained. Maintenance must be done from time to time to keep the shelves free of dirt, as it will also help the food items retain their freshness. It can operate with an energy range of 90-310 V and thus, does not require a stabilizer.

LG has always been very conscious and careful about environmental problems, and to prevent it from getting worse, it has manufactured refrigerators like this one that can run on solar energy. Overall, this refrigerator is an excellent choice if you are looking for single-door refrigerators, as it saves money, is highly efficient, and more durable than many other products.


FAQs on Refrigerators Under ₹25,000

1. Do All Refrigerators Have Automatic Defrost?

While previous models had to be manually defrosted, modern refrigerators do have automatic defrost, so that you do not have to worry about constantly keeping a check. However, even in these refrigerators, there might be a thin layer of ice sometimes that you can remove by switching off the refrigerator and then removing the water.

2. Which Compressor Is Good For A Refrigerator?

If we are talking about compressors for domestic use, then both reciprocating compressors and rotary compressors have proven to be useful. These have a great cooling efficiency and consume less energy as well. The reciprocating compressor can compress the same amount of gas using lesser energy and thus, it is considered the better of the two.

3. What Is The Difference Between Frost-Free And Automatic Defrost?

The refrigerators that claim to be frost-free comprise of a cooling system that is dynamic and prevents the formation of frost. Whereas, in refrigerators with automatic defrost, ice build-ups still take place, and the ice is removed periodically. A frost-free refrigerator ensures better circulation of cold air and it also requires very less maintenance. This can save a lot of your time, money, and energy.

4. Which Brand Is Considered To Be The Best When It Comes To Refrigerators?

There is no one brand that can be considered to be the best one for refrigerators. Over the years brands like Godrej, Samsung, Whirlpool, and LG have made a name for themselves in the Indian market. They have earned their trust and satisfied customers by manufacturing premium-quality refrigerators with smart features.


Refrigerators have been an essential electronic device since time immemorial, as they have been beneficial for storing food for long durations. With time and the advancement of technology, these machines have evolved. Today you will find some incredible features in the modern refrigerators. This article provides you with a buying guide and a list of the best refrigerators under 25000. You can carry out research of your own to ensure the credibility of review articles like this one, and then proceed to choose a refrigerator that you like!

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