Best Coffee Powder In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Nescafe Sunrise 2. Nescafe 3. Bru
NESCAFÉ Sunrise Instant Coffee Best Coffee Powder

Nescafé Classic Coffee

Bru Gold Instant Coffee


Coffee became a favorite in India with the advent of the cafe culture in the 1990s. Today, most people cannot imagine their day without a few cups of coffee. Meeting a friend, doing an all-nighter during exams, working for long hours, or just a rainy day – coffee plays a crucial role in our lives.

The coffee we love so much is made using a powder that is extracted from coffee beans. However, to make this beverage and to ensure that it is of top-quality, you must acquire knowledge about the best coffee powder in India. While coffee has many uses, you must also look up a few of the harmful effects that drinking too much coffee can have on your body.


Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Coffee Powder In India

You must consider a few important factors before buying the best coffee powder in India. This section is meant to shed light on things that can guide you in making the right decision when it comes to this pantry supply.

1. Freshness

The most crucial aspect of drinking good quality coffee is ensuring that it is 100% fresh. Now here is something most people, even avid coffee drinkers, are often not aware of – coffee loses its aroma and flavor within 3 weeks of being roasted. The flavor stays intact for long only when you store it properly.

Shelf coffee, thus, loses most of its taste and flavor when stored for a long time. It hardly matters how airtight the container is. The degradation of coffee is bound to happen.

2. Unroasted

Coffee is also available in the unroasted form, and this can be stored for months without any issues. Hence, if you are a consistent coffee drinker who is mindful of the freshness of the coffee you drink, it is best to purchase unroasted coffee. You can roast the coffee in any container before consuming it.

3. Best Coffee Brands

Yet another important factor that you must always keep in mind, is the brand of coffee that you purchase when you set out to buy the best coffee powder in India. In this ever-expanding global market, there are a plethora of brands that manufacture coffee powder. However, only a few brands will provide you with fresh, supreme-quality coffee that you can enjoy with every sip. Some of these brands are:

Nescafe- This is one of the most popular coffee brands in India. Nescafe is manufactured by the Swiss company, Nestle. Nescafe’s aromatic and tasty coffee has been a classic beverage in almost every Indian household.

It is trusted by coffee lovers because of its consistent and high-quality coffee powder. Nescafe offers customers a wide range of options, starting from espresso to latte.

1. The Flying Squirrel

Here is a brand that is relatively new in the market, introduced in 2013. The brand grows its coffee in Coorg, a small town situated in the state of Karnataka. The Flying Squirrel delivers only the best coffee to the people of India, one that is grown with love and care. One of the most loved coffee variants that they make is the Flying Squirrel Coffee Rohan Bopanna Masterblend Coffee powder.

2. Davidoff

This is a brand that is known as one of the finest Swiss coffee manufacturers since 1980. Davidoff coffee is made using pure Arabica beans, which are considered to be of the best quality. The coffee beans are roasted in a safe, hygienic, and proper environment that preserves the aroma and flavor. Davidoff offers customers a wide range of coffee in different forms.

3. Bru

Hindustan Unilever, which is an Indian brand, founded Bru in 1969. It is the second most popular and widely consumed brand of coffee in India after the Nescafe. Bru offers various types of coffee such as BRU exotic, BRU gold, BRU instant coffee, BRU roast, and so on. The Bru instant coffee is also known as the best instant coffee powder in India.

4. Lavazza

This Italian brand is known for its excellent quality coffee that is imported to countries all across the world, including India. You get a blend of coffee from various places across the globe blended into this one brand. Arabica beans are used to make the Lavazza coffee.

4. Cost

Coffee does not need to be as expensive as some people expect it to be. However, the price depends on a few factors, like what kind of coffee you are buying, the brand, and so on. Instant coffee powder, like the ones sold by BRU or Nescafe is available at cheaper rates. However, fresh coffee powder might cost you slightly more.

In this section, we have provided you with a list of the best coffee powder in India. The list is limited to a few products, and you can always explore a few more based on your research and requirements.

Top 10 Best Coffee Powders In India 2020

1. NESCAFÉ Sunrise Instant Coffee

NESCAFÉ Sunrise Instant Coffee Best Coffee Powder

Nescafe brings to you its Sunrise Instant Coffee in this 200g pack, available at an affordable price. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans have been blended to make the coffee powder. These beans have been handpicked by experts from farms in South India, where the weather and soil conditions are perfect for growing them.

Sunrise’s instant coffee is made up of 70% coffee powder and the rest 30% is chicory – which is a substitute for coffee. The rich aroma has an all-consuming effect on your senses. You can smell the coffee when it is being brewed from far away. The flavor of the coffee will excite your taste buds and refresh you.

This instant coffee is made with slow-roasted coffee beans, which are roasted in a rotating drum roaster till that perfect aroma is achieved. The rest of the process is handled by Nescafe’s state-of-the-art technology, that ensures the aroma of the coffee is retained. The advantage of an instant coffee powder like this one is that you can make it without any time or effort.

The Nescafe Sunrise instant coffee is a 100% vegetarian product that can be consumed by anybody. On a rainy day, a hot cup of coffee can be the most soothing thing to have. The maximum shelf life of this product is 12 months, and it is best to use a dry spoon to take out the coffee, as water or moisture can spoil the coffee fast.


2. Nescafé Classic Coffee

Nescafé Classic Coffee

The Nescafe Classic coffee is one thing that you will find in every Indian kitchen. It is the most popular coffee powder that one can buy, at an affordable rate at any local shop or even online. This particular product comes in a 100 g dawn jar that is airtight and keeps the coffee powder safe and hygienic for 18 months – which is its shelf life.

It has been made using Robusta beans that have been carefully handpicked from coffee farms in South India. The beans are slow-roasted in a rotating drum, which ultimately results in a beautiful, strong aroma. The flavor from every coffee bean is extracted and retained in the powder form for you to consume.

Start your day with a few sips of this coffee, to feel rejuvenated and active throughout the day. It is a constant companion of office-goers and students who need to stay up all night before exams. Nescafe ensures that the crops that produce the coffee are grown most sustainably, and the best roasting and blending methods are used.

Nescafe has truly taken over the coffee industry to manufacture the best instant coffee in India.


3. Bru Gold Instant Coffee

Bru Gold Instant Coffee

Bru is the second most popular brand after Nescafe, and it is giving good competition to all the other brands selling coffee powder in India. Some of the finest coffee plantations in South India source Arabica and Robusta beans, that are then roasted and ground to make this coffee powder.

This instant coffee offers an authentic taste that will linger in your mouth for quite some time. The strong aroma has the power to fill up all your senses. The process used to make this coffee ensures that the original taste and smell of the beans are retained – even after they have been processed in the factory.

The Bru Gold instant coffee mixes instantly with warm water and milk, to give you a cup of coffee to start your day. You can use this coffee powder to make hot coffee, cold coffee, or even mix some in your cake batter to give it the taste of the coffee. Lastly, while speaking of the Bru instant coffee, one cannot miss out on the excellent packaging that the brand does to ensure that your coffee lasts for a long time, with its taste intact.


4. 100% Authentic iD Fresh Filter Coffee

100% Authentic iD Fresh Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is a staple beverage in southern India, and it has a coarser ground, which sets it apart from regular instant coffee. iD’s 100% authentic filter coffee has been made with a blend of 80% coffee powder and 20% chicory. These coffee beans have been procured from the hills of Chikmagalur and Coorg in Karnataka.

Ranked as one of the best filter coffee powder in India, the iD filter coffee has been made using the most natural and premium-quality Arabica and Robusta beans. There are no added preservatives or chemicals present in the coffee powder. Moreover, the taste of this filter coffee will linger in your mouth long after you have it.

The resulting decoction of filter coffee that this brand makes is thick and strong. The freshness of the coffee is a crucial factor as mentioned earlier, and iD’s packaging ensures that both the freshness and the aroma of this coffee is retained. It is the most ergonomic in nature and prevents moisture from entering the coffee packets.


5. Country Bean Instant Coffee Powder

Country Bean Instant Coffee Powder

Coffee Bean has mastered the art of manufacturing flavored coffee powder, and the brand provides its customers a range of options to choose from. It assists you in making delicious coffee at home without using a coffee or espresso machine. This particular coffee powder is available in hazelnut flavor, something loved by children and adults alike.

There is no added sugar or preservative contained in the coffee, as it is 100% natural. Experts handpick the best coffee beans from some of the finest coffee plantations, and then roast and blend them till the coffee gives out a sensational aroma. The powder is then packed in a glass jar that is airtight, hygienic, and weighs 60 g.

You can use the Coffee Bean instant coffee powder to make yourself a hot coffee, a cold frappe, a black coffee, or whatever it is that you fancy. This coffee is completely vegetarian and it has a shelf life of 365 days, before which you must consume the entire jar of coffee to prevent it from going bad.


6. Blue Tokai Coffee

Blue Tokai Coffee

Blue Tokai is a brand of coffee roasters, and also owns a chain of cafes across India. This Blue Tokai Coffee is made from light roasted coffee beans to produce premium quality coffee powder. The coffee beans are grown under a double canopy of shade and are handpicked from Seethargundu estate in Kerala.

While the price of this coffee powder might seem a little extravagant to many people, it is so because of the authentic quality of each and every bean. They have an exquisite taste and aroma that spreads across your body and makes you feel refreshed for entire the day. You require some brewing equipment to make this coffee, as this is not instant coffee.

A regular tea strainer will also work to filter out the coffee from the grounds. The entire process of preparing a cup of coffee with the Blue Tokai premium coffee powder is quite effortless and convenient.


7. Lavazza Club Italy’s Favourite Ground Coffee

Lavazza Club Italy's Favourite Ground Coffee

Lavazza Club brings to you Italy’s favourite ground coffee in this 250 g pack. This brand dates back to the 19th century, when it was first established in Italy and ever since, it has expanded to countries across the world including India, providing some of the best coffee powder in India.

Lavazza Club uses pure and natural Arabica beans to produce their coffee. The slow roasting of the coffee beans truly brings out the flavor and aroma of the coffee to fill up your senses, even before you take a sip. This ground coffee can be easily made in an espresso machine, drip coffee maker, or a French press.

Procured from some of the finest plantations in Latin America, Lavazza Club brings to Indian customers some of the most toothsome collections of coffee powder that is adored by every coffee connoisseur. This coffee powder has a long shelf life of upto 30 months.


8. Continental Coffee Xtra Instant Coffee Powder

Continental Coffee Xtra Instant Coffee Powder

The Continental Coffee Store is an Indian brand that brings to your home the most fresh and aromatic coffee of the south. This instant coffee powder has been made from a blend of coffee beans and chicory that has been roasted carefully to get that strong and beautiful aroma. The best thing about this coffee is that it is available at a reasonable price that most people can afford.

Have a cup of the Continental Xtra instant coffee to kickstart your day, or enjoy a cup over a long conversation with a friend. It is versatile in nature and hence, can be used to prepare a range of different coffee beverages like cold coffee, hot coffee, dalgona coffee with a lot of froth, and so on.

200 g of this coffee powder is available in a well-packaged paper box that stores the coffee well for a long time. This instant south blend is so rich and fine that once you get a taste, you are sure to ask for more. It is every coffee lover’s paradise.


9. Pristine Deccan Gold Coffee

Pristine Deccan Gold Coffee

Here we have another filter coffee on the list for you by a brand named Pristine Deccan Gold, that boasts of making some of the most mouth-watering filter coffee. This is a coffee powder that has been slowly processed and known to be an artisan’s coffee. The coffee is made by combining Robusta and Arabica beans.

The result is a filter coffee so rich and eccentric that your taste buds will yearn for it all the time. It contains 80% coffee powder and 20% chicory, a perfect balance of the two elements that result in the best filter coffee powder in India. A quantity of 500 g is available in an aesthetic packaging, and at an affordable price.

This product is for all those coffee lovers who are always in the search for a premium quality filter coffee. Bring home the Pristine Deccan Gold filter coffee home today to experience the richness of filter coffee.


10. Davidoff Café Rich Aroma Instant Coffee Jar

Davidoff Café Rich Aroma Instant Coffee Jar

The Davidoff Cafe Rich Aroma Instant Coffee Jar is a coffee experience that you will remember for a lifetime. The brand is known in the global market as one of the best brands to make coffee. The coffee beans that Davidoff uses to make its coffee is of the highest quality and hence, the price of the coffee is also quite high.

Ranked as one of the best coffee powder in India, this coffee is known for its rich aroma and slightly bitter taste that is proof of its authenticity. The flavors of this coffee are well-balanced, and this is something the brand does as a matter of principle, because coffee should also have a balanced taste.

An acidic taste will linger in your mouth after you are done drinking the coffee, which actually accentuates the overall experience of drinking a cup of Davidoff instant coffee.



Coffee has become such an integral part of every Indian’s life, that it has become necessary to write articles such as this one to help coffee lovers navigate through the hundreds of options that the market has to offer. This article gives readers an understanding of certain important factors that they must take into consideration before buying coffee, and along with that a list of few products.

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