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Dabur Honey Best Honey In India

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One of the most versatile and beneficial products to be found in any pantry is honey, as it can be used for a myriad of purposes. You can cook with it, apply it on your skin, hair, or consume it for weight loss, as honey contains quite nutritional elements. It has a sweet taste and a smooth texture; all of which leave one feeling fresh and healthy.

This nutritious, energy-giving product is manufactured by a plethora of brands, each one claiming to be the best. Thus, it can become a challenging task analyzing which brand is good and has the best honey in India. This article aims to precisely help you choose which honey will be best suited to you.


Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Honey In India

In this section, we will provide you with a list of some important factors that must be considered before buying the best honey in India. These factors have been carefully researched and will help you make an informed choice about which honey to buy.

1. Type

Most people are not aware of the different types of honey that are available in the market and often end up buying the first product they lay their eyes on. However, it is important to know about them, so that you can buy the most healthy honey. There are two forms in which honey is available – processed and raw form. Processed honey is less beneficial than raw honey as most of the nutrients are lost during processing.

Raw honey is not processed and is sold as it came from the beehives. Raw honey is either sold by beekeepers, or you can find wild honey in forests and on different trees and acquire them on your own. Raw honey is rich with antioxidants, and you will understand that it is unprocessed honey when you see the cloudy texture.

2. Sugar Content

Honey is naturally sweet, as it contains glucose and lactose. However, good quality honey will never contain sugar crystals, and if you find that the honey is taking the form of crystals, know that it is not pure. There are impurities mixed in it to make it look and taste better.

3. Pollen

You will understand the quality of the honey instantly if you find bee pollen in it. While processing honey, these pollens are usually removed, which automatically means that the honey is not of high quality. You will be able to see the presence of pollen grains from outside the jar itself, and this is how you can recognize the best honey in India.

4. Color

The color of honey is another factor that indicates quality. Ideally, fresh honey should be of a dark tone, which becomes lighter as time passes. Hence, if you notice a faded out colored honey, you must be careful about its manufacturing date and shelf life.

5. The Spoon Test

There are various tricks that one can use to test the quality of honey, one of them being the spoon test. In this test, you drip a small amount of honey on a plain surface, and if you notice that the honey is not flowing in one direction, it means that the water content in it is above 20%. This indicates an adulterated product with too much water.

6. Organic Honey

Organic is the most healthy, but also an expensive way to go for a majority of people now. You will find brands selling organic honey these days, consuming which can benefit your health more than regular honey. You must, however, check the list of ingredients mentioned on the bottle to ensure the product is authentic.

Best Honey Brands In India

As mentioned earlier, many brands sell honey now, and more are coming up with time. In this section, we will discuss some of the best honey brands in India so that you are well aware of the options at your disposal, and make the best choice.

1. Hitkari Honey

Hitkari is not very popular honey when it comes to the Indian market, and a reason for that is its lack of advertising. However, it still ranks as one of the best brands that manufacture premium-quality honey. Hitkari passed the test in 2010 when it was declared by experts that their products are 100% authentic and contain no antibiotics.

The best part about this honey is that they manufacture only in the honey season, unlike other brands that forcefully manufacture all year round and hence, compromise on their quality in the process.

2. Dabur Honey

Now here is a brand that is always on the lips of people when it comes to the best honey in India. Dabur has been in the business, making ayurvedic and natural products, for many years now. Its honey has been a favorite of customers, because of the authenticity and purity that Dabur maintains of all their products.

Dabur’s honey is procured from the forests of Sunderbans and is free of preservatives. It comes in glass jars that keep harmful materials from contaminating the honey.

3. Beez Honey

A relatively new brand in the market, Beez has been manufacturing authentic and high-quality honey for almost 10 years now. The brand ensures that there is a minimum level of human interference in procuring the honey. This is done to uphold the purity of the product. Beez Honey is also known for exporting its products to countries all across the world.

4. Little Bee Organic Honey

Little Bee is yet another brand that exclusively manufactures honey. It is known to be one of the best honey brands in India because of the variety of honey that it sells, such as premium honey, organic honey, blend honey, and natural honey. The honey is extracted by hand, whilst maintaining all possible hygiene protocols. The price of the honey, however, is quite high because of its excellent quality.

5. Apis Himalaya Honey

Apis Himalaya’s honey comes from the forests on the hills of the Himalayas, as the name suggests. All modern technologies are used to process this honey, and chemicals are kept away from it. This honey is the perfect example of a good-quality product available at a reasonable price. The processing plant is of world-class quality, and it ensures that all the nutrients are retained in the honey.

Apis offers a variety of honey that can be consumed with tea, bread, roti, plain water, or whatever you wish. You can use it for baking or cooking.

6. Patanjali Honey

Patanjali is an ayurvedic brand that was founded by the Indian yoga guru, Baba Ramdev in 2006, in Haridwar. It has claimed since then that the products they manufacture, like shampoo, ghee, toothpaste, and honey are all 100% authentic, pure, and made using natural elements. Patanjali mixes ancient wisdom with modern technology to provide its customers with nutritious honey that contains vitamins, minerals, fructose, and so on.

7. Baidyanath Madhu

Baidyanth is yet another ayurvedic brand that is most popular for its honey, which is retrieved from the forests of the Sundarbans in Bengal and some parts of the Himalayan ranges. It promises to be free of artificial color, flavor, or smell as well as any added preservatives. The honey is produced using high-quality machines, and it is made to go through several quality checks to ensure that the result that reaches you is pure.

8. 24 Mantra Honey

24 Mantra manufactures a range of products such as ghee and honey and has its market all across the country. It is a certified organic brand that makes all its products without using any chemicals or preservatives. This honey comes from certain flowers that are grown in the Himalayas.

The filtering is done with minimum human interference to ensure that the honey does not get contaminated. You may use this honey to add sweetness to your food or to cleanse your skin or hair.

9. Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu is another one of those lesser-known brands that have been in the market for many years. It sells honey that is unprocessed so that you get to experience its distinct smell, taste, and texture. There is no added sugar in this honey nor are there any kind of chemicals. The glass jar that it comes in protects the honey from being contaminated by external elements.

10. Dyu Honey

Dyu is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to ‘glow’ or ‘shine’, and that is exactly what this honey gives you. Dyu honey contains only natural ingredients and the honey is sold in glass jars to maintain their purity. Human interference is very little and controlled. This honey also has various therapeutic benefits. Experience the natural sweetness of honey in the food you eat with the Dyu honey.

Once you know which brands are trustworthy, choosing products becomes much easier. This section provides you with a list of the best honey in India to ensure that you have all the information required to make the right choice.

Top 10 Best Honey In India 2020

1. Dabur Honey

Dabur Honey Best Honey In India

Dabur’s honey ranks as one of the most trusted and premium-quality brands according to Indian customers, and there is not much room for disagreement in this matter. If you regularly consume this honey with either warm water or tea, you can lose excess body weight in just 90 days. It has been tested and certified to be pure in quality by the NMR.

This honey is a rich source of antioxidants that rid your body of harmful chemicals and make it much more healthy. It works wonders on your immunity system, to give your body all the strength that it requires to fight diseases and infections. It is an excellent food product that keeps your heart healthy.

Dabur honey is a great source of nutrition and a natural remedy, as well as prevention for cough and cold. It boosts your energy to work through the day actively. You can take this honey on a daily basis, with water, green tea, cakes, waffles, bread, shakes, and smoothies. After you open the bottle, be careful that you consume the honey within 18 months when it remains fresh.


2. Apis Himalaya Honey

Apis Himalaya Honey

Honey is one of the healthiest substitutes for sugar in any dish or beverage that you consume. The Apis Himalayan honey is ISO22000 certified, and it keeps you fit to work and do other activities with strength. This honey has been made using state-of-the-art technology, maintaining its nutritional elements.

Ranked as one of the best honey in India, this product contains essential minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, calcium, iron, and many others. There is zero fat content in the honey, which makes it the perfect method of losing weight and staying fit. Bad digestion is also taken care of with the Apis Himalayan honey if you mix it with some warm water and drink it.

The metabolic functions of your body are maintained and balanced by this honey. It gives your body energy to perform and is best suited to athletes for whom honey offers a performance boost, muscle recuperation, blood circulation, and manages insulin levels.

This honey acts as a natural antiseptic, as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thus, if you are suffering from some bacterial infections, honey can prove to be a quick fix.


3. Patanjali Honey

Patanjali Honey

Patanjali has taken over the market in recent years with its wide range of products. Patanjali honey has gained much popularity as an ayurvedic product that contains a number of nutrients. This particular product is available in a quantity of 500 g which comes at a reasonable price.

There are antiseptic elements contained in the honey that can heal any injury quite fast. It is a good blood purifier that rids your body of harmful chemicals and toxins. This is because of the antioxidants contained in the honey. The antioxidants also help to lose excess weight.

Antibacterial elements contained in the honey cure infections and allergies easily. Regular consumption of the Patanjali honey can help you with digestion problems and boost immunity.

The honey will stay well if kept in a dry and cool place. The Patanjali honey, thus, has many benefits that can do wonders for your body and make it healthier.

This honey has been loved by people all across the country, as it provides a unique combination of ancient knowledge with modern state-of-the-art technology, to process the honey in a way that all its beneficial nutrients are retained. Bring home this honey that promises 100% authenticity.


4. INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Honey


Indigenous Honey provides the most nutritious substitute for regular sugar in the form of raw organic honey. The brand is unique in that it conserves or stores bees in a special wooden box, where they can make a beehive in their natural habitat and produce the honey that is then packed in a glass jar to be sold in markets.

The raw honey retrieved from beehives is highly nutritious and healthy, as it contains pollen, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and so on. The honey is packed in the jar in its raw form, without any contamination by preservatives or other harmful chemicals. What makes the Indigenous Honey the best honey in India is that it has been approved by various boards like GBB and NBB.

There are experts in the company who are in charge of extracting raw honey from the beehives. The safety of the bees is also ensured when the honey is extracted from the honeycomb. All the nutrients contained in the honey work to improve your digestive system and even the immune system. It contains natural medicinal properties, and drinking this honey with water or tea every day can rid you of a sore throat.

This honey boasts of various other benefits as well, like it increases the sperm count and improves its quality. Lastly, it also helps you control your weight.


5. Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu brings to you its pure honey, which has been made by combining honey extracted from the Sundarbans and tulsi. Honey that has been retrieved from the forests of the Sundarbans is known to contain far more antioxidants than other types of honey. This honey is 100% pure and authentic, without the mixture of additives and preservatives.

To ensure that the honey that reaches the markets is completely unadulterated, Zandu makes it go through several tests that prove the absence of added sugar or rice syrups like C3/C4. It is clinically tested to ensure the safety and proper maintenance of hygiene conditions. This honey is rich in antioxidants, enzymes, and essential minerals.

There are many ways in which you can consume the Zandu honey, such as mixing it with warm water for a clear throat and cleansed body, apply it on bread or chapati, mix it with tea or coffee, or even use it to bake a cake or as a topping for your waffles and pancakes. The honey helps in the management of weight, improves the digestive system, and makes your immunity strong enough to fight different diseases.

Zandu Pre Honey is also an effective healer of problems like ulcers or any skin problems. There is proof of purity in every batch of honey that gets manufactured. The overall appeal and benefits of this product are many, and they must be utilized to the fullest potential.


6. Dyu Pure Artisanal Honey

Dyu Pure Artisanal Honey

Honey has so many health benefits that it should be that one product necessarily on your diet chart. It is the only way to a health-conscious and fit style of living. The Dyu Pure Artisanal Honey comes from the forests of the Western Ghats and brings with it many therapeutic qualities.

This honey can be used as a sweetener for your beverages like tea, coffee, mocktails, smoothies, shakes, and so on. It is the best medicine for a proper digestive system, and also provides the body with adequate energy.

Your immunity will be significantly boosted with a spoon or two of honey daily with whatever food you eat or drink. Dyu procures the honey from a special type of bees called Apis Cerena, which is a subspecies of the Asiatic honey bee. It is the purest and most authentic form of honey that you will come across in an age when most products are contaminated.


7. Organic India Wild Forest Honey

Organic India Wild Forest Honey

Collected from the lush green forests of the Himalayas, the Organic India Wild Forest Honey is one of the best honey in India. A regular spoonful of this honey can act as a preventative measure against many illnesses and diseases. Organic India’s honey is a rich source of energy as well as antioxidants.

It contains several anti-aging and anti-bacteria elements that give your skin a youthful glow at all times and prevents the setting in of signs of aging.

This honey can make your digestive system better, but you must also eat a proper diet and drink plenty of water to ensure this. It has a similar effect on your immunity, which gets strengthened so that any disease is easily defeated. Losing excess body weight can be one of your health goals, and Organic India’s wild honey is a great way to ensure that you shed some fat.

The honey comes well-packed in a glass jar and hence, you must find a dry and cool place to store it.


8. Leaf & Nectar Raw Organic Honey

Leaf & Nectar Raw Organic Honey

A special kind of honey is found in Gujrat and Rajasthan, known as Acacia honey, which is considered to be the best honey in the world. Leaf & Nectar extracts this honey and delivers it to you to be consumed in the comforts of your home. Acacia honey comes in a pale yellow color and since the crystallization is slow, its texture is super smooth.

The flavor of the honey is subtle, and there is no after taste that will linger in your mouth. The smell is also not extremely strong, but will surely give you a whiff of freshness. It is best to consume this honey instead of foods with high calories, like jam and so on.

The honey assists in making your immunity system stronger with antioxidants and enzymes. With the strength they provide, coupled with a balanced diet and proper sleep, you can win a battle against any disease. It also helps in losing bodyweight. The honey is not fit to be consumed by an infant under 1 year of age and must be consumed within a period of 18 months after opening the jar.


9. Merlion Naturals Raw Honey

Merlion Naturals Raw Honey

If you are searching for a premium-quality, raw, organic honey, then you must try the Merlion Naturals Raw Honey. The first thing that will strike you as you spot this honey in the market, is the wonderful packaging and the aesthetic appeal of the entire glass jar. Other than its beauty, the jar also keeps the honey safe and hygienic and prevents the entry of chemicals into the environment.

Ranked as one of the best honey in India, Merlion Naturals honey is a completely vegetarian product. It aims to promote and improve your digestive health and give you a healthy heart. This probiotic honey contains 22 amino acids that keep you healthy for a long time, increasing your overall life span.

Seasonal cold and cough can be a troublesome thing, as it tends to give you a sore throat, blocks your nose, and leads to the loss of taste as well. With a spoon of this honey regularly, you can not only fight infections but also prevent them from happening in the first place. The brand believes in delivering to you an authentic product that is free of preservatives, additives, and other chemicals.


10. DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey

DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey

The last product on the list of the best honey in India belongs to Dadev, and it is pure, organic honey, available in a completely unprocessed form. It is rich with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial elements that have numerous health benefits for your body. The pollen count in this honey is pretty high, and there are so many nutrients in it that can improve your immunity drastically.

The Dadev honey has been manufactured and packed in a safe and clean environment that reduces the risk of any contamination. It contains resources like energy, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron. There is no amount of fat, cholesterol, trans fat, preservatives, added sugar, or artificial materials in the honey. It has been left raw and packaged in that form to retain its authentic qualities.

This honey has a strong and superior taste, and its effects are valid for all age groups except for children below 12 months. The product is 100% vegetarian in nature. You can not only consume it as a food item, but also apply it on your skin to get a fresh glow or on your hair to make it soft and shiny.



Honey has been praised for being one of the most versatile products available since time immemorial. It acts as a medicine for so many problems, but also as a sweetener for all that you eat on a daily basis. Who knew eating something sweet could actually be healthy and good for the body? But honey is required by the body as a preventative measure against various diseases, big and small.

This article has a list of the different brands and products that you can choose from while you buy the best honey in India. This list is a result of extensive research, and if you couple it with some of your own personal research, you are sure to find the ideal product.

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