Best Hair Dryers In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Remington 2. Wahl 3. Havells
Remington D5000 Best Hair Dryer

Wahl 5439-024

Havells HD3151


Today, nobody has time for a bad hair day. Nor is every woman blessed with perfectly tamed hair. In this whirlwind of the constant struggle to have good-hair-days, we all are looking for the ideal hair product which will conveniently fight our battles and leave us with the best hair ever!

For most of us, hairdryers are an integral part of our routine. When we are loaded with work to cope up with and have a 9 to 5 job, the task of air-drying hair simply becomes tedious. To beat the hassle, hair dryers come to the rescue.


From reducing the hair-drying time up to 80%, to helping us style our hair the salon way, hairdryers are much more than a utility. They assist us to transform our brittle and frizzy locks into lustrous, smooth and shiny hair, something that every woman craves for!

If you are confining your use of this ultra-utilitarian product to just dry your hair, then you’re only witnessing a fraction of its excellence! We know that hair dryers come handy when you want to head out to a party and quickly style your hair without taking the pain of visiting the salon.

But there’s so much more to this product. From cleaning up around the house (Yes! That’s right!) by blowing the dust off your furniture to warming bedsheets and pillows for a cozy sleep during winters, your hairdryer will soon become your best friend.

This article will provide you a detailed analysis of everything you need to know before purchasing a hairdryer and a list of the best hair dryers in India. If you like what you have read so far, then keep reading!

Why You Should Invest in a Hair Dryer

Your hair has many enemies to beware of. These include windy days, dust, hot and humid climate and unexpected weather. Hairdryers assist you to keep your hair clean and healthy, by blowing off excess moisture and helping you style them the way you like it.

You must have experienced a severe headache caused by exposing yourselves to a rainy day. Using a hair dryer dries your scalp thoroughly to keep your head warm and devoid of any such headaches.

With a product as professional as a hairdryer, you need not pay a visit to your hairstylist, as everything you want is within your reach- as near as your dressing room!

Here are some ways your hairdryer becomes a carry-it-everywhere essential!

1. Help Keep Your Dollars In Your Pocket!

We know one thing for sure, a visit to the hairdresser means a whole lot of money slipping from your pocket. That’s why, having a hairdryer at home is a wise option, as it saves you money and gets you the desired hairstyle you want.

2. Lightens Your Hair

For those who suffer from thick hair problems, investing in a dryer keeps your hair smooth and manageable. They become ultra-useful for women with wavy to curly hair as you can blow them as soon as you get out of the shower, for an entire day of frizz-free locks!

3. Helps You Achieve Any Style You Want

It is a well-known fact that treating your hair with a tad bit of heat and wind makes the process of hairstyling surprisingly easier. Generous usage of your hair dryer would help you twist your hair into any shape or direction. It is not just a way of removing the frizziness, but also lays a base of grooming your hair.

4. Helps You Save Time

One of the many problems with long hair is the time it takes to completely dry off. In a world where one doesn’t have the time to wait, stepping out of the house with wet hair comes off as a huge problem, as does waiting long enough to let them dry naturally.

The simplest weapon to master this task sits right there in your drawer! A hair dryer dries the hair at supersonic speed by evaporating any excess moisture, much quicker than the conventional drying methods.

5. Other Ways You Can Use A Hairdryer

If you are still looking for more reasons to purchase the best hair dryer for women in India, then we have many other ways you can make optimum usage of this multitasker product.

With a hairdryer, you can quick-dry your clothes, defrost a mirror, get rid of wrinkles and creases on clothes, dry up your pet’s fur, blow-dry your wet nailpolish and do so much more!

6. It Helps Get Rid Of Unwanted Bacteria And Much More!

Without you knowing, your hair tends to shelter many unwanted bacteria, fungus, and dandruff, which affect their health in the long run. A quick blow-dry, hence, helps you get rid of all these unexpected guests and leave your hair in better condition.

Types Of Hair Dryers

Broadly, there are two major types of hair dryers that give your hair exactly the kind of treatment they require, that too, with almost zero damage! They are: ionic and ceramic.

1. Ionic Hair Dryers

These hair dryers function in a unique manner. They make use of negatively charged ions, which, when coming in contact with positively charged molecules of the water, break them down.

Additionally, they derail the opening of hair cuticles (which facilitates frizziness of hair) and transform your brittle hair strands into sleek and shiny tresses.

Although, using these hair dryers at a reduced temperature is recommended. Another great thing that they do for your curls is giving them definition, and keeping them intact so that they do not loosen up.

These types of hair dryers also reduce hair drying time significantly, but with this, over-drying your hair becomes easy, which might lead to damage in the long run.

If you are a person with thick and voluminous hair, you must be well acquainted with the struggle of waiting for hours before your hair dries up. Ionic hair dryers cut short this duration and prevent your hair from turning dull.

2. Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic hair dryers consist of a ceramic coating on the inside (as the name suggests), which facilitates an even distribution of heat. They regulate the intensity of heat in accordance with the room temperature at that instant, to shield the hair from any excess heat damage which your tresses might undergo.

While these hair dryers impart as little heat as possible to protect your hair from any potential damage, in the long run, they do not produce many negative ions as an Ionic hair dryer would do. They are more affordable than ionic hair dryers, which is a great plus point!

If you are someone with thin and fine hair, looking for styling tools that will make your hair appear voluminous, then a ceramic hair dryer is the best option for you. They regulate the heat levels to prevent impairment to your fragile hair, and lift up the frail strands.

3. Busting Hair Dryer- Related Myths

Caution: everything excessively put to use ultimately becomes harmful. This word of thought is not only limited to the usage of hair dryers, but everything in general. Certainly, using a hairdryer is not a dangerous activity, but one must consider making use of it only when required. You must also mind the gap between your hair and the ear so that you do not hurt yourself.

1. Hairdryers Cause Damage To The Brain

Scientists have delved deeper into whether hair dryers cause damage to the brain cells or not, and it has been proven that a short-time usage imparts no harm to the brain at all. However, even for fun, you must refrain from using it for long hours.

2. Hairdryers Give You Cancer

Conventional hair dryers DO NOT cause cancer. However, some ionic hair dryers produce an electromagnetic field, which when radiated from these hairdryers, can sometimes cause certain issues like disrupting your sleep cycle and altering your mood.

3. Hairdryers Should Not Be Used Every Day

As mentioned before, one must not use hair dryers for hours as they can excessively remove the moisture from the scalp and damage the hair follicles, leading to breakage. In some cases, it also leads to hair loss.

But a decent amount of usage does no harm at all. Moreover, with the advancement in hair styling tools, some hair dryers also give you an option to regulate the amount of heat you want to impart on your hair.

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers in India 2020

1. Remington D5000

Remington D5000 Best Hair Dryer

Our first preference is Remington’s 5000 variant. As classy and chic as it looks, it also carries functions that surpass conventional hair dryers. Its jet-black colored body makes for a stylish utility, with a great performance for hassle-free hairstyling.

The fact that it is relatively smaller in size makes it the perfect fit to be taken along on holidays and weekend getaways.

Keeping up with the trend of environment-friendly utilities, this hair dryer has an energy-saving eco setting that helps you do your bit towards a more sustainable energy-consuming product.

It serves you a power output of up to 1875 watts. The chrome barrel also comes with a hang loop that makes it easier for you to store it if you are running short of space. Another commendable feature that it has to offer is the wide array of options to choose from.

You get to choose among three heat settings – depending upon your hair type and preference. You can set the temperature as high or low as you want, and it will reap amazing results! Also, you get to select between two-speed settings, which are a major plus point.

If you are looking for the best hair dryer in India, that does not burn a hole in your pocket, but at the same time, lets you regulate itself according to your hair type, then Remmington’s D5000 Hair Dryer is the ultimate choice for you!

You also get a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, which means that this one will certainly go a long way. All in all, this amazingly powerful compact dryer will definitely change your hair game in a split second.

This product lives up to all the claims! If you like what you see, then click on the link below and get going!


2. Wahl 5439-024

Wahl 5439-024

Our next pick in the list of the best hair dryers for women in India is Wahl’s Professional Styling Hair Dryer. This hair dryer is made for tresses that simply love to shine! Plus, it is a great deal for those who are under a budget.

If you are looking for a product that helps you manage your frizzy hair and leave them as shiny as ever, then this is the ideal choice for you.

For starters, it’s black body makes it look ultra sleek and stylish. You also get a loop handle for more convenient storage if you are running short of space. The blue and red switches create all the contrast it needs to be the most classy hairdryer in the market! It requires a power output of 220 to 240 Volts.

This hair dryer has three variable settings that help you regulate the intensity of the heat according to your preference. You also get to moderate the speed setting as per your choice, thereby, making the most out of this product.

This dryer features the tourmaline technology that ensures healthy-looking hair by checking the static. It carries a professional AC collector motor which contributes towards great functioning.

You also get a diffuser attachment to help you get that volume into your hair, while you curl them. Another exceptional feature that it comes with is the user-friendly cold shot button. It prevents any kind of heat-induced damage to your hair and makes your hair-drying process a remarkable experience!

With just one single use, Wahl’s Hair Dryer will assist you to get that everlasting luster and become your go-to styling product. Click on the link and try it yourselves to know more!


3. Havells HD3151

Havells HD3151

There is no denying the fact that we are suckers for cutesy products and if you all are anything like us, then you would love these too! Havells brings you the HD3151 Cool Shot Hair Dryer which not just looks stunning, but also works like magic on your hair.

It comes in a beautiful turquoise color that refreshes and rejuvenates- the moment you lay eyes on it. The body looks sturdy and tough-built, which means that accidentally dropping it once (or more) won’t cause much harm!

The commendable 1600W drying is well-suited for gently drying your hair without harming them with excessive heat. A quick blow dry in the morning would last all day and set your hair right, leaving you to feel as chirpy as a bird!

For hot and humid days, this hair dryer helps you retain your style with its cool air-shot feature. It is a flow of reduced temperature, which can be used to set your hairstyle for a long-lasting stay and smoother finish.

If you wish to accommodate this product within a limited space, you can make full use of the hanger loop that it carries. It has Heat Balance Technology, which ensures that the heat imparted is distributed uniformly to prevent any kind of damage to the hair.

This hair dryer is the perfect fit for all those who want to invest in a utility with robust functioning and average price. Brilliant for the amount you’d pay, Havells brings to you one of the best hair dryers in India.

If you are a traveler who aims at getting the hair-game on point, you can definitely purchase this one as its compact size makes it very convenient to carry. It is foldable and does not take much space either.


4. Philips HP8120/00

Philips HP8120/00

The fourth contender in our list of the best hair dryers for women in India is the HP8120/00 Hair Dryer by Philips. Synonymous to cute, powerful and compact, this pink-colored hair dryer will swiftly manage and transform them into beautiful hair which you won’t cease to admire!

This versatile product will help you get out of the bad-hair-day phase in an instant! It comes with ultra-flexible settings and lets you regulate itself in accordance with your preference. It serves a power output of 1200 Watts. This creates a sufficient amount of airflow for beautiful and silky hair every single day!

Unlike other variants, this product is bombarded with features which will help you achieve great hair. The ThermoProtect temperature setting provides you the ideal drying temperature, and ensures that no additional heat affects the quality of your hair.

Another interesting feature that it comes with is its 3 pre-selected drying settings – cool, caring or quick drying, for days when you want to have fun and experiment with your blow drying process!

It also gives you an option of the Cool Air setting, which allows you to dry your hair at a cooler and reduced temperature, which is a great asset for girls with fine hair. Plus, you can also take a quick cool blow of air during hot summer days!

Its compact shape and size allow you to store it within a confined space. The handle is foldable, which lets you pack itself in the smallest of the spaces without having to worry about accommodation issues!

Don’t just rely on our recommendation, use this product once and witness all the magic that it has to offer! If you like the Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer, then click on the link and get going.


5. Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B

Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B

First things first, this hair dryer is PINK! And who doesn’t love pink?

Panasonic has been known for producing a wide range of versatile products which work wonders for their price. One such variant is the EH-ND12-P62B hair dryer which will leave you in awe of its beautiful build and amazing functioning.

This ultra-attractive and super-efficient hair dryer will streamline your frizzy hair. This product would give you nothing less than a celebrity-feel, helping you groom your tresses in the best way possible. It offers you 3 temperature settings which you can choose from, as per requirement.

It comes with a turbo-dry feature that emits a powerful, yet gentle airblow which will set your tresses at the right place! Your perfect salon-style hair is achieved with the powerful 1000 watt power that it has to offer.

Its nozzle can be set in a way that it creates airflow on only one section of the hair. This kind of technique is great for days when you want to style your hair in a particular way. The sleek design of the handle ensures a steady grip, so that it does not slip off your hands.

A great thing, which makes this one of the best hair dryers in India is the fact that it not only gives your hair a glossy texture, but also conditions them, for shiny hair with precise styling at home.

The compact design of this product allows you to store it within a limited space and carry it along. This dryer also accompanies a loop handle, which comes very handy if you are an everyday user.

All in all, this is the ideal hair dryer for those who want to achieve perfect salon-style hair without having to pay a visit to their hairstylist! Click on the link to know more.


6. Panasonic EH-ND21-P62B

Panasonic EH-ND21-P62B

Panasonic’s Foldable Hair Dryer is a versatile, efficient and powerful tool which will facilitate salon-style tresses at home. This hair dryer has been made by meticulously paying attention to each of its user’s individual requirements.

The classy white colored body makes it appear an extravagant utility to possess. It has a sleek, slender and compact barrel-like shape, which ensures that you don’t have to worry about making extra space, while carrying it on vacations.

This product not just looks amazing, but works well for its price. An ideal hair dryer for those who are slightly tight on their budget, this is the quickest and the cheapest way to achieve glamorous hair along with the comfort of styling at your homes.

It comes with a wide array of features. One such excellent attribute is the Quick-Dry nozzle, which facilitates a combination of strong and weak air for a rapid hairdry. This kind of mechanism assists thorough drying of hair from the scalp to the roots.

Another great thing about the Panasonic Foldable Hair Dryer is its exceptional Healthy Mode. It maintains a constant temperature of 50 degrees, which is the ideal temperature to set and seal the hair at the right place without damaging them.

The 3 temperature settings, which are usually seen in other variants completes the entire package, making it the best hair dryer in India for you.

It also helps you cut off the extra cost of purchasing an extension cord wherever your switchboard is placed, as the lengthy 1.8m swivel cord makes it simple for you to use. You also get a warranty of 2 years which is an added benefit.

We simply love this product, and we are sure that you would too! So, if you like what you have read, click on the link below and get going!


7. Philips HP8232/00

Philips HP8232/00

Our next favourite in-line is the Philips Professional Thermo Protect Hair Dryer. Its elegant design and sophisticated build captures your sight the moment you place your eyes on it. Its robust functioning will make the tedious process of taming your hair, a thrilling experience!

This hair dryer provides a power output of 2200 Watts for a salon-style airburst which transforms your hair game completely. The slim nozzle is perfect to groom all kinds of hair- be it thick hair, fine hair or normal. The powerful supply of air boosting out gives your hair volume that lasts for days!

The best thing about this product is that it can get you exactly the kind of hairstyle you want. Whether you want to head out for a gala night with loose curls, or make a statement at work with a perfectly-straight blow dry, this product will become your go-to tool for hairstyling.

Another great thing about the Philips hair dryer is that it offers you 6 temperature and speed settings. This is twice the amount of settings you get in any other hairdryer! These options are excessively flexible, which means that you can alter and direct the dryer according to what suits you the best! You can also experiment with the settings on days you want to go crazy with your hairstyles.

The famous Cool-shot feature runs a quick flow of cold air through your hair to lock your beautiful hair exactly where they are. You also get an Ionic condition which leaves your hair with luster which is nowhere else to be found!

If you do not want to splurge a huge amount of money into a hairdryer, yet achieve great results, then this is the best hair dryer for women in India. Try it out yourself and let us know whether you like it or not!


8. Braun HD 180

Braun HD 180

Braun’s HD 180 Satin Hair Dryer is a powerful tool which makes hairstyling easy and fun. Crafted to perfection, this hairdryer is a combination of amazing design with remarkable functioning, which gives you an exceptional styling experience.

Its white-colored body and design makes it a luxury to have. This product is an ultralight dryer which delivers effortless results with its 1800 Watt power reserve. The key to mastering gorgeous hair is its thoughtful functioning, which combines the optimum temperature required for hair drying with high air volume for a quicker and efficient finish. This is a unique feature which sets it apart from the other hair dryers in the market!

Its ergonomic and sleek design makes you and your stunning hair more of a diva! Another great thing about it is its tendency of even heat distribution, which facilitates fast drying of hair and ensures your tresses do not undergo any damage.

After you are done with the quick blow-dry, the Cold-shot feature lets you seal your hair just at the right place, so that no matter where you step out, your hair keeps intact.

Gone are the days when women had to bear the pain of waiting for their dryers to heat up. This product has an Infrared Heating system which would ensure the best blow of air and make your jaws-drop!

You can conveniently hang it anywhere, thanks to its user-friendly design and hanging loop. It features two combined-temperature settings for when you just want a classic blow dry without giving it much time. An investment in such an excellent hairstyling tool as this would get you great results. You also get a warranty of 2 years which is an added benefit!

All these great features make this product the best hair dryer in India.


9. Carrera 531

Carrera 531

Sometimes, all you want is a utility that transforms your brittle locks into beautiful ones. Don’t fret as we have the ideal product for you! Carrera’s 531 styling tool is a professional hair dryer for men and women.

Providing a power output of 2400 Watts, this dryer inhibits a single turbine motor that facilitates a powerful boost of air supply.

The best part about Carrera hair dryers is that they are fully loaded with useful features which make your hairstyling process a splendid experience. It’s Permanent Ionization feature dries hair without charging it with any static electricity. Additionally, these ions make your tresses smoother, shinier and healthier!

The extravagant built and design of this hair dryer makes up for for its brilliant functioning. The direct-current motors instilled in this product ensure that you get a lightweight styling tool which is easy to use.

Its ridiculously lightweight and its ultra-methodical processing clearly makes it the best hair dryer for women in India. Not only does it style your hair beautifully, it also offers the supreme Cold Shot attribute that sets your hair and makes them immovable.

Another impeccable thing about this hair dryer is the volume diffuser which keeps your hair in place and makes them appear voluminous and bouncy after you curl them.

Moreover, the Graphite Grey body makes it even more desirable for the women who want to level up their hair game with style! You also get a warranty of one year, which means that this investment would certainly go a long way.

With so many added features and specs, this one will become your ultimate favorite forever. If you like this product already, make sure to try and see for yourself the magic it does onto your hair!


10. BaBylissPRO BABNT5548

BaBylissPRO BABNT5548

The BabylissPro hair dryer combines power and excellent design to provide you with remarkable results in a go. Design to blow your minds, the most extravagant feature of this hair dryer is its bulky structure which adds to its robust functioning.

A great deal for buyers who believe in one-time investment, this heavy-duty product comes with six heat and speed settings which you can customize as per your hair quality and requirement.

The concentrator nozzle provides a vast variety of styling options. Whether you want to give your hair a bounce that lasts all day, or have them pin-straight, this hair dryer has its priorities straight and will get you exactly what you are looking for, with the comfort of sitting at home!

The Cool Shot button sets your hair so that wherever you go, your hairstyle does not budge. Another great thing about this hairdryer is its removable filter, which gives you an opportunity to keep your utility super clean. After all, we wouldn’t want to get a mushy hairstyling tool on our heads! Isn’t it?

This was our last favourite amongst our top-notch choice of the best hair dryers in India. We absolutely love this product, and we know that you would too! Click on the link below to get your hands on it right away.


FAQs on Best Hair Dryers

1. How Do I Choose A Hair Dryer?

Investing in a good-quality hair dryer that suits your hair significantly improves the health of your hair. The struggle to stumble upon the best hair dryer for women in India is well-known to us, but if you follow some useful guidelines, you can reach your destination!

  • Choosing the blow-dry material that suits your hair. It can either be Tourmaline, Titanium, Ceramic or Ionic.
  • Considering the power supply and weight of the product before purchasing it.
  • Selecting the right additional functions.
  • Researching well and reading user-based reviews.

2. Does An Expensive Hair Dryer Makes A Difference?

There’s no denying the fact that we all are suckers for fancy and luxurious grooming products. It is a general misconception that all kinds of utilities have to be ridiculously expensive to be exceptionally good. But this myth stands untrue on several levels.

The basic difference between cheap and expensive hair dryers is embedded in their technology. For example, many high-end hair dryers function in such a way that they impart relatively gentle heat, which is likely to cause less damage to the hair.

It is also known that drugstore hair dryers, as we address them, tend to have a simpler heating process which, if used more than required, leaves the hair lifeless.

Nonetheless, whether you happen to be more satisfied with an expensive or a cheaper product depends on your usage. Obviously, the top hair dryers will have advanced technology, but you can equally make-do with one that is priced at a lesser amount.

3. Which Are The Hair Dryers Used In Salons?

  • Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer
  • Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i
  • Solano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

4. Does The Hair Dryer Cause Hair Fall At All?

Unless you get yourself examined by a physician, guessing the real cause of your hair loss can be a daunting task. In such a situation, trusting styling products can be difficult. Moreover, if you are investing in the best hair dryer in India, it’s safe to clear all your apprehensions before making a move.

This being said, the answer to the question is that hair dryers do not cause hair fall. Unless your skin does not get a burning sensation or cause any kind of irritation, you are good to go. You must always minimize the intensity of heat radiated by your hair dryer to ensure absolutely no damage to the hair follicles.

If you take these little guidelines into consideration, you will certainly not undergo any hair fall.

To Conclude.

Hair dryers are no less than our knights in shining armor. They not only help us experiment with our hair every other day, but transform our bed-head issues effortlessly! Apart from making optimum use of your dryers to groom yourselves into beautiful ladies, there are a wide spectrum of things you can do with it.

The process of finding the best hair dryers in India can sure be overwhelming, but it is not entirely unapproachable. All you gotta do is go through product reviews, know your hair type, trust your instincts and purchase the product right away!

However, one must always take proper care while using electrical gadgets as hair dryers. For instance, keeping the device as far as two centimetres away from your face and ears to avoid any unpleasant experience.

We hope that this article helped you gain some insight into the vast world of hair dryers. Of course, many fine hair dryers will remain unexplored, but with the right information (like the one in this article!) will help you traverse your way to your best loved hair dryer!

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