Best Shampoos For Hair Growth In India 2020: Top Reviews

1. TRESemme 2. Pantene 3. Indulekha
TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo Best Shampoo For Hair Growth

Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution

Indulekha Anti Hair Fall Shampoo


Having smooth and shiny hair is a dream for all of us, but with the increase in dust levels, pollution and drastic weather conditions, it has become very difficult to manage your hair to retain its beautiful state.

Taking care of your hair and preventing them from getting exposed to extreme temperatures and dirt has become quite a job. Hairfall, damage, dandruff and roughness are some of the major problems that people face on a regular basis.


The first thing that one should focus on is opting for a good quality and hair friendly shampoo – and this is where a majority of people fail. Buying a suitable hair care product with hair fall control properties can help you overcome problems relating to excess hair fall.

Therefore, here is no need to panic, as the remedy for all your hair related dilemmas is here! To help you counter such nightmares, we have come up with some of the best shampoo for hair growth in India. So, without any further wait, let’s learn about some of the best available shampoos to save the day and your hair!

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Shampoo For Hair Growth In India

A shampoo is known for its hair cleaning and repairing properties. Your hair gets exposed to high temperatures and extreme weather conditions everyday.

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that shampoo targets more on the scalp, and not your hair entirely. A shampoo is used for washing away the dirt, grime, oils and dust that can accumulate on your scalp and stick to your hair.

These impurities can make your hair greasy and sticky. Thus, a lot of things have to be kept in mind while selecting the right shampoo for your hair and your scalp.

1. Scalp Is A Priority

Scalp holds the root of your hair and this explains why you should look for a shampoo primarily for your scalp and secondarily for your hair.

For instance, if you have an oily scalp but dry hair, then you can opt for an oil control shampoo in addition to a conditioner for removing oil from your scalp and to provide nourishment to your hair.

It becomes important to know what type of hair and scalp you have, so that you can get better results after the application of such hair care shampoos.

2. Acidity

Do you know that your scalp has a pH level which is higher than the rest of your hair? The acidity of your scalp is somewhere around 5 and is towards a more acidic side.

Thus, finding a shampoo compatible with the pH level can be quite a tricky and a hit and trial job. If your shampoo fails to match the pH levels of your scalp, then your hair might get brittle, rough and dry, making them more susceptible to damage and breakage.

Many brands mention the pH level of your shampoo to help you with the purchase.

3. Usage

Depending upon your shampoo usage or the number of times you use a shampoo per week, you can opt for a suitable shampoo.

If you wish to wash your hair regularly, it is advisable to opt for a shampoo with mild properties and impact. But if you are willing to wash your hair 2-3 times per week, it’ll be advisable to opt for a shampoo with a little stronger effect on your hair and scalp.

Thus, it is important to count the number of times you want to wash your hair within a week and then look for an appropriate shampoo, which will help your hair grow and nourish in a right and healthy manner.

4. Ingredients

Choosing the right ingredients can make your hair more delightful and luscious. And, what you feed your scalp with plays an important role.

There are shampoos that consist of herbal ingredients and then there are others that can make use of chemical ingredients to bring back the lost strength to your hair.

It is very important to check for the ingredients that the shampoo consists of or is made of. Allergy to any of the ingredients can make your scalp itchy and dry and can lead to other unwanted problems.

Silicone and dimethicone are two such ingredients that can help your hair grow and gain enough volume by helping them in increasing the layers gradually.

In the same way, you can check for other components of the shampoo and get the right ones as per the needs and requirements of your hair. Some of the magic ingredients also include green tea, jojoba oil, aloe vera etc. these are best for your scalp health and give your hair a natural shine and smoothness.

5. Procedure/Instructions

Are you one of those who ignore the procedure and just wash your hair off in just a few minutes? If yes, you should try changing such habits.

If you are uncertain about why your hair is not showing proper growth and nourishment, this might be one of the reasons behind it.

Certain shampoos will work well with cold water and some others will work with hot water. On the other hand, some require a little amount of time to show their effect on your scalp, while others can be rinsed off right after a minute or two after the application.

In this way, you can choose your best shampoo as per your own availability and whatever suits you well.

As you have already learnt about the factors to look for while making the purchase, it is time to take a detailed look at some of the best hair fall control shampoos in store for you. There are a number of options available, and it is important to opt for the one with a number of hair improving benefits.

Following is the list of some of the best shampoo for hair. So, look carefully and choose wisely out of all the wonderful brands and their products.

Top 6 Best Shampoos For Hair Growth In India 2020

1. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo Best Shampoo For Hair Growth

Among the top names in the shampoo business, TRESemme is known for its amazing quality product with exceptional results. Known for their amazing keratin products, TRESemme shampoos have always been the fan favourite.

Infused with keratin and argan oil, this product is not only amazing at washing your hair, but also improves their health. One of the most important proteins needed for good hair health, keratin is absolutely smooth and silky.

Good at providing the necessary nutrition for the hair, this product controls frizz for up to 3 days with one wash. This makes it easy to fight the daily hardships that your hair has to face.

With dual action technology, apart from providing nutrition, this shampoo makes your hair 100 percent smoother and shinier than before, and gives you confidence like never before.

Suiting all needs, it is made using the lower sulphate formula, which is suitable for both natural and chemically treated hair suiting all your needs without harming your hair.

With an amazing scent, this shampoo adds a natural bounce to your hair with just one use. It cures split ends and makes your hair shinier and easy to style, which proves to come in handy in today’s fast paced life.

A great product for Indian hair, this shampoo is specially designed to meet the needs of a humid and warm Indian climate, and proves to deliver the best results – keeping it a step ahead of the competition.

It has thousands of happy and satisfied customers all over the nation, and apart from some handling issues, customers are very satisfied with the results, making this shampoo worthy of being mentioned among the best shampoos out there.


2. Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution

Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution

This advanced hair fall solution shampoo by Pantene is a combination of the age-old anti hair fall secret of fermented rice water and a pro-vitamin formula, which helps your hair to nourish and grow with every application.

Its enhanced protection formula protects your hair from any styling damage and shields them from hair fall breakage. It helps in nourishing your hair from tip to toe and to improve its results, so make sure that you use it with its conditioner to get better output.

Its silky smooth care gives it an extra edge when it comes to having shiny and beautiful hair. This is an amazing product, with a lot of satisfied and happy customers with no complaints. It is not very harsh on your hair, and does not make them dry and frizzy after the application.

As per the packing, the product received in a few cases was broken or not perfectly sealed. So check for its packaging and check for any external damage on the shampoo bottle. Where some customers faced problems with the seal of the products, others faced issues with the damaged bottle that they had received.

Apart from this, there is no other problem as faced by the users. Pantene is a well known brand in the field of hair care products, and has a large variety of products to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your Pantene hair fall solution today!


3. Indulekha Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Indulekha Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

A trustworthy brand with amazing products, Indulekha is known for making some of the best hair products out there. Highly accepted by the customers because of their exceptional results, this shampoo by Indulekha has been among the top shampoos out there.

Known for its amazing hair fall prevention properties, customers have noticed a major reduction in hair fall just after a few washes with this product. This makes the product highly desirable and a great investment.

With amazing ayurvedic features, this product has proprietary medicinal properties which not only provide the hair with necessary nutrients, but also helps in making the hair smooth and silky.

Made using natural ingredients, it has the power of 9 bringha plants, which are known for their amazing medicinal properties of reviving and regenerating new hair, which helps a lot with hair growth and preventing hair fall. It also contains many natural herbs such as neem, heena, shikakai, amla and tulsi, which help in restoring the natural goodness of the hair.

It contains no artificial ingredients and no added chemical colours, making sure that this product does not damage your hair in any way and helps in healing and strengthening them.

Satisfying customers all over the country, apart from some delivery and handling issues, and certain preferences, this product has all positive reviews and is definitely a shampoo you should look out for if you are looking for the best shampoo in the market.


4. TRESemme Hair Fall Defence Shampoo

RESemme Hair Fall Defence Shampoo

This intelligent hair fall defence shampoo by TRESemme helps to control hair fall and provides prediction to your hair against any kind of damage. It consists of keratin protein that provides hydration and elasticity to your hair.

It is advisable to use this product with lukewarm water, by just applying onto wet hair and massaging carefully to work up a lather. Rinsing off with lukewarm water will give it an additional benefit and enhance the impact of your shampoo on your hair.

For better results, you can also opt for a TRESemme conditioner, so as to reinforce the strength. Enriched with keratin, this shampoo can help you get manageable hair with a gentle care formula. The product is not harsh on hair and gives them volume.

It has a brilliant fragrance and gives you a brilliant shine after the wash. Good quality, intensive care and a pleasant and subtle fragrance are some of the advantages of using TRESemme products.

Being a trustworthy and a brilliant brand in this field, TRESemme hair fall protection shampoo has made its way into the salons. As not everyone has the same hair type, some of its customers have experienced rough hair and hair fall even after its use. But this depends entirely from person to person and the type of hair they have.

So, you should be extremely careful before buying a TRESemme shampoo because they have different impacts on different hair types. Apart from this, a few customers had faced packaging issues, but it was not the case with everyone.

Thus, if you are looking forward to buying a good quality shampoo with extra care and beautiful fragrance to deliver, then no other product can be as good as a TRESemme shampoo. Go and grab your piece now.


5. Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Coming with a breakthrough 2 in 1 formula, this amazing shampoo makes it way to the list of some of the best shampoos for hair growth in India. Known for its herbal ingredients such as butea frondosa and bhringraj, it has the tendency to stimulate follicle growth and to strengthen hair from within.

By strengthening your hair roots, Himalaya Anti Hair Fall shampoo improves the texture of your hair and controls hair fall to some major extent. This shampoo comes with a sweet smell and gives a light feel to your hair and scalp. It gently removes oil, grease, dust and dirt from your hair and has no harsh effect on your scalp and hair roots.

The product delivery is spot on, and the packaging of the shampoo was done well. As exceptions are always there, a few customers did not receive the product in good condition. The bottle leaked from the sides. So as to avoid any disappointments, it is advisable to check for its packaging and the product at the time of delivery.

Also, it may or may not suit every hair type. Thus, you should be extremely careful and sure about the purchase before finalizing it. Overall, it is loved by its customers, as it tops the list in terms of providing care, smoothness, shine, scent and protection against hair fall.


6. TRESemme Nourish and Replenish Shampoo

TRESemme Nourish and Replenish Shampoo

Another amazing product by TRESemme, this shampoo is one of the best ones available in the market right now that not only provides nourishment to the hair, but is also amazing at replenishing and regenerating damaged hair.

Capable of controlling frizz for up to 24 hours, this shampoo is great for the fast paced life that we are used to today. Just apply once and forget about frizz for the rest of your day, as this shampoo takes care of your hair.

This product has been developed using a rich botanical blend of olive oil and camellia oil, which are both great for nourishing the hair while cleansing them and removing any excess dirt. One of the key features of this shampoo is that it is safe to apply on hair that has been colored, making sure that it supports all different hair types.

As it is made using no dyes or parabens or other such chemicals, it does not damage even the most sensitive hair in any way. It gently nourishes the hair while moisturizing them resulting in beautifully soft and silky hair.

While making this product, Indian hair was especially kept in mind, making sure that it perfectly suits the warm and humid Indian climate, making sure that nothing can stop you from having stunning, gorgeous hair.

Although some people had some general issues, as this product does not give the preferred support for their hair type, majority of customers that are using this product are happy and suggest it, making this shampoo one of the best shampoos available in the market right now.


FAQs on Shampoos For Hair Growth

1. How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Your shampoo requirements depend on whether you live in an over-polluted city or not. It also depends on other factors such as your training schedules, additional workouts and exposure to sun, dust and dirt on a regular basis.

If you are a hardcore trainer or live in such drastic areas or places,washing your hair daily can become a necessity. This will help you in getting rid of grease, oil and stickiness that can cause your hair to get damaged in the long run.

If you are not exposed to such conditions, washing your hair every other day can prove to be ideal as well.

2. How Do You Know That It’s Time To Buy A New Shampoo?

It is a very common and popular opinion, but using a single shampoo for a long time can make your hair resistant to the formula that it makes use of. In such conditions, the shampoo fails to deliver the same results as it used to offer once. Therefore, switching to a different shampoo can serve the purpose for you.

3. How Long Before A Shampoo Expires?

An average life of a shampoo is 2-3 years, but it entirely depends from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should also try and regulate your shampoo to make sure that you are no longer using your old shampoo, as it will not offer you with the same benefits as a new one.


Not every shampoo is made for you and no one can decide which one is the best shampoo in the store for you. Different shampoos have different impacts on different hair types. You should be aware of your priorities and your hair type, to exactly know which shampoo in the market can fulfill your needs and expectations.

Try to opt for less chemicalized shampoos with more natural ingredients, as they might provide your hair with natural conditioning and care. You can choose from a wide range of scents and shampoo types to opt for your hair.

Buying the best shampoo for hair growth in India is not a troublesome task, but you should opt for a hit and trial method while buying the best shampoo for yourself or your loved ones. It is not necessary that a particular shampoo will have the same effect on two different hair types. So it becomes important to choose your shampoo wisely.

So, with this we hope you have your decision finalized, and you have decided which brand and product you wish to choose for your hair fall damage control. Till then, all the best for your next purchase!

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